How to quickly wash rust in the toilet?

Cleaning the toilet from rust

How to wash rust in the toilet? The question is always relevant, because the toilet and bathroom always characterize the cleanliness of the hostess, moreover, these 2 home attributes can be carriers of many infections due to their direct purpose.

At the sight of a sloppy toilet bowl with outgrowths of urinary stone, rust and leaking cistern, any person feels a deep disgust. It seems that the whole room is dirty, squeamisha person or not, but such a toilet for any time turns into a neurotic, obsessed with germs and dirt. Next, we will talk about ways to eliminate rust and the most common causes of its formation inside the toilet.

Rust formation on the toilet

Cleaning products

Today you can find a lot of tools on the market.Household chemicals promising easy to get rid of rust stains. According to their consistency, consumers are offered: dry abrasive products, liquid sprays and thicker, gel-like liquids.

Toilet Cleaner Comet

So, how to wash rust in the toilet? Abrasive products are often scolded, as they leave scratches on the surface being cleaned, and this is true. If your toilet is new, then you are unlikely to want to spoil it right away. There is another drawback of these funds - they are less effective than their alternatives in the form of gels and sprays.

Spray for cleaning the toilet from rust

Would recommend for the toiletcontaining Comet chlorine, but only if the contaminants are fresh, but old and multiple during cleaning it will be necessary to wipe it off with force, then, leaving the powder, make sure that it does not have time to dry too quickly, otherwise its cleaning function will stop. These actions are only suitable if your toilet has nothing to lose - its surface is already scratched or cracked.

Gel Bref for cleaning the toilet from rust and plaque

Sprays Sprays are effective, but more on metal surfaces, tiles, but not for a bath or toilet, especially when it comes to heavily soiled household items.

Gel-like cleaning fluids. The gel is thicker, denser and more evenly distributed over the surface, it does not dry out as quickly as the first two categories of products and it eats away dirt better.

Используйте сильнодействующее средство с содержанием кислоты, чтобы вычистить внутреннюю часть унитаза, а для его наружной очистки воспользуйтесь жидкостью для стекол. С ее помощью можно легко удалить пыль и другие поверхностные загрязнения, оставив унитаз сияющим чистотой.

Народные методы борьбы с ржавчиной

Как отмыть унитаз от ржавчины народными средствами? Народные средства есть всегда и на все случаи жизни, правда, не всегда они бывают достаточно действенны, но для любителей народной мудрости приведено несколько рецептов.

A solution of vinegar with soda to remove rust on the toilet

The procedure is carried out in the evening, so that pollutionwere exposed to acid all night. It is recommended to add to the vinegar 1 tbsp. l soda to increase its purifying power. Iodine is added to 9% vinegar.

Citric Acid is a Great Rust Remover

Instead of vinegar, you can use citric acid. Pour 2 bags of acid into the toilet and do not flush for 2 hours.

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide - on dutystain removers from among popular methods. To wash the toilet from rust and deposits, ammonia is mixed with hydrogen peroxide in a proportion of 100 ml peroxide per 5 ml of ammonia. The resulting solution is poured spots and left for half an hour.

Hydrogen peroxide is used to remove rust

Another effective, but very controversial way to clean the toilet from rust, urinary stone and plaque is to use electrolyte for car batteries.

Toilet rust remover electrolyte

Electrolyte is recommended as a powerful tool,able to remove all pollution typical of toilets, including extended, old. But if you have plastic pipes, then you can’t use electrolyte in any case, otherwise instead of spots you will have a question with pipe repair.

Toothpaste against rust in the toilet

The next remedy from the category of people's councils- the use of toothpaste. Pasta is recommended to smear the stain and leave for a while. Cleaning efficiency is unlikely, extracting such an idea from their piggy banks, the advisers immediately make a reservation that the method can work only with light dirt, and is useless where there really is a problem spot.

Another recipe for lovers of the extraordinary: use a Coca-Cola drink: pour liquid into the toilet, rub it with a brush. In this case, things are the same as with toothpaste - light impurities will be removed, difficult spots will not.

Coca-Cola to remove rust in the toilet

How to avoid rust spots

In order not to suffer with stain removal, you need to know the following:

  • The problem with continuously pouring from the drain barrelwater. If you pressed the lever for lowering the water denser, you did not manage to completely stop the water draining from the tank, then call the plumber, the problem must be fixed, otherwise you will have to get used to the rusty smudges on the toilet.

  • The principle of operation of the drain tank

  • Damaged surface, as already mentionedabove, having microcracks from the use of powders, or for some other reason, accumulates rust and other contaminants; surface roughness, abrasion - accumulation of rust.
  • Irregular toilet care: dirt accumulates, overlays, and eats up on the surface of the toilet bowl, and occasional cleaning will require more effort and ingenuity from you. And this item is perhaps the most important of all three: do you have the opportunity to quickly fix your drain tank, or not, there are cracks on the toilet, or not - with regular, frequent cleaning, the dirt will not be able to accumulate and make you blush.
  • To prevent rust and other contaminants, use water tablets specially designed for this purpose, which are placed inside the drain tank.