Coleleba - Mobile hut from Christ Christ

If you own a bungalow on the beach -impermissible luxury, take a look at the innovative design of this mobile hut, which you can transport and install where you want it. The author of this concept is Christina Khristova, designer from Bulgaria. In Bulgarian “Koleiba” means “RV”. Christina wanted to have a house on the beach to relax with her family, and she built it herself. Her example turned out to be contagious.

Essentially, the Kolehiba resembles a traditionalhouse trailer. It is made of oiled multi-layer plywood, the door is made of glass. The door is hinged in such a way that it lets in as much light and fresh air as you need. To install the hut you need a horizontal plot of only nine square meters. Due to the high ceiling (2.4 meters), it looks somewhat larger than it actually is. Inside, you can use sectional furniture for optimal use of space, and the building itself can be easily erected or dismantled anywhere. If you like to rest on the beach, and spending money on hotels and resorts every time seems to you a rash decision, perhaps “Koleiba” is what you need.