Verbena: growing from seed and care after planting

Verbena, growing from seeds of which is becoming an increasingly relevant topic with the approach of spring, was considered a sacred plant, and now it is often grown for ornamental purposes only.
Such a plant as vervain, known since ancient times. The territory where it originally grew, consider the Mediterranean coast, later it became an ordinary inhabitant of the central part of Europe and North America.

Egyptian priests greatly appreciated her medicinalproperties, and in the Roman Empire and Greece, it was the main material for decorating wreaths for officials and rulers. And in our times, verbena is used in folk medicine as a raw material for medicinal infusions.

Have in your garden such a unique plant witha long history is a great idea. Moreover, the vervain is relatively unpretentious and quite beautiful, so if you plan to plant a flower bed on the garden plot, grow it in containers or hanging baskets, you should not hesitate. Act!

Features of the structure of verbena

Verbena is considered a herbaceous plant, althoughcan sometimes look like a low shrub. If the climate is favorable to this, it can grow to a height of up to a meter, although in the middle lane it usually does not exceed 30 cm.

Plant structure

Verbena plant, growing from seeds of which -The most suitable method of reproduction is perennial, although more often it is planted as an annual. Beautiful twigs with bright colors can travel along the ground and be upright. Stems often pubescent, but may be smooth.

The leaves are lanceolate or in the form of an oval with jagged edges.

Lanceolate leaves

The lovely flowers of vervaina gather in inflorescences, in their corolla usually 5 petals. Seeds ripen in small boxes, they are very small.

Verbena inflorescences, in individual flowers of 5 petals

Most popular varieties

There are approximately 250 different types of vervain, but only a half dozen of them are grown in gardens and at home, not more.

In Russia, only 2 types are most popular: ampelous and hybrid.

Combines these types of love for solar(but not in excess) places, a variety of colors (from white and red to pink and blue), the edges of the leaves are openwork, as if treated with special scissors.

With a weak shade, these species are also able to grow and even quite successfully: their bushes can be half meter.

Garden design

Hybrid verbena (growing from seeds requires knowledge of a number of nuances), has larger (as compared with ampel) flowers and thicker, stronger stems.

Verbena hybrid, growing it from seed - the best method

Ampel version looks good, beingplanted in pots, because its flowers are quite small. The main thing is to provide her with as much sunshine as possible (just not direct rays that can burn her leaves), then in closed conditions this flower beauty will develop well.

Another type of vrebeny - ampelnaya

Vervain Breeding

Verbena growing from seeds and cuttingsMany gardeners are engaged, best reproduced by the first method. The germination of roots from cuttings can be delayed, for this it is important to observe a variety of conditions, especially the humidity and the soil in which vervain is grown.

By cuttings, this plant is usually bred when varieties that do not produce seeds are selected, or it is necessary to obtain flowering at a time that is not standard for verbena.

Planting seedlings from seeds usually passes without problems, so garden owners more often resort to this method.

Seedlings one week after planting

Planting seeds

Start forming seedlings of verbenagrowing out of seeds is recommended as early as January (so that by March she was ready for transplanting into the ground). Other experts believe that you can do this later, so planting seedlings is only in March and April. The fact is that seeds can germinate in the winter longer because of lack of sunlight.

Vervain seeds are very small

The sequence of actions during landing should be approximately the following:

  1. Prepare the soil and shallow boxes. As a substrate, it is good to choose perlite or sand.
  2. Slightly moisten the soil and spread the seeds on top, then sprinkle them lightly with soil.
  3. Place the glass on top of the drawers, fit andfilm (thick), and move them to a warm dark place where the temperature should be between 18 and 25 degrees (part of the room near the battery would fit, but it's too dry). It will take 2 days to get the first small seedlings, during this period the temperature around them should be warmer. After this time, you need to move the containers in a slightly cooler place.
  4. Water moderately, avoiding sudden changes in humidity - they can be disastrous for delicate plants.
  5. After about 30 days the stalks of vervain,cultivation from the seeds of which we are considering will already be large enough. It is at this time you need to move the containers with her to a place with sufficient lighting. Notch 7-10 days, after which you can transplant plants into large individual pots. A couple of weeks after that you need to feed the seedlings with complex fertilizer.
  6. Wait for the time when the weather on the street will settle down properly, and move the pots to fresh air or move them to the ground, avoid frosts that can suddenly recur.

Almost ready seedlings

Such a verbena can already be transplanted into pots or into the ground.


Soil, where verbena lands, cultivation fromseed which has already been considered, should be wet, but moderately. There are no special rules governing the distance between the holes, you just pay attention to the size of the bushes.

Plant roots

It is necessary to plant a vervain in a small non-dry hole, cover its roots with a little earth and press it slightly.

Do not be too zealous with watering in the first weeks.


It is easy to care for the verbena hybrid (growing it from seeds as popular as ampelous).

One of the main actions - cutting the witheredflowers required for the emergence of new fresh. Several times during the season, the plants need to be fed and not watered. It is necessary to monitor the emergence of diseases - the leaves should not be whitish and deformed.

Verben is sure to cut and remove withered socialism

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Pink Verbena

Bright flowers will decorate your garden until autumn.

Verbena is a wonderful plant, and it will decorate your garden with bright colors! Unpretentious, fairly voluminous and high, verbena will become the center of your flower arrangement!

A cosiness to your home!

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