Event on the day of lovers: unusual ideas and romantic games

February 14 is considered one of the mostromantic days of the year. The best way to celebrate this holiday - to arrange a fun event for the Day of lovers. As a rule, young people spend this day at school or university, so for class leaders, organizing a celebration is an excellent opportunity to rally the team.

On a note! With the help of various contests and thematic games, children will be able to get to know each other better and have a good time.

Of course, so that the celebration turned out bright andsaturated, have to work hard. We will try to help you in this difficult task, we will talk about the basic rules of the organization, we will give some excellent examples and scenarios. Let's get started!

Preparation should begin in advance.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the points, the observance of which will help prevent mistakes and in a short time to organize a high-level event.

1. Start planning ahead. If you do not want to hit the face in the dirt, the preparation should begin well in advance. We recommend 1-2 weeks before February 14 to draw up a clear plan, which will contain all the stages of the preparatory work. You should also consider the scenario and get the necessary props for games and contests.

2. The scale of the holiday. Only children from one class participate in the classroom event, and absolutely all students participate in the general school year. Of course, this significantly affects the preparation process. If it was decided to arrange a concert for the whole school, you will need a lot more time and resources to organize it.

3. Teamwork - the key to success. When making a holiday for children, do not be afraid to ask for their help; on the contrary, they must do most of the work. Your task is to coordinate and direct their efforts in the right direction. In this way, the guys will be able to feel themselves as part of something very important and will make every effort to achieve the best result.

Making a holiday for children, do not be afraid to ask them for help.

4. Setting goals. You should immediately familiarize the team members with your plan, as well as give them the opportunity to express their opinions and make some changes. You must admit that if you are making a holiday for children, then you should first of all know their vision and take into account all the wishes. Once the script is approved, assign a specific task to small groups or each team member. Someone will take care of the scenery, someone will come up with unusual contests, and someone will take the lead role. Thanks to this separation you will be easier to control the process of preparation.

5. Financial issues. Events for the Day of lovers in the school, as a rule, parents pay. This is not surprising, because the school - budgetinstitution and does not have a large amount of cash. The amount needed depends mainly on the program you have planned. For example, to hold a themed classroom hour it will be enough to decorate the room, come up with several competitions and stock up on small prizes. In the case when in honor of the holiday you decided to have a tea party or a sweet table, you will need more money. This question can be easily resolved if parents agree to help you by preparing homemade cakes and sweets.

The script should contain a story about the history of the holiday.

6. Interesting leisure. First of all, the script should contain a story about the history of the holiday. By the way, it can be done in the form of a small production with the participation of children. We are sure that they will not miss the opportunity to try themselves as real actors. You also need to come up with some interesting themed contests. The bright end of the celebration will be a fun disco.

7. Solemn atmosphere. Do not forget that February 14 is a romantic holiday, so the atmosphere should be appropriate. If you plan to hold an event on Valentine's Day in the library, then it should be decorated in advance. Decorate the room with balloons, draw a large poster with congratulations, glue the walls and desks with hearts cut out of paper. You can also make an original arch of balloons, against which anyone can take a picture.