Kitchens with a breakfast bar - views, photo gallery and design ideas

It was from the territory of the West that thesemultifunctional "islands". The first products were expensive, but gradually it turned out to reduce their cost and they began to win more and more hearts. It is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen set without bar counters that help both divide the space and become a pleasant addition to it.


Bar manufacturers have made sureso that their products can perform several different functions at once. In addition to standard applications, they can replace many more interior details or include them. Bar counters for the kitchen photo will easily prove this to you, but for now we will give their main functions:
• a place for a pleasant tea party;
• a place for a buffet;
• dinner table;
• a place for small snacks;
• work surface.

Having looked at all the functions of the bar counters, you can easilymake sure their versatility. The appearance of these structures will give any room, regardless of its size and design, uniqueness and unique charm.


Choosing a bar is quite simple, if you decide on the three main components.
1. Material.
size 2.
3. Form.

The bar counter can be long if the room allows it, or compact, mobile or folding. In appearance and parameters, such structures are light and massive.

For small kitchens, the beststraight and angular racks are suitable, but do not forget about oval models. The range of such products is so wide that it is difficult to choose, especially without the help of a professional.


The limitations on this characteristic are practicallynot. For bar tables, you can choose traditional materials such as wood, brick or plastic, or resort to an extraordinary solution using drywall, painting it or revetted with marble.

All classic bar counter optionsmade of wood, which makes the kitchen not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly. Home craftsmen make such designs on their own, investing in them a piece of the soul and saving a lot of money. The most important thing in this business is a well-designed drawing and the assembly sequence for it.


Manufacturers supplied the market with a large number of designs, which can be judged by looking at the bar counters for the kitchen photo. Here are a few basic types:

Classic models

The shapes of such products are diverse, but ina separate type of them is distinguished by the method of fastening - to vertical consoles. The height of such structures is approximately 110–115 cm, and they are equipped with bar stools. Despite their compactness, the models allow two people to dine without embarrassing each other. More buyers mark them as excellent work surfaces.

Island models

Such bar counters are suitable for large kitchens.due to the design features. It is important that after installation they do not interfere with the movement of people in the kitchen. Most often, island countertops serve as a continuation of the work surface with a stove and sink.

Combined Models

These products are a kind of continuation of twoelements of a kitchen set. For example, a work surface and a table for dinners. Combined models are better to choose a "G" or "P" shaped, which will protect part of the kitchen space, creating a kind of island, comfortable for work.

Two-level models

Among the bar tables there are also two-levelconstructions. They are divided into two types clearly divided by functionality. The first at the bottom have a worktop, but the top is reserved for a rack. The second allows you to make a wide working area below, while the upper part also belongs to the countertop.

Semicircular models

Such countertops are a modern and original solution to any kitchen. Such products help distribute equipment or other elements.

Types of bar counters

Compartment house

In small kitchens, it’s important to savespace, so such racks would be most appropriate. Such a stand can be easily folded just by removing the leg on which it rests. On the one hand, the structure is fixed against the wall, firmly fixed to special loops. Such structures can be fixed both on the long and on the short side.

Rack on casters

These models, according to many buyers,is the most original. Bar countertops of this kind are mobile, comfortable and multifunctional. Moreover, they can be easily removed to another room, if necessary.

Folding stand

Such constructions are also called transformers, andtheir sizes are easy to adjust if necessary. For example, you can easily expand the work surface or change the height of the countertops by simply twisting a certain mechanism. With such designs, you can easily organize the space in the kitchen or seat the unexpectedly arrived guests.


In addition to one- and two-level racks, there is alsomulti-level designs, but they are used extremely rarely. Bar counters, regardless of shape and size, can be open or closed. Open products - a table top on high, elegantly decorated legs with a minimum number of elements. Closed products - countertop, the support of which is closed with decorative material. Such designs are more functional, since at the bottom you can place shelves or drawers.

Shelf can be easily decorated with lighting or carved elements, while the design of the boxes can be more multifaceted. They can be glazed with ordinary glass or stained glass.

In most cases, countertops are complementedfunctional cornice, which can also be decorated with any material and equipped with a backlight. The vertical space around the structure is of particular importance. There may be additional lighting, small shelves or other elements that complement the style of the rack or give it originality.

An interesting solution to decorating countertops -functional "tree" on which glasses, wine glasses, fruits and other additional elements can fit. For small rooms “lightweight” constructions that only create the effect of the presence of a bar counter are more appropriate.

Photogallery of bar counters for the kitchen