How to clean the carpet with soda?

Any householder or housewife should know how to clean a carpet with soda. The thing is that this is a home cleanserthe tool is the most effective and affordable in everyday life. Given the fact that carpet products must be cleaned at least once a month, choosing it for this purpose will be more than justified.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

In order to decide whetherto clean the carpet with soda, it will be necessary first of all to establish what methods for cleaning carpet products exist today. Understanding and knowing how to apply various methods of cleaning carpet products, you can remove not only dirt and dust from them, but also animal hair, as well as traces of drinks and food.

Vacuum cleaner application

To date, the following methods for cleaning carpet products are known:

  • Vacuum cleaner use, use of thisThe apparatus allows you to remove small spots from the surface of the carpet, as well as dirt. In this case, it is best to use washing models. As for old pollution, this device may not cope with them. In this case, after cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner, it will be necessary to dry the carpet as quickly as possible.
  • The use of snow. This is one of the most common ways to clean a carpet from dust and dirt in the winter. Its undoubted advantage is that there is no need to use aggressive chemicals designed to clean old pollution. At the same time, this cleaning method has quite serious disadvantages. These include the need for significant physical effort to knock out the carpet, as well as the need for drying it after performing this procedure.

  • Snow use

  • Professional dry cleaning. This method is usually used when it was not possible to clean the carpet with soda and vinegar or other improvised methods. At the same time, not only dust, dirt and old stains will be removed from your carpet in the dry-cleaner, but they will also be dried and also eliminate the unpleasant odors emanating from it. The only disadvantage of this method of cleaning is the need for quite serious financial expenses.

  • Professional dry cleaning

  • Use of chemical cleaners. They are usually purchased in specialized stores and used quite simply: a little cleaning agent is applied to the surface of the carpet product, after which they wait until it works, then it is washed off with clean water. Such products perfectly remove any dirt from carpet products, but at the same time they are quite expensive and require long-term washing and drying of the product after cleaning.

  • Use of chemical cleaners

    In addition, you can use folk remedies. This includes advice on how to clean the carpet with soda sauerkraut, tea leaves, glycerin, etc. These tools are cheap and can clean the carpet with sufficient quality. At the same time, he will also need a sufficiently long drying.

    Basic rules for cleaning soda carpets

    In order to understand how to clean the carpet inat home soda, it is worth remembering the basic rules of cleaning. So, for example, if your carpet product has a natural pile, do not try to clean the stain or old pollution on its surface with aggressive detergents. Even if the instructions for such a product do not prohibit their use, try not to do this, but clean the carpet with vinegar, soda or washing powder. But when there is no other way, before cleaning, without fail, check the effect of such a chemical agent on your carpet in an inconspicuous place.

    Do not use too hard brushes for cleaning.

    In addition, any carpet products are extremely notIt is recommended to wash with hot water. Such a washing can lead to even greater absorption of dirt into the carpet. Therefore, wash them with cool or cold water.