Beautiful modular origami: Santa Claus and sleigh

On the New Year's holidays every mastertries to make various decorations. Origami Santa Claus is an original decoration that can be made from plain paper. It is not expensive and very convenient to use. Snowflakes and other themed items are cut out of paper, and interesting garlands and Christmas-tree decorations are made.

In addition, the house should be decorated with toys andtinsel, also necessarily decorated New Year's tree (tree or pine). Under the Christmas tree, it is customary to fold presents and put figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. They are also easy to make with your own hands. For example, you can use the modular origami technique, in which special paper blanks are folded according to a certain pattern.

Origami Santa Claus is an original decoration that can be made from plain paper.

How to prepare modules for work?

Making an Origami hack Santa Claus is very simple if you understand the principle.

Important! The main thing is to stock up on items of the desired color, and then fold them in a certain sequence.

Making an origami crafts Santa Claus is very simple if you understand the principle

This is a very interesting job that willuseful for kids. The modular origami technique can be taught to a child, and then he will be able to independently create interesting crafts and home decorations. The peculiarity of this process is that no glue is used at all, and scissors are needed only at the very beginning. The rest of the time, the child can work on the craft himself and the parents will not have to worry about the fact that the child will get hurt with a sharp object or use the glue for other purposes.

7 rows of white modules

On a note! The modular origami technique itselfprovides for the use of paper elements that will be folded in a certain sequence, most often you can find schemes that use modules 1/16 or 1/32.

8 row - 4 white, 26 blue

Here we are talking about how many parts it is necessary to divide an A4 sheet in order to make elements for work out of it.

9 row - 3 white, 27 blue

Modules are prepared from each individual piece.paper. To do this, you need to fold it in half, then connect the edges to get a triangle, the bottom of which will protrude a little. Here the edges are also bent to the middle line. The resulting smooth paper triangle fold in half and get the module for further work. So it is necessary to do with the other elements. The number and color of modules depends on the specific scheme.

10, 11, 12 rows

Modular Santa Claus

To work on origami, Santa Claus will needto prepare white, red and light pink blanks; in total, 1163 elements are spent on making the figure. Of these, 559 will be white, 529 red, 47 pink and another 28 light pink.

13-18 row

Step-by-step assembly modular origami Santa Clausas follows. The first 5 rows, each of which will consist of 30 red modules, you need to lay out the white elements in a circle. In the sixth row it is necessary to lay out 4 white elements, and the rest will be red. In the seventh row of white modules will be only 3. They should be located above what was laid out in the sixth row. The eighth row is repeated like the sixth.

19-23 rows

Starting from the 9th row, a pink insert is added. It will alternate in each row of 1-2. They need to be placed one above the other, like the white elements. Everything else is covered in red.

24 row

On the 19th row pink modules should end. There is only one white element in this row and it needs to be fixed with the reverse side. In the 20th row there will be only red elements, but 2 new white modules are inserted above the white from the previous row.

25 row

Next is 2 red rows, which will beginthe formation of the collar and beard of Grandfather Frost. In the 22-24 row we make only white elements. At 25 you need to start making a mouth out of a light pink module. In the 26th row there will be a pair of pink elements, and the rest are white.

Laying out modules

Top face, which will go for a white beard,It is also worth making a light pink. To do this, you need to calculate 8 elements of the desired color in the right place. For a product of this size, 4 rows for a face will suffice.

30 row

Then everything is complemented by a pair of rows of white modules, which will symbolize the hat of Santa Claus, and then everything gradually goes on reducing the red elements.

32 row

The work on the modular origami technique is that here you can show your imagination, and not act clearly according to the established scheme. In the process of creating origami Santa Claus, the wizard may want to supplement the product with additional elements. For example, it is not at all necessary to make Santa Claus with a long beard. Someone wants to make the character smile wider. In general, the proposed scheme can be easily changed.

37 and 38 rows

As for colors, you can combine not onlytraditional red with white, but also blue or golden with white modules. Origami origami masters can try their hand at smaller products, but it can be difficult to achieve realism in them, that is, a beard can be mixed with a face, a hat, etc.

Add a red module in the center

How to decorate a modular Santa Claus?

After the main job of creatingmodular origami Santa Claus will be performed, it is worth bringing the product in order due to certain details. Santa Claus is worth making hands. They are easily woven from a pair of rows of modules in red and white. Also this fantastic character will need a staff. It can be made of curled paper, and the top can be decorated with a star, cut out of silver or gold foil.

Laying out sleeves

The face of Santa Claus also needs extramodify. In the place where the light pink modules were used, it is necessary to glue the eyes and red nose. All this can be cut out of colored paper, but the toy will look more effective if you buy your eyes in a specialty store and make your nose out of a pin with a large round tip.

Santa Claus - front view

You can install the product on a cardboard base, which should be pre-lubricated with glue and covered with silver glitter. It turns out a great holiday decoration under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus - rear view

Santa Claus sleigh

On a note! Origami fairy-tale Santa Claus will look great on its own, but if you add a few more details, you get a whole composition that will not leave anyone indifferent.

For example, next to the very figure of Santa ClausYou can put a fabulous sleigh and even make horses. The last option is considered to be a very complex product that only experienced craftsmen can cope with, so first you should pay attention to simpler sleighs.