DIY bead and bead jewelry

Which girl doesn't like jewelry? Beads, bracelets and earrings are very popular due to the fact that they look beautiful, and making such jewelry with your own hands is quite simple. For weaving, you only need an impressive skein of wire or fishing line, beads of various shapes and sizes that will be strung on this line, and, most importantly, imagination and imagination.

Each girl using beads or beadswill be able to make jewelry that fits any item in her wardrobe: from an evening dress to regular jeans. And do-it-yourself things surprise people even more, because nowadays, when technology and information rule, ordinary crafts are very rare.

DIY jewelry for beginners is made according to simplified schemes with a detailed description of the instructions. Here are some of them.

Beaded Bracelet

Necessary materials:

  1. Small beads in two colors. Shades can also be selected independently, the most important thing is that both colors harmoniously harmonize with each other and do not look silly. For example, the article indicates red and green colors.
  2. Fishing line, wire or kapron thread.
  3. A needle with a special bead spout.
  4. Clasp for future bracelet.

Working process:

  1. The bead of the first color (green) is strung onwire and fixed at a distance of fifteen to twenty centimeters from one of the edges. The needle, on which the thread is inserted on the other hand, is threaded through the first bead. Everything is tightened tightly.
  2. On the long side of the wire / thread strungfour red beads and six green, through the first four beads the needle is threaded in the same way as in the first case. After tightening the thread, an oval should be formed, slightly flattened on the sides.
  3. Red and three green beads are strung on a thread, a needle passes through the last four green beads: three of them are already tightened, plus one new one is added. The thread is tightened.
  4. The previous steps are repeated untilthe required bracelet length will be reached. After that, the clasp is attached so that the bracelet can be tightly fixed on the hand. One part of the fastener is attached on one side of the thread, the second on the other.
  5. It remains only to correctly fix the thread so that the beads do not come off it. To fix the thread, it is only necessary to pass through the next four beads.

Beautiful pendant made of beads

Necessary materials:

  1. Oval shaped cabochons, two pieces.
  2. Fire cabochon, one piece.
  3. Rivoli.
  4. Small pearls, two pieces.
  5. Pearls of medium size, twenty pieces.
  6. Large pearls, ten pieces.
  7. Leaves pearly, four pieces.
  8. Quartz pink leaves, three pieces.
  9. Fabric intended for embroidery.
  10. Plain paper.
  11. Scissors, ruler, special needle for embroidery, glue, pencils.

Working process:

  1. On paper with a pencil, verticallya line is drawn exactly in the middle of the sheet. A little pebble is attached to it. Under it is fixed a thread, on the other end of which three small beads are strung, which are sewn to the material.
  2. Three beads are strung again, but this time they sheathe the stone in a circle.
  3. Mosaic weaving. One bead is put on a thread, a needle is threaded through the previous one. And so with every bead.
  4. The next row is again covering the stone.
  5. After the stone is sheathed in three rows of smallbeads, below its level a circle is drawn with a pencil, also located in the center, for the rivoli. The resulting circle is sheathed like stone, but with only one change: the last row of mosaic weaving is fixed in such a way that the sheath “stands” above the paper.
  6. The next step is to trim the already obtained crystal, also in a circle.
  7. In conclusion, the whole figure is sheathed in a circle along the contour, pearls and a stone that has remained untouched are sewn around.
  8. The figure is carefully cut along the contour and glued to the skin or its substitute. For greater strength, the figure is also sewn to the base, the thread is fixed inside.
  9. It remains to beautifully decorate the resulting pendant with pink and pearl leaves. The beautiful pendant is ready. It is very simple to manufacture, but any girl will like it.

Heart Shaped Bead Earrings

Necessary materials:

  1. Medium beads, two colors. Red and green colors are taken as an example.
  2. Fishing line or wire, thin, one meter.
  3. Schwenzy.

Working process:

  1. On both sides of the fishing line is fixed on a special needle for embroidery. Then beads are collected: one red, three green, three red, three green, one red.
  2. The wire is threaded through one bead, in the order “through one”: first, third, fifth ... and so on, until the eleventh.
  3. One is strung on one end of the wirered bead; a needle from this end is threaded through the adjacent green bead. Act according to this scheme, passing through the needle four angry beads and then one red.
  4. The opposite end of the wire is threaded through the last red bead dialed. The fishing line is tightened at both ends.
  5. The fourth row begins. Five green beads are strung on a needle so that they are on top of the red ones.
  6. Using the first needle, row number five is woven: red bead, four green, red bead. A needle from the opposite end passes through the last bead.
  7. Row number six: five green beads, no red.
  8. Seventh row: one red bead, four green beads, one red, through which the needle is threaded from the opposite end, is picked up with the first needle.
  9. In a row at number eight, a decrease in the number of beads begins: one red bead, instead of four green beads, only three, one red, through which a needle is threaded from the opposite edge.
  10. Row number nine begins only after the fishing line is pulled inward: one red bead, two green, one red.
  11. After the ninth row is completed, you canto go in two ways: the first - continue to weave using both ends of the wire, and the second - use only one end, since it is much longer than the opposite. In the row at number ten, only three beads are used: one red, one green and red again.
  12. After the last needle passes through the last red bead, the row at number eleven begins: just two red beads.
  13. The last row, number twelve, begins with threading the needle through the last red bead, after which another, the last, is strung.
  14. On top of the bead is attached schwenza, exactly in the middle of the product. Ear earring is attached with the same fishing line as on the main product. The remainder is firmly fixed and cut off.

Gemstones can be carefully inserted into these earrings to give them more sophistication and luxury.

Beaded jewelry is a universal decoration for every fashionista.