Corner sink in the bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most beloved andnice places in any house or apartment. Therefore, it is so important that every corner of this room is equipped at the request of all family members. It is important to take into account all the details that relate to the bath, sink, washing machine. And most importantly, what is necessarydraw so it is on the dimensions of the bathroom. Consequently, it is appropriate in this article to focus on the corner sink with a cabinet in the bathroom.

Pluses corner sink for the bathroom:

  • in a small space the best option is to install the corner sink. A mirror can be attached to the wall to visually enlarge the space;
  • the inconspicuous angle becomes multifunctional: a sink where hands are rinsed and a bedside table, where it is convenient to hide household chemicals;
  • on the aesthetic side, it transforms the room, making it more comfortable.
  • To date, corner sinks in the bathroom are quite popular and manufacturers are happy to release them for consumers.

    Therefore, it is not advisable to purchase narrow sinks that clutter up a large part of the area in the bathroom.

    Types of corner pedestals with sinks:

  • suspended angular bollard. When you try to make a room cozy and comfortable, you acquire items that would be as close as possible to the interior of the room and not clutter it. Thanks to this model - it is feasible. It has no legs, and it fits into a small space. There is no fungus under it, cleaning does not require much difficulty. Such type of sinks with a curbstone is suitable for rooms where the bathroom equipment is laid out in a floor. However, there are downsides: the installation of the attachment to the supporting wall is rather difficult;
  • pedestal with integrated sink. Pretty good option, which does not require special skills during installation. You just need to install it in the corner.
  • In this model, only the legs on which it stands are affected, but they can be replaced. From a practical point of view, cleaning does not hurt and the cost of the model is low.

    Types of material for furniture in the bathroom

    Corner bathroom cabinets are made from the appropriate materials:

  • from a natural tree;
  • from moisture resistant chipboard and MDF panels.
  • Natural wood for thumbs duringuse can swell, so in such areas must be well ventilated. Furniture is made from compressed wood layers, covered with moisture-resistant impregnation. By price, they are more expensive than other materials.

    As for materials such as MDF and particleboard,preference falls on a fine particle board that is stable to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Chipboard is a cheaper option and less stable to drops.

    Now consider what types of sinks offers us the manufacturer:

  • corner sink for the bathroom in shape resemblingtulip. This is a more common type of sink. In this type there is a supporting foot made of faience with a height of 700 to 800 mm. The disadvantage of this type is that, due to the supporting structure, it is not quite appropriately used;
  • hanging corner sink in the bathroom. The word itself implies the presence of free space. A washing machine or a dirty laundry basket is most likely to fit under the water dispenser. The only negative is the visibility of communications;
  • built-in corner sink in the bathroom with pedestal. In common people referred to as "moydodyr." The only drawback in the corner sink with a bathroom cabinet is that it takes up more space than other types of washstands. In addition, if in addition to the kit includes a cabinet with a mirror, then we get a place to store personal hygiene products.

  • Material for the production of sinks in the bathroom

    The difference between washbasins is only in their form. Let us examine the following: so what gives us this or that material:

  • Washstand made of ceramics. This is the most common material used to make washbasins. Products from it are quite inexpensive, durable and reliable. Although at its core, ceramics are quite fragile.
  • Washstand made of glass. The shell is more durable. With proper care can serve for a long time. Despite the fact that the washbasin is made of glass, it is quite strong, as it is made of hardy, strong glass.
  • Washstand from an artificial stone. Such shells are made from crushed into small pieces of natural stone. We say that they are eternal, because they have high strength. Considerable weight and the ability to scratch, although not deep - this is the only negative of this material.
  • Washstand made of stainless steel or enameled steel. This is a kind of material that is not used in the current market. Basically it was used in bathrooms, implemented in the style of high-tech.
  • As for the size of the sinks, they produce both standard and non-standard sizes.

    Fastening corner sinks takes place in three stages:

  • device mixer and siphon;
  • fasteners sinks to the wall;
  • connection of the same mixer and siphon to the water supply and sewage system.
  • Corner sink with a cabinet in modern society is the most convenient and practical detail in the interior, regardless of the size of the bathroom.