What crafts can be made from paper sleeves?

One of the most popular and at the same timeof the original gizmos among the craftswomen recently became crafts from the bushings. As you know, the true craftsman never ends ideas. For their embodiment, various materials are used. Some craftswomen, seeing what many consider unnecessary trash, already know how to give this thing a second life. The result is very interesting and even useful things for the home.

Crafts from bushings are very popular

One of the most original materials inrecently began to be used very often, are bushings. They can remain from toilet paper, paper towels and even linoleum. All this should not be thrown away, because these cardboard tubes can be an excellent material for creating extremely interesting things. Those who are still rather skeptical about the idea of ​​creating useful and beautiful gizmos from bushings have just never encountered such a process.

Do not rush to throw paper sleeves

Working with such material is very simple and convenient. The manufacture of most products will be possible even for beginners. Convenient things for stationery, vases, lamps and even toys for children can be made from bushes. Therefore, there is no need to rush to throw out this useful material.

Convenient things for stationery storage can be made from bushes.

What can be done from toilet paper bushes?

Crafts from toilet sleeves that remainafter all the paper is wound from them, they can be very useful in the household, for example, you can make convenient organizers for storing various things and little things. For example, if you glue togetherbushings, and then fix them on a cardboard basis and paint with a spray can or ordinary paints, you get a great desktop device for storing stationery. It can be additionally decorated if you use buttons, various accessories, products made of polymer clay, etc. It turns out very beautifully! It’s also a very convenient thing.

If you glue several bushings, you can get a desktop device for storing stationery

The organizer for storing various little things isAnother version of the craft of toilet paper bushes, a photo of which can be seen just below. But for this you have to prepare a box. Rolls fit tightly into the box so that they do not hang out there. It turns out a box with many cells. They can store sewing accessories or small building accessories, such as nails, screws, etc. This is very convenient when everything is sorted and lies in its place.

From the sleeves you can make an organizer for storing various things

In addition to crafts from toilet paper bushes, you can make pots for seedlings. So it is as simple as possible to plant it in the ground without risk of damaging the existing roots of the plant.

Children's crafts from the bushings

Attention! Rolls of toilet paper will be an excellent material for creating children's toys.

Rolls of toilet paper will be an excellent material for creating children's toys

Working with cardboard sleeves is very simple, buthere you will definitely need scissors and glue, so the whole process of creating toys should take place exclusively under the supervision of adults. To work, you need to stock up with colored paper, glue, scissors and, in fact, the bushings themselves.

For the manufacture of crafts from the bushings you will need glue and paint

Ideas for making children's crafts from bushingsThere can be a lot of toilet paper, but it is better to start with simple options. For example, you can offer your baby to make a racing car with his own hands. To do this, take a cardboard sleeve, on one side a small oval is cut out from it, which will be a place for the pilot of the car. After that, the sleeve can be painted in the right colors, not forgetting to indicate the number of the car, because we are talking about racing.

Making a race car out of hubs is easy

Next, cut out 4 medium black colored papercircle, approximately the size of the diameter of the sleeve. You will also need 2 small circles of yellow color, which will symbolize the headlights. We glue the black wheels and headlights into place and wait for the race car to dry completely. Such machines can be made 5 or 6 to arrange real competitions.

From toilet paper bushes you can make many other equipment. It can be airplanes, rockets, etc.

The easiest way to make animals from paper sleeves

In addition, from this type of material,just excellent little animals. From them you can arrange a whole puppet theater. There is nothing easier than making a hare, a bear or a fox out of a cardboard roll. To do this, the base must be painted in a suitable color, and then glued to it the details cut out of colored paper (ears, ponytails and eyes).

The engine from the bushings will delight children

By Easter, you can make a thematic crafts frombushings. To do this, we need only 1 roll, paint, colored paper and glue. From an half of a sheet of colored paper, we cut an oval and make cuts along its edges to make a fringe. Then cut the sleeve in one place along. On the side opposite from this cut, make 2 small incisions. We paint everything in yellow and glue the sleeve to the base so that the edges of the cut diverge by a centimeter.

Step-by-step production of chicken from a toilet paper sleeve

After that you need to cut out the double sidedcolored paper head with neck, wings and tail of a bird. The head and tail must be inserted into sections prepared in advance. They just should be at the top. We glue the wings on the sides, draw a beak and eyes. It turns out a chicken that sits in a nest of hay. This article from the sleeve will be relevant not only for Easter, but also for the New Year, which this time will be the year of the Rooster.

What can be done from towel sleeves?

Attention! The rolls that remain from paper towels are twice as much as from toilet paper, so they can be adapted to create other useful and interesting gizmos.

For example, from this material you can create a rather original and convenient pencil case for a student.

The panel from rolls of toilet paper is easy to do yourself

For this piece of paper towel bushings,in addition to the main material, you will need fabric, threads, scissors, a zipper and very good glue. First of all, you need to clearly measure everything. Cut a circle of about 3 cm from the sleeve. Next, you need to sew the cover. To do this, we sew a pipe sewn from the selected fabric, which is sewn at the bottom, which should completely accommodate the sleeve. At the place where a piece of the roll was cut, it is necessary to make an incision on the fabric and sew a zipper into it.

Garland from rolls of toilet paper to decorate your wall

The place of the cut must be well fixed with glue in thoseplaces where the lightning will pass, so that the sleeve does not come out through the hole every time the pencil case opens. It turns out a very useful little thing in which you can store stationery, paint brushes, etc.

From toilet paper bushes you can make a picture with flowers

You can also make paper towels from the sleevetoy for cat. To do this, you need to glue with a quality glue various strings, feathers, bows on the ropes, etc. Then a strong rope is passed through the sleeve, on which the whole toy will be held. It can be fixed, for example, under the table. It will be interesting for a cat to roll his toy with his paw. But you need to glue everything carefully, as cats have very sharp claws. Previously, the sleeve can be wrapped with a strong rope, about which the animal can sharpen its claws.

From toilet paper bushes you can make a whole puppet theater

Enough original paper craftbushings from towels is a lamp. But for this work it is necessary to stock up on patience and very sharp scissors. To begin with, a pattern is applied to the surface of the sleeve, for example, a tree or a more complex composition. The main thing is that it should not consist of very large elements, since too much light will appear through them.

With the help of bushings, you can decorate the wall with various figures

Next, you need to cut everything very carefully withusing scissors or a breadboard knife. After that, the ceiling is put on an energy-saving light bulb. It turns out very beautifully if in this way to create a whole composition. Shadows on the walls will be especially interesting.

In the bushings you can breed seedlings

Vase from linoleum bushings

A true craftsman will not lose anything, not even a cardboard roll left after linoleum.

Attention! Thanks to the sufficiently large size, you can make very beautiful crafts from linoleum bushings for home decoration.

For example, according to the above method, it is possible to manufacture lamps, but of a larger volume. But the most interesting option will be a vase for decorative flowers.

The linoleum vase from the sleeve will decorate the interior of your home

To make it, you need a sleeve fromlinoleum, cardboard, polymer clay and paint with glue. The cardboard tube must be firmly glued to the cardboard base. This will be the basis for the vase. After that, you need to colorize it. To do this, you can take not a simple, but some interesting paint. It can be golden or silver varnish. On top of this beauty, you can glue flowers or other polymer clay jewelry. Particular attention should be paid to those places where there will be a junction between the sleeve and the cardboard base. It is worth using more decorative elements.

Using linoleum bushings, you can make an original wreath for the New Year

Such a vase is very suitable forartificial flowers that can be made from beads, napkins, fabrics, etc. You can’t pour water into it, but you can go for one trick and hide the cut-off plastic bottle inside the sleeve. In this case, the vase will become full-fledged and can be used even for real flowers.