Types of food waste disposers for the sink

The issue of food waste disposal isalmost before every hostess. In the process of human life, a lot of various food wastes are generated, which just need to be disposed of as quickly as possible, since they can attract all kinds of insects, rodents, and the smell from them, I must say, is not the best in most cases. Such a thing as a food waste chopper forshells, can greatly simplify this process and deprive you of a headache and a number of problems. A sink waste chopper is always very simple and convenient. What is this device, and what should I look for when buying it?

Types of shredders

Before buying food waste chopperfor the sink, you should always decide for yourself what kind of device you need and what you want from it. All existing shredders can be divided into 2 types: electrical and mechanical shredders:

  1. Mechanical are a designconsisting of several knives that rotate under the pressure of water and thereby perform the grinding of food waste, which allows not to clog the sewers. Such shredders are absolutely not dangerous for a person, because the knives of such a shredder are quite far from draining, and they simply cannot hook someone in any way. Safety is one of the advantages of such shredders, not least because of the high security, some people acquire exactly mechanical shredders.
  2. Electric. If the mechanical shredder works all the time, it is customary to switch on the electric only at the required time. There are no knives in such a dispenser, the grinding of waste is performed by special hammers. The risk of injury during operation of such a device is minimal, since it does not use knives. Among the drawbacks of this type of device, it should be noted some noise that emanates during its operation. In terms of efficiency, the electric grinder is inferior to the mechanical one in most cases, since it is simply not capable of recycling some waste.

What to look for when choosing

It is best to buy such devices inspecialized stores plumbing or hypermarkets. If you decide to buy a shredder in a plumbing store, the sales assistant will be able to explain to you all the features and advantages of this or that device, which will greatly help in choosing. Do not be afraid to ask the seller as much as possible about the models presented in the store - this is his job, and he will be happy to tell you everything and help you choose exactly the chopper that best suits you and your family.

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