DIY table lamp

Turn an apartment into an amazing uniqueplace can be in several ways. You can call for help stylist, or take the initiative in their hands. A do-it-yourself desk lamp is the ideal solution for transforming living space to your liking. To get started, you will need a small amount of available material, a creative idea and some knowledge of the assembly of electrical appliances. The latter is not difficult to master, since all the rules are set out in detail on the Internet.

Principles of room lighting

The use of any lighting deviceguided by the main principle: to ensure accurate access of light in a certain space. The location of the light source affects the overall picture of the perception of the interior. At the same time, specific goals are pursued:

  • create a working atmosphere;
  • achieve a decorative effect for relaxation;
  • focus on a particular part of the interior;
  • light up the space locally for personal needs.
  • Table lighting lamps make it possible to achievehigh-quality access of light in a certain place. The variety of options provided by Internet portals amaze their imagination with their amazing functionality.

    The location of the light has a largevalue for light distribution. Attached in the center of the room lamp gives a radial distribution of lighting. At the same time, the central part of the room is clearly visible, the far corners remain in the twilight zone.

    The distribution of spotlights around the perimeterallows you to clearly illuminate the entire room, while it is possible to focus on specific points. Taking into account the useful properties of local lighting, table lamps play the role of additional compensation for the lack of light.

    Decorative solutions

    Suggested desktop design optionsLamps have several major trends in the 2016 collections. Created outrageous forms tend to bring an element of surprise into the overall decor. Any of these solutions can be repeated with your own hands, it is enough to apply fantasy and dexterity.

    The style of exclusive collections embodies the trends:

  • retro;
  • glamor;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • underground;
  • minimalism;
  • abstraction;
  • high tech;
  • Empire
  • In each of the areas applied specifica group of materials reflecting the general features of the style. The directions of retro, glamor and empire include the use of paper and fabric in the design of the ceiling. At the same time, individual features are distinguished by additional elements of decoration.

    Table lamps for the table can createunique ensemble premises. It is enough to choose the direction of the general style of the room, and the novelty, assembled by yourself, will be asked to join the company of other things.

    The color scheme of the ceiling and lamp decor

    Choosing the color of the ceiling or the entire device playssignificant role in the transformation of the room. If the whole range of the room is made in dark colors, the green table lamp can significantly enliven the overall picture.

    You can add an element of surprise by painting the ceiling with multicolored lines and geometric patterns. This option is suitable for an interior with a warm gamut of various color variations.

    The most neutral color solutions are:

  • shades of beige;
  • aquamarine;
  • monochrome colors;
  • the black;
  • gold;
  • white;
  • grass color;
  • shrimp;
  • style under the tree.
  • Creating a composition of different colors inroom, take into account the introduction of individual accents accents. In this case, an important role is played by the transparency of the ceiling. Impermeable materials are used in the decoration of lamps for classrooms, since it must direct the light to a specific place without scattering. For the children's room, translucent lampshades are necessary, since their purpose is to gently distribute the beating stream of rays from the light bulb.

    Lampshade as a design element

    Table lamp with lampshade gives rich soilfor fantasy. Create a specific set of images will allow the decoration of this element of decoration. In addition, he covers the light source, which may not always look decorative.

    To achieve a lasting visual effect, you can:

  • lace trim;
  • artistic surface perforation;
  • additional elements of convex parts;
  • decoration with ribbons, pieces of colored paper;
  • painting with acrylics, art cans;
  • creation of combined compositions.
  • The lampshade should not become too heavy,as this may affect the stability of the structure. Light materials attached to hot melt glue or liquid nails will help to achieve the perfect solution.

    Much can change if competentlyto make a drawing of your creative project. It is possible to decide which part will become the center of the whole panorama due to different approaches to the creative idea. In some cases, a plain shade of lace or rice paper in itself creates a precedent for your interior.

    Cabinet Light

    The lamp working desktop has to pursue several purposes in ergonomics of a design:

  • give a directional beam of light;
  • create a working environment;
  • economical use of energy resource;
  • fit perfectly into the overall interior.
  • Performing all these tasks, a desk lampfully meets its purpose. Otherwise, this element looks ridiculous, subconsciously creates tension. The best options for working in the office are:

  • lighting design in the spirit of noir;
  • opaque spherical lampshade;
  • restrained tones in colors;
  • close to the classical form;
  • simplicity of individual elements;
  • mounted directly on the lamp sole switch.
  • A seasoned scale for such a device is assumed:

  • bottle green;
  • beige;
  • the black;
  • Navy blue;
  • shades of wood color.
  • The remaining design directions depend on the imagination and the overall design of the room.

    Unexpected solution for the children's room

    Children's table lamps are designed for several uses:

  • dimmed room lighting;
  • the ability to help your child do their homework;
  • create a playful atmosphere.
  • Bright colors and shapes are not limited to this type.light fixture. Children's perception of beauty tends to a variety of forms, which makes it possible to roam design ideas. Adding various elements of decorating the ceiling is welcome.

    The main tasks to be taken into account in the manufacture of:

  • no fragile parts;
  • all elements must be firmly attached to the base;
  • electrician must be reliably isolated;
  • individual hanging parts should not be easily detached;
  • the cover is desirable to make semipermeable.
  • The rest is to focus on the preferences of your baby. Especially, as for images of favorite characters, various scenes of animated films.

    Lamp in the bedroom

    Table lamps for the bedroom more often havesubdued gamut. Pastel colors are combined with bright individual elements. To achieve a specific result, you can focus on the materials and the color of the upholstery of the furniture that fills the room.

    Need to decide whether the light fixturereflect as a bright element that forms the main composition around itself. In this case, the light source itself may not be closed by the canopy, but rather become the main structural group of the whole ensemble.

    It is important to choose the place of attachment of the device. Since there are options for direct mounting on the wall near the bed. Such a moment should clearly rely on the location of the sources of electricity, the outlets of the sockets.

    How to get started?

    The first question for everyone to getHandmade novelty remains, how to make a desk lamp? Despite the seemingly intricate project, everything is elementary. To work you need a few required items:

  • a sketch of the device or an approximate drawing;
  • set of electricians;
  • necessary materials for finishing;
  • fasteners;
  • tools for working with these materials;
  • some work space;
  • access to the outlet.
  • Make a phased plan, especiallylamp designs. To know exactly how much material will be spent on the installation of electricians, we need room measurements. They include data on the distance of the location of the device to the connection point.

    Be sure to take care of the safety of the assembly process and installation. If the work involves direct contact with chemicals, you will need:

  • glasses;
  • gloves;
  • apron;
  • forced air extraction
  • Do not neglect such security measures, since the whole process should bring only positive emotions.

    Handling material processing rules

    Looking at the photo of table lamps can be seenmany used materials. Everyone has their own little tricks to use. For example, if you want to mount your own lamp shade made of wire, you will need various forms to bend the structure. They can be any sturdy construction with a smooth surface.

    When working with paper should take into account its fragility. Best to choose for work:

  • thick cardboard;
  • rice paper;
  • sheets of corrugated drawing paper for needlework.
  • Origami skills will be very helpful in this project. When working with plastic materials, consider their melting properties when interacting with certain types of adhesives. Therefore it is worth checking each material for compatibility before starting work.

    Handy materials

    Lamps for table lamps can bedecorated with any possible materials. Ideas for creativity are able to be born when viewing photos on the Internet, where a rich collection of accumulated options will give the main directions in the work.