Woodcarver: what is and how to choose

The engraving is an artistic look.high-precision milling, used for applying ornament, pattern, drawing, text on the surface of the product. Manual electric wood engraver is designed for cutting or dashed carving with a depth of 2 - 0.5 mm. There are laser engravers, which are multifunctional 3D printers.

The design of the drill wood

Some manufacturers position hand engravers as mini drills, which accurately reflects the design features. The main characteristics of the power tools are:

  • spindle speed - 35 000 - 15 000 every minute
  • power - 300 - 35 W
  • Thus, the drill is much more powerful drills, angle grindershave smaller turns. Therefore, the use of equipment from these tools is strictly prohibited. Wood carving by an engraver is carried out specially made for this equipment, designed for specific cutting speeds.

    Drawing for a dashed thread is applied to the surface of the workpiece, the wood is cut through with mills, drills to the required depth.

    The carved woodcarving is a multi-stage engraver - you first need to select the background, apply the markup, then create a relief on the lower level.

    Hand Engraver Accessories

    By picking a set for engravingworks with a flexible shaft, wood carving, it becomes much more convenient for other materials. In addition to this device manufacturers produce equipment of the following type:

  • ergonomic handle - the mini drill itself does not have a handle, so drawing is very difficult
  • collets - sold in sets (4 - 2 pieces, complete with one coupling)
  • milling attachment - an analogue of the miniature hand-held mill
  • tripod - necessary when working with a flexible shaft, usually, universal sliding versions for tools of any manufacturer
  • corner console - allows you to change the rotation angle by 90 degrees, unlike a flexible shaft, it has a rigid structure
  • With a minimum configuration (flexible shaft +tripod) on a wood engraver, the price is minimal; with an increase in the number of devices and accessories, the cost of a hand-held power tool increases significantly.

    Experts recommend novice masterswood engraver to buy in the minimum or medium configuration, during the work to determine which nozzles, accessories are required most often. Instead of an expensive set of drills, cutters, diamond drills of leading brands, it is easier to order 5 - 3 Chinese sets with Ali-Express for the same money.

    The resource of the tool is not significantly differentThe difference in money is significant. The only inconvenience is a long waiting period for an order (5 - 3 weeks, depending on the region of the Russian Federation). For example, a corporate kit from the Dremel company (number 7105 in the catalog is two diamond-coated ball mills) cost 800 rubles, for a Chinese resource a set of 30 nozzles costs 200 rubles.

    The flexible shaft is a multifunctional device:

  • allows you to clean the pipelines home communications when installed on a more powerful electric drill (there are 5 m versions)
  • when equipped with motocuses, it becomes possible to mow weed / ornamental grass in hard-to-reach places
  • when the flexible shaft is connected to the vibrator, the developer will be able to compact concrete mortars when pouring into the formwork
  • The flexible shaft is a complete tool in the presence of an electric drive. For example, this nozzle is often included in the sharpening machine.

    The ergonomic handle allows you to make ornaments of any complexity, configuration on:

  • wooden crafts - cutting boards, paintings
  • surfaces of newly manufactured or already used structures - bath door, furniture facades,
  • elements of power structures - porch, shop, platbands, shutters, fence picket fence, canopy columns, terraces, verandas
  • The handle weighs 0.5 - 0.3 kg, which is much more convenient to use than the weight of the power tool itself (2.5 - 1 kg), which at this point is placed on a tripod.

    Equipment for a drill on a tree

    In 99% of cases, tips for engravers are already included incomplete set of a hand drill. However, in the process of operation each user purchases the equipment depending on his own needs. The following items are most demanded by home craftsmen:

  • classic cutters for engravers - are fixed in the cartridge with the help of collets of different diameter, adapters
  • borax with a spherical tip - because of the ability to work with this snap-in power tool was called the drill, the analogue of which it is
  • brushes - roughing or finishing workpieces
  • drills - production of through / blind holes
  • cones - polishing, grinding, finishing surface finish
  • wheels - abrasive, serrated blades for cutting thin materials
  • Drill for carving oftenit is completed with collet key cartridges having a design lack - a point clip. As a result, under heavy loads (solid wood, large depth of drilling, milling, oblique placement of equipment), the shank is turned in the chuck. In engravers, unlike manual milling machines, ultrathin mills are used, which reduces the quality of processing of solid materials (metals, alloys). When working on wood, the beat of a tool is not so critical, visually “rattling” caused by poor centering of the cutter / drill is almost negligible.

    Work as a manual grower

    The technology of drawing a relief image on a wooden facade, plywood is as follows:

  • making a stencil - an image, pattern is applied on a sheet of paper
  • transfer to the workpiece - manually by copying
  • roughing - using needle cutters or borax with spherical tips of 1.2 - 1 mm, which draws the outline of the picture
  • Stroke - locally used equipment with tips of a larger diameter of 1.4 mm
  • applying the base - a neutral color paint is rubbed into the engraving
  • finishing decoration - the surface is sprinkled with bronze powder, the excess is removed with a napkin
  • Using stencils greatly simplifiestechnical process - it is enough for the operator to impose a letter / part of the pattern on the board, remove the wood to the desired depth, move the stencil or use a different ornament in the next place. Beginners are advised to use a flexible shaft or a special handle to increase image accuracy. Professionals have enough practice to apply a complex pattern with a heavier tool with a snap inserted into it.

    Laser engraver design

    Unlike drills with a rotating shaft,a spindle of a tip of a flexible shaft, the 3D engraver on a tree has a specific design because of what received in a circle of experts the name of the volume printer. The tool has the form of a desktop or floor machine, drawing, pattern, text on parts, blanks is created by burning a material with a laser beam.

    When working with wood, danger is drastically reduced.damage to the organs of vision (reflected light from a metal surface can burn the cornea of ​​the eye), respiration (metal, glass chips are dangerous to the lungs).

    Laser engraver for wood representsCNC machine for cutting, drawing patterns, drawings on various materials. There are several types of equipment depending on the coherent radiation module:

  • liquid laser - powerful machines for industrial enterprises
  • laser diode - desktop machine for home use
  • The main advantages of the equipment are:

  • stability of the workpiece geometry - in the absence of mechanical contact, internal stresses do not occur in the wood structure
  • image / text clarity - the settings are set using the software on the laptop connected to the engraver, PC, which allows getting engravings of any complexity with minimal cost
  • low operating costs - the machine consumes 15 - 8 times less electricity than a manual drill
  • high resource - lack of friction parts allows to increase the service life repeatedly
  • mobility - the printer on a tree has small dimensions, is transferred manually, is located in an automobile car
  • Unlike electric drills, 3D engraversallow you to establish small-scale production of furniture fronts, decorative doors (interior, bath, entrance) with the original three-dimensional pattern with a minimum budget.

    Choosing a laser engraver

    The main criterion when buying equipment of thisType is power - 40 - 20 watts. The Chinese laser engraver for wood manufacturers Rabbit, RedSail is a budget option for a home craftsman who has decided to decorate furniture and interiors with engraved wooden surfaces.

    If engraving is a hobby, the equipment is supposed to be used in more intensive modes, models from the following companies will do:

  • SharpMark (USA) - a line of fiber models 50 - 10 W, functional software, high accuracy, depth of pattern, deposition rate within 10 m / s
  • Gravograph (France) - the most demanded Energy model is 8 25 W, with a working area of ​​30 x45 cm, weighing 40 kg, with a standard USB interface
  • Trotec (Austria) - a three-year warranty, the speed of relief production is within 3.5 m / s
  • Epilog (USA) - a line of gas lasers (CO2) for woodworking with a lacquer coating or without
  • For a laser engraver for wood, the price is much higherthan with hand drills, however, the equipment will pay off in a couple of months in the manufacture of custom-made decorative products. Household models for domestic use will please the owner when decorating any wooden surfaces used in interiors and exteriors of the home.