Making original Christmas crafts with your own hands

For those who love and expect such a wonderful and cutethe holiday is like a heart, as the New Year, when dreams come true, when the eyes shine, and the soul rejoices in full power, to pass the time before its next meeting a truly creative work - New Year's crafts with their own hands will help at leisure.

This can be done both by yourself and in the company of friends, or small children. New Year's hand-made craftswill not only be a wonderful decoration of the room for the coming year, but they can also be given quite purely symbolically to friends, relatives, friends and other good people.

DIY ideas for do-it-yourself

Without a doubt, make banal and ready-madeYou can always buy crafts in the store, but you can make your original masterpiece under the slogan “New Year crafts with your own hands”, for example, not everyone can do it in 2017.

Sweet New Year crafts - gifts with their own hands will be an excellent gift for sweet teeth

The ideas below can only inspirelover of celebrating the New Year widely and with soul to the embodiment of the conceived. So, for the coming year, such ideas as will be very popular and interesting:

  1. New Year's unusual cards in scrapbooking style.
  2. Christmas homemade products in the technique of quilling.
  3. Stencils on the window under the Christmas theme.
  4. Fancy Christmas embroidery, all kinds ofexotic schemes from all that is in the house at hand, as well as colorful paper crafts that can be performed together with children, for example, for transferring them later to school or kindergarten.

Very popular and valuable Christmas cards do-it-yourself from scrapbooking, as this is a unique gift

It looks interesting New Year cards in the technique of quilling from paper

With the help of Christmas stencils, you can interestingly decorate the windows

New Year's embroidery on pillows

Christmas paper paper trees

In order to perform a variety of New Year crafts with your own hands, you must always have a standard set of tools at hand:

  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • thread;
  • needles;
  • the pencils;
  • felt-tip pens and paint brushes.

  • It is necessary to prepare materials for New Year's crafts in advance.

    And, actually, the source material itself:

  • paper;
  • the cloth;
  • plastic bottles or ordinary pine cones and other similar components available in the house.
  • Of course, in addition to such traditional attributes,as a Christmas tree and a capital salad, the creative process Master class “Christmas crafts with your own hands” presented below will help to make the holiday special.

    Paper Christmas crafts with their own hands

    Perhaps the most common, popular, rich in imagination and not having limitations in their simplicity of execution are all kinds of Christmas paper crafts with their own hands.

    The phased creation of paper Christmas toys

    The section of self-made paper crafts for the New Year's decoration of the premises includes:

    1. Colorful ordinary, as well as voluminous New Year snowflakes do it yourself.
    2. Colorful Christmas balls, Christmas lanterns, as well as garlands on the Christmas tree itself, and to decorate the house as a whole.
    3. New Year's main symbols of the holiday so beloved by all - Christmas trees, snowmen and Santas.
    4. Unusual stars, precious bulk paper stones and other crafts.

    Making volumetric snowflakes from paper do it yourself

    Christmas paper lanterns do it yourself

    For the window you can make an amazing New Year composition on the window of paper

    Making Christmas tree using paper origami technique

    Simple crafts paper snowmen

    To make bulk paperNew Year's crafts with your own hands, you need to find and download favorite schemes (templates-patterns) from the Internet, print and transfer them with a pencil or felt-tip pen to the desired surface, then carefully cut and glue the edges at the folds, which will give the product a visual volume.

    Pattern for printing paper handmade snowman do it yourself

    Pattern for printing Santa Claus out of paper

    Pattern for printing Snow Maiden from paper

    Very unusual will also look hung(firmly fixed) on the wall, doors and other surfaces, volumetric Christmas bells, colorful gift boxes, candy bags, birds, lollipops and so on - carved, glued and painted manually with acrylic paints to suit your taste and fantasy, to the appropriate style of the room .

    Paper bells made of paper and foil, decorated with tinsel and ribbons

    Pattern for printing Christmas paper boxes

    Pattern Christmas packaging in the form of Christmas paper

    Attention! Paper Christmas crafts with their own hands can be easily made together with young children for kindergarten.

    Another, no less affordable material that is popular among lovers of homemade products for the new year is a pine cone or spruce.

    Christmas crafts from cones do it yourself

    Without a doubt, make beautiful andOriginal Christmas crafts made from cones with children together with children is a pleasure, because it is the most natural material with a specific flavor and form. To find it, it is enough to get out into the forest a couple of times, or to the park, then dry it properly, and make a nice New Year's beauty with your own hands in anticipation of the long-awaited holiday.

    Christmas toys from cones look beautiful and original

    However, before embarking on cone-shaped handicrafts, it is recommended that in order to expand knowledge in this area, familiarize yourself with the following tricks:

    1. To guarantee the preservation of cones in the closed state, that is, so that they do not open up with any temperature change in the room, they must be held for 30-40 seconds in a container with carpenter glue.
    2. For the opposite effect, that is, formaximum opening of the cones, you need to boil them for 30 minutes in water and then dry on the radiator, or roast in an oven at 250 ° C for about 120 minutes. This procedure is also useful in terms of disinfecting natural material, since the antibacterial treatment of the cones makes them safe for creative work with them.
    3. To whiten a cone, you can, for example, by soaking it five hours in water with bleach (in a 1: 1 ratio). After soaking, the cone will need to be thoroughly rinsed under running water and dried.
    4. You can change the cone to the desired shape whenthe help of water (soaking in 15-20 minutes) and thread, which is given the desired configuration. After dressing, the lump will just need to be dried, and then remove the thread and use it according to the plan.

    Before making crafts it is better to soak the bumps for some time in water

    Below is a selection of interesting and unusualphotos of Christmas crafts made from cones with their own hands, which will be like a springboard for creating their own unique masterpiece. This and the classic Christmas trees made of cones of various sizes and shapes, New Year's wreaths and gnomes, and much more, that in the winter blizzard time will please the eye and remind of the golden beauty - autumn. By the way, in addition to the forest or park, you can also collect a collection for Christmas crafts from fallen yellow, red and brown leaves, acorns, chestnuts, etc.

    Making garlands of cones with their own hands

    A variety of crafts from cones do it yourself

    Interesting homemade New Year crafts for the upcoming 2017

    Create unique things with their own hands, inIn particular, the New Year's crafts for the upcoming 2017 year of the Rooster are in fact very exciting and interesting, because they will delight not only your loved ones and relatives, but will also pleasantly surprise you.

    Attention! Since the upcoming 2017 is marked by the year of the fiery red Rooster, it is recommended to create masterpieces in the same direction.

    One of the bright and useful ideas for bothand as a gift, it is hand-made embroidering on pillows of any size and various purposes for cute, cute cockerels or chickens. This can be done with the help of applications or schemes-drawings, found both on the Internet and in magazines, which are simply and accurately transferred to the fabric, and then embroidered (fixed) with the hands with the connection of imagination, skill and style of manufactured products.

    By the New Year you can embroider on pillows cute cockerels or chickens

    The scheme of Christmas embroidery Cockerel

    Another no less interesting idea of ​​New Yearcrafts, you can designate funny antistress cockerels. Their idea lies in the fact that the made volumetric cheerful and colorful cockerel perfectly takes the desired shape, that is, sits on any surface (bedside tables, shelves or tables), thereby delighting the eye and uplifting your appearance.

    Attention! An anti-stress cockerel is made of bright colorful or alyapistoy fabric, cut into a pyramid.

    It is formed by comb, beak and chin,prepared in advance for the selected material. At the same time packing inside can be both wadded, and from a special filler. The long red legs sewn on below will look like amusing here - the threads that will give the composition a complete playful look.

    Volumetric toy antistress cock do it yourself

    Among other things, button glamorous paintingsalso perfectly replenish the collection of Christmas crafts with their own hands. You can make such a picture from buttons of any size and quantity. In order to appease the proud and arrogant symbol of the coming year, thereby securing his patronage, you need to thoroughly prepare for his arrival. To create a paper or fabric picture will help the imagination, all sorts of competently and correctly selected buttons and straziki, as well as auxiliary contours of the bird, marked royally in a proud pose.

    Multi-colored cockerels of buttons can be made by hand, buttons can be glued or sewn

    So implement your plans? to make New Year's crafts with your own hands 2017 is a very simple thing, the main thing is to set a goal, to be inspired by ideas, of which there is a huge amount on the Internet, to prepare everything necessary for their realization, and then everything will work out.