Making furniture out of the box with their own hands

Furniture out of the box todaymanufactures a large number of people around the world. This is due to the fact that this fashionable hobby, which has become widespread in the West, has reached Russia. In this case, cardboard crafts are now not just entertainment, but also a rather serious direction of interior design.

The preparatory work

Before you make furniture out of your boxeshands, you will need to pick up quality material suitable for this type of work. In addition, you will need to find the right tool, as well as teaching materials, projects and production schemes for this type of furniture. So, for example, if you need handmade furniture made from boxes, you can easily find their schemes on the corresponding profile site.

Most often, cardboard boxes are used to make analogs of furniture in order to play for children.

It should be remembered that this type of furniturefully-fledged, and you will not only have access to furniture out of the box, made by yourself for children, but also quite ordinary things that can be used in everyday life. These are shelves, dressers, tables, chairs. They can be decorated in a variety of ways, for example, painting, voluminous decoupage, upholstery and fabric weaving.

From cardboard you can make high-grade furniture for the nursery.

Material to perform such work is the mostsimple - industrial cardboard. You can buy it at almost any packaging material store or find it at a dump by selecting good pieces of it or taking whole boxes. You can also ask in the next hardware store to leave you with unnecessary packaging.

A lot of cardboard boxes can be found near shops and warehouses.

To design the furniture out of the boxes with your own hands, the master will need to prepare:

  1. Special paper brown and white, used for pasting cardboard products both inside and outside.
  2. Jigsaw, stationery knife or scalpel, designed for cutting cardboard.
  3. PVA glue, glue thermogun.
  4. Glue "Moment", used for sizing large planes.
  5. Quick-drying glue for wood.
  6. Parquet varnish for water-repellent processing of a cardboard.
  7. Sandpaper used for processing cardboard slices.
  8. Ruler, centimeter, scissors, etc.

Note! In any case, the need for cardboardtake it very seriously. This is due to the fact that only the correct selection of cardboard will give you the opportunity to make strong furniture. Therefore, be sure to learn to understand the grades of cardboard.

Cardboard boxes can be of different shapes and sizes.

In addition, cardboard is usually found in everyday life.almost every person, as it is widely used to perform packaging. It will also help you make the right choice and provide you with the necessary amount of material for the future.

Types of modern cardboard

For the manufacture of furniture is usually accepteduse packaging cardboard, with a large role is played by its thickness, which is measured in layers. Under the layer refers to small waves, giving strength to this packaging material. Furniture made of cardboard boxes is made with one's hands from one-, two- and three-layered cardboard.

Single layer material is usually consumed oninternal walls having curved shapes. If you need to fill the internal volume with straight lines, it is better to use a thicker material. It is also worth remembering that the material of dark color is usually more durable than light. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the inside of the cardboard is rough and the front side is smooth. In addition to the front side usually put various inscriptions.

Cardboard layers

In addition to the cardboard you for workyou will also need craft paper. With the help of wallpaper glue, the furniture is usually glued over the furniture exclusively outside as its finish. At the same time, it is necessarily torn apart, not cut with scissors. As a result of processing such paper products become smooth and suitable for pasting decorative paper.

In this case, kraft paper allows you to glueedges and seams of furniture, and then it will be possible to proceed to pasting all its surface. At the same time there is a paper of this sort in different colors, for example, a white or transparent material has been created. It can be used to give the product an original look.

Kraft paper is great for finishing boxes

It is worth noting! Handmade craftsmen try to replace craft craft.tracing paper. This option will be worse, since such paper is cheaper and thinner and you will have to use masking tape for sizing the corners of the product.

We have already noted that this paper is better to tear,but the cardboard itself must be processed using a tool (jigsaw). You do not need to try to immediately cut out all the workpiece you need, because by this you can damage the canvas, it’s better to cut it gradually, so you save the jigsaw and make the element you need. For fine decorating it is recommended to use a stationery knife or a medical scalpel.

Craft paper can be cut with a stationery knife

In the cutting process, be sure to use a tape measureand a metal ruler. Thus, you will receive not only accurately executed, but also high-quality cut product. In addition, the metal ruler will protect your hands from being cut.

Determination of the shape and size of furniture

Furniture made of cardboard boxes do it yourselfis performed only after you have selected the dimensions and design for it. So, for example, if it will have a large protrusion, clearly disproportionate to the base, the product will be poorly resistant. In the case when the furniture is symmetrical, you can make only half of it on paper. The remaining part of it you can immediately transfer to the future product.

In addition, you will always need to remember thatproduct depth and width should be proportionate. At the same time, standard furniture is usually made of at least three components: the back wall, the facade, as well as internal elements that form the skeleton of your furniture. The number of such elements depends on what kind of resistance you want to achieve, as well as their shapes, bent at different levels of depth, as well as bent at the right angle.

Since cardboard is a very light material, the larger the structure, the greater must be the partitions and elements for its stability.

In the case when your furniture has no depthmore than 30 cm, you will only need the presence of only one internal element. In the same case, when you use your furniture to perform several functions, it is worthwhile to think over its structure in advance in order to make the necessary number of internal elements. For example, in its design, you can add a stand, the fastening of which under the alarm clock or TV will be carried out in a new way.

Note! Location featuresstructural elements directly affect the appearance of the product, so in order for your furniture to look beautiful, you will need to make allowances of 0.6 centimeters of decorative or kraft paper. This will allow for smooth pasting of the cabinet or table.

Cardboard furniture usually consists of modules

Most products made of cardboardare performed in a modular fashion, so at any moment you can replace some elements or add new ones. The main thing is to correctly perform the main frame so that it can withstand the weight of new elements. If you make a mistake, your furniture can fall apart at the most inopportune moment.

In addition, it will be very important to startperformance of the described furniture by you. The fact is that to begin with you do not need to collect any particularly complex products. Start your "furniture maker" career with something simple. As the development of technology, you can already perform the entire furniture sets.

Furniture made of cardboard must be sustainable and maintain its purpose.

Assembling children's furniture made of cardboard

A novice wizard is quite suitable for from the boxes, made by hand. The fact is that it is small in size and simple to perform. At the same time there is a huge number of patterns and schemes, placed in the special literature, as well as on specialized sites. At the same time, if for you children's furniture out of the boxes with your own hands is new, it is desirable to have a photo of such products at your fingertips, as this will facilitate your assembly in the future.

For example, the first products madeyou yourself can be a shelf, table or stool for the nursery. At the same time, if you do them together with your child, the work will pass quickly and quickly, and your children will long fall in love with the high chair made together with the father. In addition, such furniture is very light and safe: it is impossible to cut or hurt yourself about it. Also, a child can show all her fantasy with her, for example, paint a table or chair without fear that he will be punished for it.

Little table and chair for a child made of cardboard

Cardboard furniture a child can paint, it is very exciting

Directly for the manufacture of children's tableFrom cardboard, you need to cut 2 parts exactly in the shape of the future table top, which can be made in the form of a circle or another geometric shape. Next, you need to cut strips of cardboard with a thickness of about 7-10 cm. After that, heated adhesive is applied to one of the surfaces and cardboard sheets are glued with an accordion on the edge to the base.

The number of glued strips determines the levelthe strength of the future table. At the exit at the end of this operation, you should get a cellular surface. Further, it will need to cover the second part and also glue. After that, the sides of the product are pasted over with strips of cardboard, and to obtain even edges, a paper base is also glued to the ribs.

After that, they are engaged in decorating the tabletop. To this end, it is painted, painted, and also decorated with carved pictures and varnished. As for the legs of the table, they are made of cardboard tubes, which can be taken at any hardware store. These cartridges are usually wound linoleum or wallpaper for sale.

The legs will also need to be painted as wellvarnish. In addition, using hot glue, these legs can be glued to the tabletop. To make the construction more durable, in the lower part it is necessary to make the basic holes and place the attachment legs in them. After this, the manufacture of a table for a nursery can be considered complete.

Caring for cardboard furniture

Since the furniture made of cardboardis one-time, it does not require any special care, but at the same time it is necessary to adhere to several rules so that it will serve you at least for a while. For example, you can not put it in a wet room or on the street. The paper is afraid of moisture and will disintegrate in a few hours after being hit by rain.

In addition, it is imperative to observefire safety rules, as cardboard is a very flammable material, and there is enough pampering with matches to catch fire. It is also worth telling children that you can not jump and ride on cardboard furniture, as they just break under their weight. Accurate and careful use of the same table can, on the contrary, guarantee you that it will serve for many years with seine fun and joy for your children.