What should be a sofa in the kitchen

In modern times, the kitchen is not alwaysintended exclusively for cooking. Choosing a sofa in the kitchen is already a common occurrence, as it is not only beautiful, but also convenient when it comes to small apartments. In this case, the kitchen room can be both a place for eating, and the only option for relaxing alone with yourself. Sometimes (especially during the invasion of relativesand friends) the kitchen can also serve as a place to sleep. Moreover, if a comfortable sofa is installed here, then there should be no problems with accommodation for the night. Moreover, a good kitchen sofa is very comfortable to relax after a hearty dinner. In any case, you should carefully choose this piece of furniture, especially since the assortment is simply huge today. This applies not only to the color scheme, but also to the functional characteristics of the sofas.

Varieties of upholstered furniture for the kitchen

Choosing a kitchen sofa is a responsible matter. It must be remembered that this type of furniture is different from sofas designed for living rooms and bedrooms. There should not be a classic sophistication and pretentiousness. Sofa for the kitchen should be simple but comfortable. Also, special attention should be paid to the upholstery. Velor or jacquard should be discarded first. It is better to choose those options that are easy to clean and do not absorb ambient odors.

Choosing a sofa for the kitchen, you need to considerthe specifics of the room, because there is a fairly high humidity with temperature changes. Therefore, the quality of furniture will have special requirements. Of course, a sofa with an abundance of decor and expensive upholstery will emphasize the status of the owners of the apartment, but all this will be superfluous in the kitchen, and the piece of furniture will quickly become worthless.

It is important to choose a sofa of simple and concise shape. At the same time, it should fit well into the interior and dimensions of the room. This is quite possible if you choose the most suitable option, and now there are a huge number of them. Kitchen sofas are classified by shape, size and type of construction. They can be straight, angular and bay windows. Folding kitchen sofas with a berth are very popular.

Direct sofas

This type of furniture is the most familiar, andTherefore, it is always very popular. However, straight sofas are suitable for rather large rooms where there is no need to save every square centimeter. Among upholstered furniture of a direct form, one can find both fairly large and small compact options.

In the case when the sofa is not equipped with a foldingmechanism for obtaining an extra bed, under the seats, as a rule, there is additional free space. Here you can store a lot of useful things that need to be hidden from prying eyes.

In appearance, direct sofas for the kitchennot very different from similar furniture for the living room. The only difference is what material is used for upholstery. It must be resistant to odors, greasy stains and detergents.

Corner sofa

Kitchen sofas for a small kitchen are bestchoose in the corner version. If in this room there is even a small free corner, upholstered furniture can be put there. As a result, a comfortable sitting area and a good place to eat will be organized.

Some corner sofa models mayfit even drawers and niches in which you can store kitchen equipment, products and more. In this case, even in a small sofa can fit as many things as can be put in a hanging cabinet. For small rooms this is a huge advantage. With a corner sofa in the kitchen, you can solve a lot of problems and correctly organize the interior.

People who still use ordinarychairs will be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable, spacious and compact corner sofas are. Moreover, using them you can easily separate the dining area from the kitchen.

As for the color scheme, the interior of the kitchen withsofa should harmonize. For example, if the kitchen was finished in the style of minimalism, the kitchen furniture should be in a simple and concise style, and the colors should be in neutral tones. As for the material, then the best option would be faux leather and wood trim.

Hi-tech is good for modern stylecorner kitchen sofa with a metal frame, chrome elements and glossy trim. Making in the direction of the French country requires a special approach. A cute sofa in pastel colors with natural wood trim will look good here.

Bay windows

A real interior decoration can bebay window type kitchen sofa. However, for its installation you will need a special place, so these sofas are suitable for large apartments and private houses. If it is possible to allocate a separate sitting area in the kitchen, it is worth placing upholstered furniture of this type. A bay window sofa in combination with large panoramic windows will look just gorgeous. In such a room it is pleasant to simply relax or have a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning.

Most often, kitchen bay windows are not bought atstores, and ordered in specialized companies. So you can design the furniture most successfully and choose the appropriate style, color and material for upholstery. In this case, one nuance must be taken into account, namely that bay windows are placed at the window. Therefore, the back should be low so as not to obscure the natural light. You can choose a model without armrests, and instead of the back there will be pillows that can be easily removed if necessary.

How to organize a berth

Corner kitchen sofasthey are quite comfortable and practical at the same time, it is a very good option for small rooms and those cases where guests often stay in the house for the night.

Sofas that are equipped with an additional functionfolding, can be straight or angular. Moreover, the shape of the furniture does not affect its functionality and level of comfort. Nevertheless, it is the corner sofas in the kitchen with a berth that are most popular, because when folded they are more compact and spacious.

Direct sofas, in turn, have otheradvantages. They may have more transformation options. Models can be in the form of books, clamshells, as well as other options that are convenient for a particular occasion. Thus, you can choose the most suitable sofa, which will not interfere with other furniture during the transformation.

When choosing a folding kitchen sofa for the kitchenwith a berth, you need to take into account the fact that this piece of furniture must be attractive in appearance and extremely reliable. This is especially important if the sofa will be used often.

What should be upholstery with filler

The quality of kitchen furniture is presented with specialrequirements. A strong frame and a good folding mechanism that can withstand prolonged use are important here. Nevertheless, the main attention should be paid to the upholstery, since it primarily depends on how long this piece of furniture will last and will delight the owners and guests.

The materials that were used for the upholstery,as well as filling furniture for the kitchen, should be environmentally friendly and safe. Given that upholstered furniture will be installed in the room where food is stored and prepared, this is very important. The material should be easy to wash and be as insensitive as possible. It is better to choose a sofa that will not fade in the sun. If the house has pets, especially cats, it is worth choosing an upholstery that will withstand scratches and other mechanical damage.

The most high-quality and durable materialis genuine leather or its substitute if the furniture is made by a good and proven company. The latter option will be more economical, fairly easy to care for, safe and attractive. Leather sofas look very impressive and respectable. However, this option is not suitable for apartments in which there are animals, since natural and artificial leather are quite sensitive to scratches, and the upholstery will quickly become worthless.

The best option for families with animals is flock fabric. To the touch, it is somewhat similar to suede, but it is much cheaper. Moreover, the flock is easy to clean and looks very stylish.

Fabric upholstery for the kitchen will not be the bestoption. In this case, the furniture can quickly get dirty and smell. However, sofas upholstered in fabric have one plus - an acceptable cost. If the owners of the apartment decided to choose the last option, it is worthwhile to additionally purchase covers that can be periodically removed and washed.

Regarding filler for kitchen softfurniture, then this issue is of great importance. It is important that it is as safe as possible for health, does not cause allergies and lasts a long time. Experts do not recommend the use of natural fillers for the kitchen. If any liquid leaks into them, for example, tea or coffee, mold will begin to develop in the sofa.

The best option for filling the kitchenThe furniture is holofiber. This synthetic material is practical, durable, holds its shape well and does not absorb moisture. By its qualities, it is ideal for the kitchen.