We make crafts from ribbons

Handicrafts of ribbons are light in execution, besidesSuch creativity is available to anyone thanks to the cheapness of the source material. Most girls and women familiar with sewing techniques can easily switch to making a variety of accessories from them.

Children can also make crafts from ribbons with their own hands, which makes it possible to use them for educational and educational purposes.

Why it is worth doing tape crafts

Despite the fact that the tapes are traditionally consideredauxiliary finishing material, crafts themselves of satin ribbons, made by hand, can become an ornament. The growing popularity of this type of creativity due to several circumstances. The first of which is the availability of the material both in terms of cost and the technique of working with it. You can buy ribbons in almost any store that sells embroidery supplies, and anyone who knows how to handle a thread and a needle can create an original jewelry or accessory from them.

Crafts made from handmade satin ribbons can be a decoration

The second circumstance due to which crafts made of ribbons have become very popular with needlewomen, is the ability to create them in the family circle, spending time with children. At the same time, child psychologists and educators notethat handicraft children are usually more developed and active compared to their peers. This is due to the fact that in the process of sewing and creating one or another craft, the child has to independently solve a large number of related tasks.

As a result, he learns not only to sew, but also to act independently. He develops fine hand motor skills and the following character traits:

  • accuracy;
  • perseverance;
  • patience;
  • attentiveness
  • Having made several crafts from satinribbons, your daughter or son will acquire very useful skills with a sewing needle and thread. Agree, this skill will be very useful in the army, at work and in family relationships.

    As for adults, similar tapes for themmake it possible not only to decorate clothes in an original way, but also to create original decorations and accessories with which you can decorate a room for a wedding celebration. In this case, you do not spend large sums of money, and the place of the wedding ceremony will be decorated in an original, elegant and tasteful way.

    Beautiful hack of ribbons

    Important! Beautiful crafts from ribbons themselves are a very unusual and original gift, which will be appreciated much more than any accessory of factory production.

    As a result, having made and presented a “casket” of ribbons for storing jewels, you will forever leave a memory of your friends and relatives.

    What you can use crafts from tapes

    Handicrafts of ribbons have several spheresapplication. We have already written that working with them can be used as a pedagogical method for working with children. For example, you can make toys with ribbons, toys for New Year, birthday and other holidays together with them. In addition, from the ribbons you can sew jewelry and accessories for dolls and the dolls themselves.

    As for adults, they can usesimilar crafts both in everyday life, for example, as a casket for storing sewing accessories and jewelry, and as fashion accessories. For example, do it yourself:

  • various flowers and bows, which are used as decoration items and clothing;
  • bracelets, hairpins and headbands;
  • figures of animals, garlands, brooches.

  • Ribbon decoration

    In addition, modern designers oftenuse ribbons to work in a variety of techniques, for example, kanzashi or “artichoke” for interior decoration of premises, women's hairstyles, and wardrobe. For example:

  • ribbon and satin embroidery panels and paintings, as well as using them to make an aromatic sachet;
  • they are used to decorate certain items, for example, bottles of alcoholic beverages or ring pads;
  • baskets of flowers are created from ribbons and soap;
  • There are even options for interiors, completelybuilt on the use of various crafts from satin ribbons. So, for example, they decorate windows, niches, columns. As a result, you can get the interior of the XVIII century, which was characterized by the use of a large number of ribbons and lace in the decor.

    Ways to work with satin ribbons

    There are several ways to makecrafts from tapes. The first way is weaving. With it, you can make a bracelet, pendant or blank for further use as a material for embroidery. At the same time, this technique is a great way to do hand-made ribbons for beginners, as it does not require any special skills or knowledge of specific methods of work.