Simple crafts for children 10 years of paper, plasticine and kozhzama

The happiness of any mother is her child. And it is very important that the baby grows up not only healthy, but also savvy, accustomed to independent actions. The young genius to whom you tied shoes, and in kindergarten, and at school and will feel much less comfortable than a child who is used to doing everything on their own. Interesting crafts for children 10 years old will help develop intelligence, fine motor skills and make the child more independent.

Fun garland in the form of the sun with a rainbow

Sculpting from plastic and polymer clay

The greatest demand for crafts for children 10 years of plastic or polymer clay. Plastic is a synthetic material, similar to clay, which hardens after heat treatment.

Anything can be made from polymer clay, for example, themed gifts for a holiday

From it create decorations in appearance resembling wooden, glass, metal, and also make an imitation of various fabrics, ornamental stones, leather or ivory.

Making flowers-earrings from plastic

Moreover, there are many techniques of working with polymer clay, each of which gives the ornament a special look.

With the help of the carbine you can make funny keychains from polymer clay

For example, the salt technique makes the surface of the plastic look like “porous” chocolate, and when using the kaleidoscope technique, the “slices” of the plastic make up unique patterns or ornaments.

Polymer clay food can look very realistic.

Basically, light crafts made by children of 10 years are made of plastic: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, charms of standard shapes.

Decoration of polymer clay flowers hairpins

Note! But especially popular among buyersso-called “miniatures” are also used: products in the form of fruits, cartoon characters or any other objects created by designers independently or under the order.

The possibilities of working with polymer clay are endless, here everything depends on the skill and imagination of the performer.

Polymer clay flower headband

Paper card

What to give your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend orteacher on March 8. They say the book is the best gift. But to read it for a long time, but it seems embarrassing to give one postcard. How to be? We advise you to give an unusual thing. This is both a book and a postcard.

To make this paper craft for children 10 years old you will need: paper and colored cardboard, glue, scissors, pencil, ruler, tape.

Interesting postcard options will be to make it in the form of a book, which will accommodate even more wishes.

Redraw the scheme onto the inner sides of the colored cardboard and cut out 2 patterns of 14.5x20.5 cm in size. Draw the fold lines on 3 sides of each pattern.

Cover the inside of the patterns with blue paper.14.5 x 17.5 cm in size and put them in 2 boxes. To connect the resulting blanks in the book, cut out the blue cardboard spine. On the back side, stick a strip of blue paper measuring 9x14.5 cm.

Now cut the “flower field” and fold alongfold lines as shown in the diagram. In order for flowers to bloom on the “glade”, prepare 10 strips measuring 0.5x11 cm and 5-5.5x7.0. Each strip bend in half and stick to them the petals with buds. Attach the tall stems in 1 row along the edges of the “meadow”, and the low ones - randomly.

В итоге у нас получился необычная поделка для детей 6-10 лет. Заодно теперь мы знаем, как еще утилизировать старые ненужные вещи. Аналогично можно дорабатывать повязки и резинки на голову.

Бант из кожзама с клепками

Девчонки просто обожают бантики и заколочки, особенно если они сделаны своими руками. Итак, для этой поделки с детьми 8-10 лет нам понадобятся: кусок кожи или кожзама размером не менее 15Х10 см, еще один маленький обрезочек размером не менее 2*6 см, коробка канцелярских кнопок (цветных или просто металлических), ножницы, иголка и нитка, клей «Момент», карандаш, ручка или маркер, линейка и плоскогубцы. Ну и то, на что вы собираетесь крепить бант. Например, ободок.

Прежде чем мы начнем делать поделку с детьми 9-10 лет, составим план. Итак, выкройка бантика, давайте-ка разберемся. Размеры банта вы можете выбрать сами. Все расчеты сводятся к тому, что вам понадобится не менее 5 мм припуска на шов по краям бабочки. Так же надо иметь ввиду, что края прямоугольника, из которого мы будем шить бабочку, мы будем сворачивать к центру, с небольшим нахлестом друг на друга (тоже порядка 4 мм).

Bow with spiked leatherette

We take the buttons and fearlessly pierce the leatherette with them according to the markings, then, for reliability, we pour a little glue under the bonnet and press the material well to the inner side of the bonnet.

So, it was the turn of the pliers. Bend them leg and firmly pressed to the cap and, accordingly, leatherette.

Now let's sew. So, we turn all this beauty inside. We turn it around. And now you can fold the bow and fasten it with several stitches.

Making a bow of leatherette

Now it makes sense to drag him something. We take a thin strip of the same material. Fold in on the type of bake edges to the center. We quilt, for example, in such a primitive way over the edge.

With this tape we can attach ourbow to the rim, rubber band or cord. The result is obvious. I must say that despite this uncomplicated method of attachment, the buttons did not even think of falling out or hanging out. But if you want to make, say, a bracelet, which has more load and which is in close contact with the skin of the hand at all angles, try before twisting the leg to the cap, twist this leg with the help of round pliers. This will make the craft for children 10 years more plastic and eliminate the slightest possibility of contact with the pointed tip of the pin leg.

Advice! Despite the frightening abundance of information, making these crafts with children of 10 years with your own hands is easy and fun. On average, one thing takes no more than an hour.

Try, experiment, because creativity does not have to be difficult and time consuming. Successes!