What are the shears for metal?

Scissors for metal - this is a wonderful andThe demanded tool is perfectly familiar to any professional locksmith, tinsmith, roofer and those who work with sheet metal. But how to understand a person not versed in metalworking and plumbing, what is this tool, what are its features and the principle of operation of scissors for metal?

The principle of the shears for metal

Scissors for cutting metal work without chips,that is, the method of plastic deformation. When a pair of knives are closed, the pressure passing through the cutting line separates the metal, and an even cut is obtained. For good cleanliness and correctness of the cut between the upper and lower knife should be provided with a gap of a certain size. If the gap is too small, a “ragged” cut will be obtained, and if the gap is too large, the burrs will be obtained. The gap between the knives is selected depending on the thickness of the metal. For example, with manual scissors, it is in the range of 0.1-0.8 mm. The angle of sharpening of the cutting scissors share is 70 °, this angle is made in order to prevent chipping of the blade during intensive operation. And the rear corner of the blade is sharpened at an angle of 1-2 ?, this serves to reduce friction during the cutting process.