How to calculate the payment for hot water?

With the advent of cold weather, many Russians are concerned about the question of how to pay utility bills. For example, toHow to calculate hot water and with whatregularity should pay for these services. To answer all these questions, you need to first clarify whether a water meter is installed in this dwelling. If the counter is installed, then the calculation is made according to a certain scheme.

The first thing to do is lookreceipt for utilities, which came last month. In this document, you should find a column that indicates the amount of water consumed over the past month, we need numbers with indicators at the end of the last reporting period.

The first thing that needs to be done is to look at the receipt for utilities services that came last month

After these readings have been issued,they should be entered in a new document. In this case, we are talking about a receipt for payment of utility bills for the next reporting period. As you can see, the answers to the questions on how to calculate the cost of hot water by the meter, how to determine its flow rate, are quite simple. It is necessary to timely and correctly take all readings of the water meter.

By the way, many management companies themselves enterthe above information in the payment document. In this case, you do not have to look for data in old receipts. It is also necessary to remember that in situations where the water meter has only been installed and this is the first indication, the previous ones will be zeros.

The initial readings of some modern counters may not contain zeros, but some other digits

I would also like to clarify that the originalthe readings of some modern counters may not contain zeros, but some other digits. In this case, in the receipt in the column where you want to indicate the previous testimony, you need to leave these numbers.

The process of searching for previous meter readings is very important if you need to understand the question of how to calculate hot water by the meter. Without these data, it will not be possible to correctly calculate how many cubic meters of water were used in this reporting period.

How to take readings?

So, before you begin to study the question of how to calculate the cost of hot water, you should learn how to take readings of a water meter.

Counter designations

Almost all modern meters have a scale on which a minimum of 8 digits is indicated. The first 5 of which are black, but the second 3 are red.


It’s important to understand that receipts are displayedonly the first 3 digits that are black. Because it is the data of cubic meters, and it is on them that the cost of water is calculated. But the data that is colored red is liters. They do not need to be indicated on receipts. Although these data make it possible to estimate how many liters of water a particular family consumes over a given reporting period. Thus, one can understand whether it is worth saving for a given good or whether the expense is within the normal range. And of course, you can determine how much water it takes to take bath procedures, and how much to wash dishes and so on.

It is important to understand that only the first 3 digits that are black are displayed on the receipt

To figure out how to calculate the tariffto hot water, you should know on which day of the month the readings of this device are taken. Here, you need to remember that the water meter data must be taken at the end of each reporting period, after which they must be transferred to the appropriate authority. This can be done through a telephone call or over the Internet.

On a note! It should be remembered that the numbers are always indicated at the beginning of the reporting period (that is, those that were shot last month) and at the end (those that are being shot now).

This regulation is spelled out in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 05/06/2011, its number is 354.

How to calculate the service?

It is no secret that the legislation of our country is constantly changing, and therefore citizens are beginning to worry about how to calculate hot water or any other utility costs.