How to make origami toys?

At a fairly early age, we launched paper planes and made boats. But in fact, they are origami toys.

Important! With the help of this type of needlework, you can please a child with a new toy, as well as diversify not only him, but also his leisure.

Origami Christmas toy

Many sites show videos on making origami toys or show a master class on how to make an origami toy. In this article, we will show you the best crafts that an inexperienced adult and a child of any age can do.

Let's get started on how to make an airplane.

Cartoon Origami Toys

Airplane from childhood

You need to have a sheet of white paper for work. By the way, you can use colored paper.

Paper airplane

First, bend the top corners of the sheet toward the center of the paper. Then we turn the resulting triangle down. Repeat the action: bend the upper corners to the middle, but so that the triangle remains below. Grab the bent corners and flip the craft. We bend in the opposite direction and bend down the wings of the aircraft. Bend the wings. The airplane is ready!

Origami - airplane

Ship from childhood

You need a piece of white paper. Bend the leaf in half. Then bend vertically. The upper corners are bent towards the middle. Lapels are bent on different sides of the sheet. Then we turn them back to their original position. We bend the lower corners up. Pull the points of the central bend and rotate the craft. Lapels must also be bent. Then pull the edges and stretch. Done!

Paper boat

A lot of paper origami toys can be made with your own hands. In most cases, these are animals.

A horse

The scheme by which we make an origami toy will be as follows. We will need:

  • black and brown paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • ruler.
  • Cut strips 30 * 3cm.

    Fold one strip in half, backing 3cm from the edge, and bend on both sides.

    Preparation and folding of strips

    We also fold the second strip in half, backing 7cm from the edge.

    Folding second strip

    Then we take one strip and insert it into another. Glue them together.

    Gluing strips

    If the craft does not have stability, then the hind legs are equal.

    Hind Leg Trim

    We glue the animal. Next, cut the tail and the mane from black paper

    Mane preparation

    Your origami horse is ready!

    Finished horse

    the Rose

    A flower can also be an origami toy. It is done quite easily. The process of its creation is incredibly exciting. You just need a piece of red that will be painted on both sides.