The concept of a compact portable home from Salt & Water

This small portable home fit forexploitation in any latitude, was created by specialists of the Russian design studio Salt & Water. The project, called Tiny Eco-House, became the embodiment of the concept of a compact typical eco-house, made mainly from natural materials (such as wood, for example).

The cozy interior creates a comfortable living space. The house has a living and dining area, as well as a kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping mezzanine.

Outside there is a large terrace, visuallyexpanding interior living space. When the terrace is not used, its moving parts can be removed and attached to the body of the house, so that the structure does not damage the elements and other people or animals do not like it. In the warm season, the terrace can be decomposed again, and it will become a kind of link between the living space of the house and the surrounding landscape.

Since it is planned that the houses will be deliveredfully equipped, they will not need any additional extensions, but the right to use the land may still be required. Being delivered to the right place, parts of the house will be easy to put together.

And although the Tiny Eco-House project is still at the concept stage, we hope that sooner or later it will reach the market.