Manicure ideas 2016: getting ready for the New Year

The female image does not tolerate trifles, especially ifYou need to prepare for the long-awaited holiday - the New Year. And even supporters of a strict business style strive to make every detail of their ensemble special. The ideas of manicure 2016 just give the opportunity to think through your image to the smallest detail and carefully prepare for the most solemn holiday of the year.

Main trends

Fashion changes every year, it doesn’t remainpermanent and in nail art. Like last year, in 2016, naturalness and maximum naturalness will remain as current trends. But it is better to refuse excessive castiness, long nails, since the Fiery Monkey, namely it is a symbol of the coming year, does not like such brightness. The shape of the nails should be neat. If the general trend of nail design tends to simplicity, then on New Year's Eve you can afford to be bright. And therefore, you can not do without decorative elements. The basic rule is that the decor of the nails should match the theme of the evening.

Features of festive decoration: classic

Festive manicure should be done so that itcorresponded not only to trends, but also to New Year's traditions. Since the coming year is the year of the Fiery Monkey, you need to think about your image with this in mind. Find a place in the decoration of nails red, yellow, orange, and so you will please the cheerful Monkey.

If you are for classic design, look at the following manicure ideas for the new year 2016:

  • In the year of the Fire Monkey, one can also prefer cold shades of blue, violet, green colors that look beautiful in contrast.
  • Glossy varnishes will create a shiny effectsurfaces, especially if you choose compositions with a base for metallic or precious stones. Such a luxurious manicure is perfect for an evening dress.
  • The classic design allows the use of sequins on a plain basis: on New Year's Eve, red glitter or gold painting will look beautiful.
  • French. This is a popular version of the classic nail design, but it can be slightly diversified by adding neat snowflakes.
  • And if the drawings?

    New Year's Eve - it's time to show the brightness andoriginality of your image. And for this it is worth evaluating the most interesting ideas of manicure 2016. The photo shows that themed drawings in the form of Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, sweets and funny animals are suitable for this holiday. You can varnish your nails with a simple striped pattern in the form of a combination of white, red and green colors, and if you choose a plain coating, then you can draw deer, snowflakes, Santa Claus or Snow Maiden on them. The nail polish with the monogram effect looks great on nails, and with the help of lace patterns you can focus on the grace of your taste. Numerous snowfields - painted or pasted - will be relevant as never before. And one more fashion trend is drawings on nails in the spirit of Soviet postcards - with bunnies or Santa Claus on a sled.

    French classic

    This technique is always popular with girls, aswith classicism and conciseness, it is the best suited to focus on your image. Moreover, a photo of manicure ideas in the form of a jacket shows that there are a lot of design options. For starters, you can use the game of colors: it’s not at all necessary that a French manicure is necessarily white edges of nails. This year you can and should fantasize, and therefore the jacket can be performed with a predominance of red, blue, green or black. Accents will allow you to arrange sparkles or laconic gold stripes.

    We use shellac

    Shellac manicure ideas in 2016 may be implementedvery different, and photos confirm this. What is shellac good for? The fact that he keeps on his nails for a long time, and therefore you can do a manicure before the New Year and forget about it until Baptism. In addition, shellac allows you to apply bright drawings on New Year's themes to your nails. Fir-trees, balls, garlands, any winter landscapes - all this looks colorful and authentic. The special durability of the coating will allow you not to think about your nails in the next few weeks - they will be gorgeous!

    Or gel polishes

    No less original and varied ideas of manicuregel polish (photo). 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey, therefore, the color of the coating should be chosen in line with the primary colors. gel polish involves the application of a monophonic coating, which has been in trend for the past few years. You choose the color yourself, and remember that the most monotonous color will look luxurious. Fashion trends in the field of nail decoration focus on the gradient version of manicure, when several colors merge into a single harmonious composition. Making such nail art is simple:

    1. First, cover the nails with a bond and primer.
    2. We apply the base layer, polymerize it in an ultraviolet lamp.
    3. We cover one half of the nail plate with the first colored varnish, the second with a different tone.
    4. Grease the border between the colors in zigzag movements of a thin brush. The result is a line that needs to be shaded before a smooth gradient transition is obtained.
    5. If the coating is not quite bright, you can repeat the procedure.

    New Year’s nail design trends are such that a gradient pattern can be created by combining different colors in different directions.

    If the nails are short

    Many girls - owners of short nails -worry about the fact that on their nail plates there is not enough space for the embodiment of a masterpiece. In fact, there are a lot of ideas for manicure for short nails, so feel free to decorate them in a variety of ways. On short nails, the following options will look beautiful:

  • Solid manicure is always in trend, especially ifit is dominated by shades of red, blue, green, which can be diluted with thematic drawings. To visually make nails longer, decorate them with a vertical pattern. The combination of a black base with gold or silver jewelry looks elegant.
  • Accent manicure, which is expressed in the following: all nails are varnished in the same color, and ring fingers are additionally covered with drawings, sparkles. By the way, this is a very convenient and easily embodied idea for manicure at home in 2016.
  • Glossy texture. She always looks stylish and impressive, including on short nails. If you want, you can supplement it with patterns in the form of garlands, Christmas tree decorations - any of these options will look beautiful.
  • Choosing a fantasy pattern

    To make your nails beautiful, payattention to some manicure ideas. The winter of 2016 is already close, but it is worthwhile to take a closer look at which design and drawing you like more. You can decorate nails at home in various ways:

    1. We draw a Christmas tree. She is a symbol of every New Year's holiday, and it can be easily painted on nails of any length. We use red and green varnish for design. First, cover the nail with green varnish, wait until it dries. After drying, we cut out thin strips of scotch tape, apply it according to the Christmas tree pattern, cover over the strips with contrasting varnish, for example, gold. At the top of an improvised Christmas tree, you can add rhinestones as a starlet.
    2. Santa Claus. This is another popular character that you can draw yourself. Embodying ideas for manicure at home in 2016, consider popular color schemes. In this case, a combination of white and red is relevant. The design is created simply: the nail is covered with white varnish, dried. A beige strip is drawn in the center, a face with eyes and a smile is attached to it, a red cap.
    3. Snowman. This is a popular jewelry design for nails, which is easy to do on your own.

    New Year's colors

    Winter manicure should be given attention, despitethat we often hide our hands in mittens or gloves. In 2016, everything will be trendy bright, brilliant, but because already in the New Year's manicure, you can afford not to skimp in the arts. Applications, murals, plain plain coatings or shellac - a ton of options to transform yourself. Ideas for manicure at home in 2016 even use special thermal stickers that are issued in a festive theme. Avoid excesses and too bright colors - after all, a manicure should be neat, harmonious, beautiful to perceive.