DIY warm garage

Even technical rooms in cold weather are necessaryheat. Otherwise, moisture begins to accumulate, which eventually turns into ice. Motorists in the summer need to think about how to keep warm in the garage. There are many heat-saving appliances for the garage, which are easy to do with your own hands. They will help protect the car from freezing.

Garage Ovens

To heat the garage with a standardelectric heater - thankless job. Electricity bills will be large, and the heat in the room will not particularly increase. It is better to make a stove in the garage with your own hands.

Garage ovens must meet the following requirements:

  • have small dimensions and simple design;
  • work efficiently on both solid and liquid fuels;
  • quickly warm up and keep warm for a long time;
  • construction and maintenance should be inexpensive.
  • A do-it-yourself stove in the garage is the easiest way to solve the issue of a warm room. For its manufacture you will need several sheets of metal, a pipe or a barrel.

    The garage oven is small and simple in design.

    Metal should be selected no thinner than 5 mm. And the diameter of a suitable barrel for a home-made oven should exceed 300 mm.

    The chimney is better to remove from the top. For pipe options located at the back, the chimney angle must be checked. It should be more than 30 degrees. The diameter of the pipe should be at least 120 mm, thickness - 2-3 mm. When using thin metal, the furnace will quickly become worthless.

    The place for ash output is made of metal plates with slots. The size of the holes and the type of fuel affect the size of the holes. Installed at the bottom of the firebox.

    Under the partition you need to install a box of3 mm thick steel for ash discharge. To increase the efficiency of the garage oven with your own hands, five-millimeter metal plates should be welded to the sides at right angles. The room will heat up much faster due to the larger area of ​​contact of air with the furnace.

    Do-it-yourself garage oven for woodprovides long burning. Firewood can be planted every 15-20 hours. For this, it is necessary to fully load the unit with fuel and make a special shutter. A moderate draft allows the wood not to burn, but to smolder slowly.

    Do it yourself wood burning garage stove for long burning times

    To make such a furnace, you need a barrelwith a capacity of 200 l. The upper part must be cut off and made in it an exit under the chimney. You should also cut a hole in which the pipe (100 mm) will be installed for air intake. An effective draft and complete removal of combustion products can be ensured by a pipe with a diameter of more than 150 mm.

    The next step is to cut the circle froma sheet of metal and weld to it several pieces of bent profiles. The resulting load must move freely inside the barrel. Then you should make a hole and weld a pipe segment (100 mm). The whole structure is placed inside the barrel, covered with a lid. The pipe is discharged into the prepared hole.

    It will take 2 hatches. One to load firewood, the other to clean the stove of ash. They must be closed with metal covers.

    If there is no barrel, you can take a long piece of pipe with a large diameter. For the bottom, it is better to use a square metal sheet - this will increase the stability of the unit.

    It is better to install the finished stove on a brick foundation.

    To make a furnace, you need a barrel with a capacity of 200 l

    Garage heating

    It’s easy to do the heating in the garage with your own hands, installation video can be easily found on the Internet.

    The heating method depends on the preferences of the owner. But you should consider all the options and choose the most practical. Do-it-yourself heating in the garage should be inexpensive, the connection system is simple. The type of fuel is also important.

    Electric heating is the easiestmethod to create a warm garage. To connect it, you only need to buy the necessary equipment. It must be mobile and compact. The cost of such heating will be affected only by electricity tariffs.

    An electric inverter is the most efficient appliance for heating. There are floor and wall models. Such heaters are small in size and high performance.

    Compact, efficient infrared heatersand quite powerful. They quickly heat the room, but can not cope with large areas. Of the disadvantages - high cost and high energy consumption.

    Electric heating is the easiest method to create a warm garage.

    Heat guns can quickly heat the garage. They are compact, productive and comfortable. The design includes a heater and a diffusion fan. You can connect a similar unit to a single-phase network with a large cross-section wire. But it is better to use a three-phase network to connect.

    To heat the garage with water heating does not require significant costs. You will need radiators, plastic pipes and a boiler.

    It is better to make the method of moving heat through pipes forced. To do this, make a closed loop, attach a pipe from below.

    How to assemble a system?

    1. Place heating radiators at a distance of 15cm from the floor.
    2. Determine the location of the boiler.
    3. To connect all elements of the system, use pipes and suitable stop valves.
    4. The heat carrier should be antifreeze.
    5. In order to avoid freezing of the system, it must be started regularly.
    6. In case of prolonged absence, the coolant must be drained.

    A properly assembled system will allow for a long and reliable heating of the garage space.

    Another popular way to warm the room is air heating. A stream of warm air is created, which constantly circulates throughout the area.

    Such heating not only warms up the room, but also removes excess moisture from it. What will help protect the car from corrosion.

    Such a system is assembled quite easily.

    Garage gas heating is a practical and economical way. For joint effective work, the installation of heat generators will be required. Any type of gas can be used as fuel.

    With self-assembly, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • the gas cylinder is installed in a special cabinet, which must be carefully insulated;
  • even with a small garage area, gas equipment needs to be allocated a separate protected place;
  • this type of heating should not be installed if the room is rarely heated.

  • Garage gas heating - a practical and economical way

    The main advantage of gas heating is the low cost of equipment and fuel.

    Garage insulation

    Garage buildings do not differ in thick walls. Therefore, you need to know how to insulate the garage with your own hands.

    On the issue of warming, the main thing is not to overdo it. High temperature also adversely affects the condition of the car, as well as cold. The difference between the temperature outside and inside the garage should be minimal.

    Another mistake that some car enthusiastswhen warming the garage with their own hands, they make up all the holes, sometimes even the ventilation ones. This leads to an increase in the concentration of combustion products. Which can lead to negative consequences for the body.

    Therefore, when insulating the garage from the inside with your own hands, you must take care of the presence of ventilation or exhaust hoods.

    The insulation can be mounted on both external and internal walls. For internal insulation, more expensive and completely harmless materials are needed.

    In order not to disturb the natural movement of airindoors, you can use mineral wool. On the external walls are mounted hard mats from mineral wool with high density. And for internal use, softer, less dense products are intended.

    Garage insulation scheme

    The best thermal insulation qualities of basalt mineral wool. Such material not only retains heat in the room, but also absorbs sounds well.

    When using mineral wool inside it must be protected with vapor barrier. This will protect the insulation from excessive moisture and extend the service life.

    The cost of glass wool is slightly lower than mineral wool. Special mittens are required to work - this material has a rather rigid and prickly structure, you can injure your eyes or hands.

    Glass wool must be protected from moistureduring installation. You can’t dry it, you have to throw it away. Wet fibers do not have heat-insulating qualities, they smell unpleasant. Therefore, after finishing installation on top of the glass wool, it is necessary to apply an insulating layer of foil or film.

    The easiest way to insulate garage walls with foam. This polymer heat insulator has undeniable advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • light weight;
  • can be processed with a simple hacksaw;
  • moisture resistant;
  • low cost;
  • durability.

  • The easiest way to insulate garage walls with foam

    The longest service life for expanded polystyrene is more than 40 years.

    But polystyrene does not allow air to pass through, rather flammable. Therefore, you should choose self-extinguishing brands that go out within a few seconds. The foam does not tolerate the sun's rays - it turns yellow, it begins to crumble.

    The most modern material for insulationis reflective thermal insulation. On one side of it is a foamed polyurethane foam. On the back is polished foil. This insulation has a very small thickness, which saves usable area.

    Such material is recognized by motorists as the best means for warming the garage.

    The composition of warm plaster includes sawdust,polystyrene foam and vermiculite. This is a good thermal insulation material. But to achieve a good result, it must be applied with a thick and heavy layer. Most often it is combined with other types of insulation.

    Esthete motorists who care about appearancegarage, can be used to warm the room with liquid heat insulators. They include acrylic polymers, synthetic rubber and organic pigments. A thin layer of such a substance can replace 50 mm mineral wool. Visually, this material is similar to ordinary paint. It is very easy to apply.

    Heat-insulating paints can cover any surface, they are ideal for block garages. A vapor-permeable, breathable layer is created on the wall. What protects the garage from high humidity.

    The most modern material for insulation is reflective insulation

    It is necessary to insulate not only the walls, but the garage door. It is through them that most of the heat leaves. If they are not insulated, then it will be very difficult to heat the entire room.

    First of all, you need to make a small gate at the gate. And next to them hang a plastic or fabric curtain, which will help retain heat inside.

    The best option would be a thick, transparent film. It must be cut into not too narrow strips, fixed over the doorway.

    Make a warm garage do it yourselfto every craftsman. With a little effort and time, you can not only make your stay in the room comfortable, but also significantly increase the life of the car.