DIY Christmas decorations

There are only a few days left until the New Year, and thisIn this article, we offer you a selection of tips and workshops on how to make beautiful Christmas decorations with your own hands. You can hang New Year decorations made by yourself at home, dress them with a Christmas tree, and present to colleagues and friends. Do-it-yourself Christmas decorations are inexpensive, quick and easy.

Master class: Christmas decoration "Angel"

So, before you is a charming angel. It can be cut out of thick cardboard, from which boxes for a laptop, etc. are made. First you need to cut the contour and paint it with dense acrylic paints. Angel handles are cut and painted separately. In order for the angel not to shine through, it may be necessary to apply several layers of paint.

DIY angel can be made of cardboard, decorating it with sequins, tinsel and sparkles

When do-it-yourself Christmas decoration - angel- it will dry, take up the glue “Moment” or “Super glue” with a thin dispenser. It is necessary to squeeze out a small amount of glue so as not to smear it. When the angel’s handles are glued, you can cut wings out of foil or silver paper and glue it along with the thread for the Christmas tree.

Cute snow-white angels are obtained from openwork napkins

An angel can make hair from loose knitting threads and also stick it. When the glue dries, the angel will be ready. After that, you can attach a Christmas star on a thin wire.

Master class "Christmas tree"

If you have old and unsuitable buttons lying around at home, this idea with a vintage Christmas tree will come in handy! In order to make a vintage Christmas tree with your own hands, you need:

  • cut a cone from black felt and fasten it;
  • we sew the first layer of buttons to felt (for the first layer it is better to take green ones);
  • when the cone is covered with the first layer of ordinary buttons, you can proceed to more intricate buttons;
  • for the top layer, you can use buttons in the form of flowers, as well as buttons in the form of deer;
  • on the top of the tree you need to sew on a star button.

  • A traditional Christmas tree may well compete with a vintage version of a Christmas tree made from buttons

    To make such a vintage Christmas tree very funny and fast!

    And now one more Christmas tree with your own hands.

    Christmas tree made of flower mesh

    In order to make this New Yeardecoration, we need a Whatman paper (making a cone), a floral net bought at a florist's shop. A flower grid will look better if you buy a grid of two or three shades and different widths.

    First, this method of making New YearDIY Christmas trees can seem very simple, in fact, wrapping a cone with a net requires skill and patience. You can first attach the net with pins or tape to the cone. Cut the grid into small pieces, lower it into a container with PVA glue (or apply glue with a brush). You can combine these two methods.

    Another unnecessary option would be to make a Christmas tree from a flower mesh, which can be decorated with a luminous garland

    Advice! You can alternate a grid of two colors by attaching itin different directions along the cone. But the grid is stiff enough, therefore, to fix it on the cone, we use pins. Before gluing a new layer, let the old dry.

    When the Christmas tree is completely dry, it can be removed from the base. Inside the Christmas tree we place a garland, securing it with small bells with antennae. Decorate with beads and toys. Christmas tree is ready!

    DIY Christmas toys - Christmas balls

    With your own hands you can make a beautiful Christmas ball,turning it into a regular ping-pong ball. Such a ball will not break, but besides this it looks very impressive. To make a Christmas ball with your own hands, you need to fold the pieces of satin ribbons with triangles, and then attach them to the ball with French pins. In this matter, accuracy is important, multi-colored lines of ribbons should not go astray, ribbons should be fixed tightly.

    Decorating a Christmas ball in patchwork squares refers to working in the kanzashi technique

    The decoration of Christmas balls using the kanzashi technique can have various combinations and patterns of shreds

    Master class: Christmas toys from shreds

    This idea will appeal to those who know how to embroider and sew. You can make charming Christmas toys that will decorate the Christmas tree and not break.

    DIY Christmas toys can be made fromshreds, remnants of old clothes that you no longer plan to wear. Naive and funny hearts, bears, Christmas trees, cats, and so on - all this is embroidered and sewn quickly, and brings a lot of positive emotions.

    Should pay attention! that such toys can be used as a decoration for the New Year's table, if you choose the color.

    A variety of Christmas toys is very convenient and easy to sew from felt.

    Making snowman

    Everyone knows that kids’s favorite pastime inthe winter season is the modeling of a snow woman. But, unfortunately, weather conditions do not always please us with fluffy snow. What to do in this case? The solution is very simple - make a funny snowman together with the kids at home. All you need is one snow-white sock, several bright scraps of fabric, a pair of children's socks, a handful of rice, an elastic band, buttons, a small nose stick and colorful ribbons. So let's get started.

    Christmas toys can be made from anything, for example, from old socks you get a funny snowman

    1. Fold out the toe and then cut off the top. For work, we need only a long "pipe". Old socks, on which holes have appeared, can be used.
    2. Carefully twist the cut piece and tie its lower part with an elastic band. Next, you should expand it with the front side so that the elastic is inside.
    3. The resulting bag is filled with rice, beans or other cereals, tightly tied on top with an elastic band.
    4. Now let's take on children's socks. From them we will make clothes for the future snowman. Note that it is better to choose socks with an interesting print, because the toy should turn out to be bright and unusual. So, from one toe we cut off the heel, and from the other heel and sock.
    5. Part with cut heel and toe we willuse as a sweater. Put it on the workpiece, distribute the rice into several sections and dress them with a rope. Depending on how many fractions you divide the rice, your snowman will be one-, two- or three-tier.
    6. The toe on which you cut the heel is perfect as a hat. Decorate it with a colorful ribbon and put on a craft.
    7. Now insert the spout, sew in the eyes and add a few decorative elements to the clothes. Cute snowman is ready!

    By the way! If you add an aromatic mixture to rice, such a toy, in addition to its beautiful appearance, will delight you with a pleasant aroma.

    Decoration is a game

    New Year is a very joyful holiday,therefore, so that you do not have to be bored at the New Year's table, we offer to decorate the house with an unusual craft. You will need a Whatman paper, 4 foam baguettes, multi-colored balloons, leaflets. So, attach the Whatman paper to the wall and frame it with a baguette frame. Now you should cut out the required number of small leaves and write various tasks on them. The inscriptions may be as follows:

  • turn on the music and dance the incendiary disco;
  • tell a funny story;
  • congratulate those present on the holiday;
  • throw a fight with snowballs;
  • tell a verse;
  • invite the lady (gentleman) to dance.

  • You can use contests with tasks in balls in the New Year's game

    Roll these small tasks into a tube andput in the balls, which should then be inflated. Next, use glue to fix the balls on the Whatman paper in random order. You can lay out some composition from them, for example, in the form of a flower or a Christmas tree or arrange randomly. On the balls write the time at which they should burst. So, for example, at 21:00, one of the guests should go to the impromptu picture, burst the corresponding ball, and then complete the task. Thus, the expectation of the New Year will be much more fun, and your home will be decorated with a composition of their bright balloons.

    Tasty and beautiful

    Did you know that some New Year’s toys can be eaten? The following crafts will not only decorate the festive table, but will also delight all the sweet tooth.

    1. Christmas tree made of fruits. You won’t surprise anyone with a traditional thread, so the hostesses have to constantly come up with something special and unusual. Fruit tree is what you need for the holiday. Take the middle apple, cut it in half. Choose the best half, put it on a beautiful saucer and stick a toothpick. Then a long carrot is strung on the central toothpick (clean the root crop first). It should also be covered with a variety of toothpicks. Now you have the basis for the Christmas tree. Then everything depends entirely on your imagination: use various fruits, complement the composition with sweets, decorative ribbons and chocolate bells. Such an unusual way of serving will surprise and delight even the most demanding guests.
    2. Marmalade Christmas tree. You can create this jewelry with your child. All you need is a few packs of fruit marmalade, a foam cone and a toothpick. Insert the toothpicks into the base, and then carefully string the pieces of marmalade. Sweet Christmas trees will look great on the holiday table and, without a doubt, will attract the attention of not only kids, but also adult sweet tooth. In a similar way, you can also create marmalade Christmas balls if you use foam balls instead of a cone.

    Fir-tree of fruits and berries will perfectly decorate the New Year's table

    For the sweet tooth, the Christmas tree of marmalade will especially enjoy

    Private home decoration

    Preparing for the New Year is comprehensivethe process, so do not stop solely on decorating the interior. If you live in a private house, then transforming the facade, cheer up not only the household, but also the neighbors with passers-by. Let's look at several options thanks to which your yard will sparkle with new colors.

    1. Colorful balloons. All you need to do is add food coloring to the water, and then fill it with balloons. Send the blanks to frost, and after they are completely frozen, remove the balls. Bright ice balls will stand out against the snow and attract attention to your home.
    2. Giant candy. Prepare a flat stick (branch), a set of plastic plates, scissors, acrylic paints, a film for packing flowers. First you need to carefully trim the end of the plates, and then decorate them, like candy. Colorful patterns and curls will fit like never before. Turn on your imagination and don't be afraid to use bright colors so that your caramels have a mouth-watering look. As soon as the paint dries, glue the plates in pairs, previously placing a stick between them. It remains only to add a wrapper from a film for packing flowers, tie candies with bright ribbons and place them in the garden.
    3. New Year wreath. A simple craft from cones and pine branches will help to transform the door. Cut the base for the wreath from cardboard, wrap it with colored ribbons to give volume. Using a glue gun, attach several cones to the frame, and then cover empty spaces with pine branches. Decorate the finished wreath with bright bells, bows and other decorative elements. Note that such a wreath can be built from a variety of materials. Paper, napkins, buttons and even pasta will do! In addition, you always have the opportunity to show individuality and make an exclusive Christmas decoration.

    Christmas wreath - a traditional decoration that can be hung on the door, above the fireplace, on windows and other places

    Christmas candy is another traditional Christmas decoration

    Ice colored balls can become an external decoration of the site.

    Also do not forget about the facade. If you hang several beautiful garlands on it, in the evening your house will turn into a fairy-tale palace, sparkling with thousands of brilliant lights.

    Summing up

    Creating Christmas decorations with your own hands, you can realize all your ideas and show your creative potential. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time.with family, doing common business. Even many children can create many crafts, so do not hesitate to involve them in this interesting activity. Happy Holidays!