Scheme pruning old apple trees in the fall

The fruit garden gives us many pleasant momentsranging from cool shade to delicious fruit. To increase the productivity of all trees, including apple trees, it is necessary not only to water and fertilize in time, but also to remove old branches. The scheme of pruning old apple trees in the fall is not so complicated, so we will help you to deal with it.

general information

Autumn is the best time to improve the site. Pruning an old apple tree should be done according to this pattern of branch removal:

  • Dry;
  • Broken;
  • Crown going inside;
  • Sick;
  • Naked;
  • Experts recommend sticking to the principle - it is better to remove a few old large branches, from which there is already little use than a lot of young shoots.

    It was a kind of preparation. Now you can proceed to the removal of skeletal branches, if they grow improperly or prevent young shoots from developing. When choosing a gardening tool for pruning, preference is best given to the secateurs and the hacksaw.

    Trees need sunlight for healthygrowth, therefore, to open their central part is necessary. If the main trunk interferes with young branches, then safely cut it. It is recommended to do this at a height of 3–3.5 meters. Old branches, which are located above the young, are also best removed.

    Trimming rules

    Each beginner can cut down most of the crown,but this must be done carefully and competently. Experienced gardeners have developed several unspoken rules, following which you can achieve the maximum effect. Pruning of old apple trees in the fall: scheme and rules.

  • Trimming is a mandatory annual process and should not be missed;
  • Do not delete the branches when you want, because it must be done at a certain time;
  • High-quality tools and putty - a guarantee of efficiency, especially when removing old and thick branches;
  • Only you benefit from a thick crown, but a tree can suffer greatly from this, so try to rejuvenate it every year at least a little;
  • Remove the branches so as to open the central part for sunlight;
  • Proper pruning will help increase yields and avoid the appearance of many useless tops.

  • Running apple tree? What to do?

    Buying a plot is a pleasant thing, but looking aroundfront of work is not very fun. Restoring order, do not forget about the orchard, because in the summer he will give you thanks. So that the trees again began to bear fruit abundantly, they must not only be watered, fertilized, but also cut off on time.

    Important! If pruning of old apple trees is not done in the fall, then for the next season it becomes noticeable only in the size of the fruit, but on the health of the trees unnoticed. The harvest will be even, maybe, abundant, but here the diameter of the fruits produced will decrease every year. The task of pruning is to increase the productivity of the fruit tree, to make its shape much more beautiful, to open access to the light.

    Experienced gardeners recommend for ennoblingold trees apply chasing. Such pruning is much more effective for apple trees not the first year of growth than normal. The peculiarity of the coinage is that the skeletal branches are sawn in the place where the intensive growth began last season.

    Embossing has one rule, the execution of which is mandatory, namely, the next level is cut off more strongly than the previous one. If such actions will not restore the tree, then be sure to repeat.

    After 10-15 years, the apple tree turns into a largetree with abundant fruiting, so take care of it during this period should be especially careful. Cut unnecessary branches should not only fall, but in the spring.