Barrels for water in the country: practicality and a little decor

In many ways, those who claim that the cottage isit is a maximum of flowers (vegetables, fruits) and a minimum of civilized conditions for permanent residence. Due to the banal lack of water supply, many summer residents visit their site only on weekends, depriving the plants of the necessary care, and themselves - the pleasure of breathing fresh air. And all because in the country there simply is not enoughthe amount of water, and there seems to be no way out of this situation either. But it is also very simple - you just need to purchase barrels for water in the country, so that the period of summer life enters a more or less civilized channel.

What capacities are needed?

Plastic and metal, small and huge - the choice should be based on your preferences, financial capabilities and characteristics of the purchased goods.

If your cottage is equipped with a water supply system, but it is somehow "inactive" and there is more often no water in the tap than it is, then the best option in this case is a capacity of 200-500 liters.

Yes, by the way, your usual water flow must also be taken into account.

What do people usually do in the country? Plants are planted, then they are watered, take a shower themselves or fill the pool with water. But when the water system is prone to gusts, it’s problematic sometimes to even wash your hands, not to plunge into the cool water of the pool.

Therefore, before buying containers, make your own personal water use program.

More used to rest in the country than to work? Need a barrel of solid displacement - for 2, 3 or 5 thousand.

Such containers are also necessary for owners of largeplots on which they placed a garden, a vegetable garden and in addition to several flower beds. Such a farm needs regular watering. And it’s unrealistic to bring so much water into a bucket from a well;

In terms of watering a little easier for those who keepsmall areas - for yourself. But here, too, there are problems: how many and what capacities to purchase - one large or several smaller? Plastic or metal?

We focus the attention of summer residents on the fact thatplastic barrels do not withstand temperature differences and when stored in an unheated country house in the winter they crack. For a summer residence, it’s more logical to buy metal containers, so as not to spend money on the purchase of barrels annually.

As for the volume of containers, it all depends on the water needs of people and plants.

Summer shower: barrel for "homemade"

The most favorite country exotic is bathing in a summer shower. Water heated in the most natural way (in the sun) seems to give more health than the coolest sauna.

But how to make a large amount of water (for a family of 4 people, for example) heat up very quickly? It's all about capacity.

A barrel for a shower in the country can be anyvolume, shape and material of manufacture. The main thing is its color. According to the laws of physics, if their wording is very, very simplified, white discourages the sun's rays, and dark attracts. Here's the answer - for a summer shower, choose darker containers: black, brown, blue. If they could not be found, you can paint the barrel yourself.

So is it plastic or metal?

Although manufacturers of plastic containers inthey say with one voice that their products are very durable and resistant to cold, we do not recommend taking a word. It would be more logical to understand the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of both types of water containers.

Plastic barrels

The main advantage of this "utensil" isin its mobility and lightness. Polyethylene barrels in the country house can be easily moved around the site, placed at any level (higher or lower), kept in "invisible mode", that is, by burying the container in the ground or placing it in the attic.

The strength of plastic barrels is indicated by theirresistance to deformation and the absence of cracks when falling. But here, one should take into account the moment: how strong was the blow and how new the barrel is. A crack can still happen.

If you pay attention to the color of the barrel in the country(photos of such containers can be easily found on the Internet), it can be noted that plastic can be one- and two-color - dark color on the outside of the barrel and white inside. This “color” is not just a whim of the manufacturer, two-color barrels are characterized as environmentally friendly containers in which they hold drinking water and products.

To keep plastic barrels for giving is necessary inshade or indoors, as direct exposure to sunlight causes the activation of elements in the material (plastic) and the water acquires an unpleasant “chemical” taste.

As for the price, modern plastic is not soand cheap. Plus new technologies involved in production, plus a design solution. Plus margin from the seller. As a result, plastic can be an order of magnitude more expensive than metal.

Metal barrels

If the feedstock used for the manufacture of the tank turned out to be of high quality, then the metal barrel will serve the summer resident faithfully for much longer. than plastic:

  • material stainless steel - barrels from ithighly resistant to corrosion, aggressive environments and temperature extremes, the service life of stainless steel barrels is at least 20 years; the water that is stored in them does not acquire a metallic taste. The disadvantage of such containers is their price. Made from very expensive material, they are not a priori cheap;

  • galvanized steel material - operationalthe qualities are as good as in the previous case, but containers made of this type of steel have a slightly shorter service life and are slightly more susceptible to corrosion; as for the price, then these barrels will cost the summer resident much cheaper;
  • carbon steel material - indicatorsthe strength of its products is very high, exceeding the percentage of strength of both galvanized and stainless steel, that's just rust ... Corrosion easily defeats this material, even in the case of the merciless and timely struggle of the barrel owner with the first appearance of red spots. Black steel tanks are very cheap, but extremely inconvenient to move around the site - too heavy.

  • Before buying barrels for a summer cottage, analyze their quality and price, match one another and add to this the period for which you will need a container.

    Gather some rain ...

    If the situation with country water supply is toocritical and you have to save literally a drop of water, organize a reservoir for collecting rainwater, which can be used for technical needs: washing (it is soft, it perfectly removes pollution that is not taken by either tap water or a well), watering plants, washing dishes, and even for taking a shower.

    For "collecting rain" capacity may be the mostunpretentious - it is not necessary to drag water barrels to the cottage of 500 liters, although it may well be that there is so much water. But usually 200-, 300-liter barrels, of any format and from any material, are quite enough.

    The main thing is to use rainwater as quickly as possible, it should not stagnate for a long time.

    Funny pictures

    Not new water tanks tend to look dull and scruffy, which is extremely undesirable in the country at the height of a fun summer - it spoils both the general look and mood.

    Indifferent to creativity and their own countryPeople make the decision in this way: paint barrels in the country and perceive the process as a form of relaxation. And the truth is that after a tireless labor of pleasure, both the soul and the eyes will rest.

    Immediately make a reservation that plastic barrels for summer cottages are also subject to decoration, but after the “procedure” they do not look as spectacular as metal ones.

    And the old metal barrels during givinga presentable look not only takes on a new “face”, they are also saved from corrosion - from the time when humanity first learned about iron and its main enemy, rust, a simple and effective way was invented to make the metal last longer - regular painting.

    Plots for creating pictures on the outer wallsbarrels, as well as how to apply them - a lot. Typically, summer residents who aim at improving the health of children use episodes from cartoons or portray their heroes as portraits, others prefer floral prints, and others draw barrels with funny faces, giving the inanimate object a little character. Some originals copy classical artwork on barrels, and some are limited to smiles and cool inscriptions.

    In any case, the question: how to color barrels in the country, is not worth it.

    But it’s one thing to present an idea, and another to give itto implement. The technique of performing "paintings on barrels" is not accessible to everyone. It is good if a person is not deprived of talent and has at least some idea of ​​fine art. Otherwise, barrels in the country will have to be decorated with a stencil, which in itself is not bad, but not so original either - it loses a lot compared to the author's drawing.

    Each barrel is eligible for uniqueness.

    Initially, all water barrels in the country are the same. It is possible to give uniqueness to these banal containers, and at the same time to your site only by decision and thanks to the creative indifference of the owner.

    How to uniquely package containers forcollection and storage of water, and whether it is necessary, you decide. But, you must admit, it’s much more pleasant to come to a bright country house, where even the barrels “smile” than to the faceless standard site.

    We offer you some simple rules for painting on metal, so that painting country barrels does not seem boring and inconclusive to you:

  • modern primers can be applied to an uncleaned corrosion layer;
  • it is more reasonable to apply the background with a roller;
  • the first contours of the drawing should be drawn in chalk to easily erase the bad lines;
  • the pattern on the barrel should be proportional to the size of the container, that is, large enough.