Wiring and ventilation in the garage with their own hands

The garage is a room to which there are special requirements for the arrangement of internal communications. First of all it concerns the ventilation system and electrical wiring.

Ventilation system in the garage

Garage - a technical room, non-residential, and therefore rarely heated. For sanitary standards in the garagethe cold season the temperature of the air should not fall below 5 degrees. The cold air masses in a small room, accumulating, create stagnant phenomena. The walls are covered with mold, fungus occurs. A car that is in the garage is also exposed to corrosion. To prevent the negative impact of cold, damp air in the room, ventilation in the garage must be equipped. It’s pretty easy to do it yourself. Ventilation should pump up the entire volume of air filling the garage up to 10 times a day. The ventilation scheme must be developed even before the construction of the garage. The easiest way to arrange ventilation, making holes in the walls at different heights and depths. In those parts of the building, which are below ground level, lead pipes. Thus, in the cold season, the air, carried away by the so-called draft, will push the masses of cold air accumulated in the lower part.

This is the easiest way to ventilate the garage with your own hands. There are others that can be applied separately and in combination:

  • with the use of fans (mechanical ventilation);
  • with the use of fans and the principle of natural air circulation (combined method).
  • The size and internal section of the pipe is calculated based on the volume of the room. On average, a 10 square meter pipe should be at least 15 centimeters in diameter.

    Wiring in the garage

    In the garage, wiring is necessary for several reasons:

  • like any room used in the household, it should be sufficiently illuminated;
  • The garage often carries out repairs using electricity.

  • Wiring in the garage do it yourselfpossibly. At first the project is made, the scheme of an arrangement of sockets, lighting devices, switches is drawn. It is more convenient to do the lighting for the garage as a combination: one common luminaire and the places where work is supposed to be carried out should be equipped with additional lighting points.

    When arranging wiring do it yourselfthe garage, it should be borne in mind that this is a technical room, not always sufficiently heated, firstly, and secondly, with the possibility of carrying out various works using water and various chemicals, paints, solvents as well. Therefore, the wiring in the garage is preferable to do hidden, to eliminate possible ingress and damage to the wiring.

    For laying the wiring system in the walls inthe places provided by the scheme should be punched (pierced) grooves for laying the wires, no more than 2 centimeters deep. Wires can be fixed in the point of the asbestos solution or special plastic fasteners. At the end of the work, when the wires are laid, the devices and sockets are connected and tested in operation, it is necessary to close the wiring with the solution and for safety reasons not to turn on a couple of days before the solution dries.

    It is easy to equip the wiring and ventilation system with your own hands. It is only necessary to prepare theoretically and understand the principle of operation of the systems.