We make crafts: chamomile - a little sun

Craft daisy is perhaps the most suitablefor a kindergarten, because its production does not require special efforts and skills, and you can decorate with such a flower anything - from the hall to the postcard. There are different ways to make daisies, which will be the focus of the article.

The easiest daisy made of plain paper

On a note! One of the simplest ways to do this is a camomile paper craft.

Preparing Chamomile Petals

To construct it you will need:

  • white and orange paper;
  • green cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

  • Paper daisy craft

    Step-by-step execution of crafts in the form of chamomile:

    1. Take white and orange sheets of paper, prepare from the first - the petals, from the second - the core.
    2. Glue the petals to the back of the core.
    3. Take the green cardboard and make a stem out of it,twisting into a tube. If you don’t have cardboard at hand for making the stem, you can replace it with a ready-made cocktail tube of the desired color or make a design similar to it with a stick and green braid.

    Making daisies with a hole punch

    There is another way to do DIY camomile paper crafts. The principle of its implementation is much simpler than the first, althoughHe has one drawback: he will have to spend money on hole punch with a picture of daisies of different sizes. However, if you have such hole punchers, you can make a bouquet of daisies quickly and easily.

    So, you need to do using curlyhole punch blanks for future flower. The more of them, the more magnificent the camomile will turn out. Then you should put them one into the other, gluing together all the layers, stick the core cut out of orange paper. Make a stalk - it can be made like the first option presented.

    Doing it yourself with a DIY daisy flower is quite simple.

    Origami modular daisy

    Making camomile from paper modules

    There is another version of crafts for children inin the form of a paper camomile flower using the modular origami technique. Thanks to this technique, you can create various shapes, and flowers are no exception. Crafts are made by adding paper modules. To learn how to make paper modules for origami is easy according to the scheme in the photo to this article.

    Paper module manufacturing scheme

    Such paper corners are the basis of any craft using the modular origami technique.

    Paper corners are the basis of any craft in the modular origami technique

    Now - to the camomile. To make such a flower, you will need:

  • 63 white modules measuring 6? 4 cm;
  • 42 yellow modules 6? 4 cm.

  • Chamomile from triangular modules

    So, to fold the first two rows, youit is necessary to take 14 pieces of yellow color, connect each other along the long side. The third row is done in a similar way, only here you need to close the circle to get the center of the daisy.

    Modular Origami Chamomile

    The fourth row is performed using 14 moduleswhite, after which the petals should be made. The manufacture of each of them requires 7 paper elements. First you need to take one module, then put two on it, then another, then again two and one. In this way, all seven petals are made and put on the middle of both elements. The production of chamomile crafts using the modular origami technique ends by threading the green cocktail tubes into the resulting design.

    Make the necessary number of such daisies and make a nice bouquet. Its manufacture will not take you much time, and the result will please you for a very long time.

    Corrugated Paper Daisies

    Corrugated Paper Daisies

    On a note! Corrugated paper makes quite realistic crafts due to its structure and pliability.

    So, a flower made from it will look like a real one. Even a child can cope with such a task.

    To make daisies from corrugated paper you will need:

  • corrugated paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • bamboo stick;
  • scissors.