How to make a figure out of napkins with your own hands

For a child's birthday, a photo shoot is neededprops. The numbers of napkins have gained popularity, they can be seen on children's birthday parties. Indeed, this kind of decoration on a holiday is beyond competition. They are light, and children can play with them, inexpensive, beautiful and cause only pleasant emotions.

Original composition of napkins in the form of figuresrequires creativity. Although their production takes more than one hour, the emotions of a happy birthday man, who received such a figure, pay off all the time and effort required.

See how to make a figure, how to decorate it, what materials are needed, and try to make a decor of napkins with your own hands on our master classes.

What materials are needed for work

For the festive composition they take monophonicnapkins without pattern. Naturally, the larger the figure, the more material it will need. One pack is small, take several packs of 100-200 napkins at once. The lush the decor, the better the numbers look from the napkins. Photo in the example.

But napkins are not the most important thing. Need another blank of cardboard or foam. Wooden figures are less common, but they are not decorated with napkins, but painted.

Under the blank, you can use empty boxes, shipping packaging from household appliances. Those materials that are often sent in the trash.

From the packaging of the products are smallnumbers. Juice or milk bags are cut and inserted into one another. The surface is masked by papier-mâché, a glued-on layer of jammed paper. Take for pasting glue PVA with a thick consistency. It will be a shame if the cardboard swells and spreads. Or choose packaging with a foil surface, for example, a juice box.