Advantages of solid fuel boilers for long burning

Unfortunately, far from all Russianlocalities have centralized gas supply systems, as a result of which the population is forced to use a solid fuel boiler for long-term combustion for space heating.

This modern heating method in all respects surpasses traditional stoves that are heated with wood or coal. The fact is that this one created relativelyRecently, a heating device can easily heat not only a residential house, but also a small commercial premises, and with substantial fuel savings.

The principle of operation and classification of boilers

Long burning boilers may worklong time subject to periodic loading of fuel into it. If this procedure is carried out every 3-7 days, your heating system can operate continuously during the entire heating season. In this case, the fuel can be used:

  • firewood;
  • briquettes;
  • coal.
  • Mostly solid fuel boilers purchasedfor domestic needs already prepared, i.e. industrial production, but you can also make a solid fuel boiler long-term burning with your own hands. There are also industrial plants that are mounted in separate rooms.

    Modern market offers to homeownersseveral types of described heating systems. For example, they are divided according to the type of fuel used and the method of compression. At the same time, the majority of modern devices work on firewood, as well as pellets - special granules made of sawdust, shavings and other wood waste.

    As for the combustion method,predominantly is simple combustion. At the same time, there are boilers on the market that have an increased efficiency and operate using the principle of gas generation. For their firebox is usually used as firewood and wood gas. There are also dependent and independent systems.

    As for the basic principle of worka long-life solid fuel boiler, it consists in the following: fuel is placed in a volumetric combustion chamber, compacted and ignited. Atmospheric oxygen is injected into the chamber with the help of a fan and an air duct. The heat obtained as a result of the process is transferred to a heat receiver, from where it is distributed using a heating system throughout the room.

    On average, the combustion chambers of the described boilers have a volume of 500 cubic meters. dm, which allows the device to work for several days without any participation of the person in this process.

    Advantages of long-burning boilers

    Solid fuel boilers have a number of advantages, which favorably distinguish them from other methods of space heating. For example, they include:

  • large volume of the firebox;
  • the ability to use almost any type of solid fuel;
  • high heat return;
  • excellent fuel economy;
  • environmental friendliness.
  • We should also mention the possibility of their work inautomatic mode. The same models that work with the use of pellets can heat the room for several days with the help of automation without involving a person in this process. At the same time, you can be absolutely sure that an unforeseen situation will not occur - there will not be a fire in your house.

    It is worth noting one significant enoughlack of similar designs. The fact is that the long-burning boiler is a very expensive pleasure primarily because of its power. Most industrial models cost from $ 1,000 and up. This price stops many homeowners and prevents the spread of this method of heating in our country.

    Many homeowners, in order to stillto install such a system in their home, they are engaged in its own installation and manufacturing. In this way, it is possible to significantly save on the purchase of an industrial device.

    Self-assembly of the boiler

    If you decide to make a solid fuel boilerlong burning with your own hands, you must remember that this device is not very easy to assemble, and inaccuracies in its manufacture can lead to an explosion.

    Starting to collect a solid fuel boilerlong burning with your own hands, be sure to pick up the drawings for it. For example, the scheme of a very popular mine-type boiler can be found quite easily on the Internet. It can work with all types of solid fuels and has an efficiency of 75%. It works with the help of automation and its minimum power is 15-20 kW.

    The basis of this design isThe principle of pyrolysis is when combustion does not occur of wood, but of combustible gas synthesized from wood. At the same time, solid fuel boilers of long burning with a water circuit allow heating several rooms or buildings at the same time.

    Before you begin work on the installation of suchboiler, it will be necessary to prepare for it a flat platform, or to make a foundation for it. In addition, it is worth taking care of the selection of fuel for this heating system. The fact is that only dry firewood is used here, but if they are wet, the boiler may not work.

    In that case, when you are going to heat with pellets, you will need to weld a separate system for their uniform supply, since they will need to be sent to the furnace in batches.

    Collecting solid fuel boiler long burningwith a water circuit, you must necessarily use as basic materials metal sheet thickness of 4 mm, a metal pipe with a diameter of 300 and a thickness of at least 3 mm, as well as pipes of 60 and 100 mm.

    First, a length is cut from the pipeabout 100 mm. For this you can use a grinder or a hacksaw for metal. Then a metal bottom is welded to it, as well as legs, welded from reinforcement. The next step is to install the air distributor using a metal circle with a diameter of 20 mm smaller than the diameter of the boiler itself.

    It is worth noting that below this circle you will needweld impeller with blades. Next to the top of the regulator is welded a pipe 60 mm high with the boiler. From above, it is closed by an oxygen supply control valve.

    At the bottom of the boiler door is mounted. With its help, it will be possible to extract the ash that accumulates in the combustion process. Above the same chimney is mounted from a metal pipe, which will be displayed directly into the heat exchanger.

    At this manufacturing solid fuel boiler canconsidered complete and you can start its operation. It should be borne in mind that here the fuel should not burn, and smolder, so in the process it should be loaded into the boiler as tightly as possible, without gaps and gaps.