Original crafts for children 5-6 years old

Once mommy decides to realize her dreamchildren and go further than contemplating mouth-watering pictures telling how to make a dog out of wool, a painting applique or other crafts for children 5-6 years old, she decides to take up the matter seriously.

A woman comes to the store, where she immediately loses her will, because there is a world of endless possibilities. It turns out there are felting mats, hooks,pillows and holders, fluffy sticks, thousands of options for spouts and eyes, as well as boots and glasses for finished animals, and more ... All this, of course, is simply necessary if you are going to start felting for real. And the woman carries huge packages with purchases for creativity home. In the evening, she goes through shopping and decides: on the weekend! However, at the weekend, for some reason, she does not fit her treasure.

It’s clear the trouble is that the beginner needlewomanI’m sure in advance that the first pancake will be lumpy. Below we consider the most relevant summer crafts with children 5-6 years old, master classes will help to overcome fear and will not let fail the first result.

Paper elephants


To create crafts for children 5-6 years old, youyou will need: any icon, a glossy photo with the desired image (you can order it in advance at any photo workshop, which is now very willing to place urgent orders via the Internet), Moment glue, scissors, pencil, transparent nail polish (just in case).

So, we circle the icon, but take into account that we will cut with allowances of at least 3 mm at the edges. We cut, apply, try to think about prospects as little as possible.

Now we need to lay the photo. That is, with a fingernail, pat the edges and split the paper in two.

Important! Glossy film will surely cling to the image, so it will be quite simple for you to do this.

This is necessary so that the picture is thin and flexible - it will better fit the icon.

Now go over the edge of the workpiece with scissors,making frequent notches over the entire width of the allowances. To make the paper even more readily fit the badge, hold it in warm water for about 15 minutes. Now you need to thoroughly dry the picture with napkins and immediately put into action.


Lubricate the icon with glue and center ourpicture. Take your time to glue the edges: if you do not wait for the front part of the badge to be seized with paper, your image will crawl back and forth while you mess with the edges.

Wait a minute and glue the edges. If the edges are still slightly scratched and felt too embossed - varnish them with clear nail polish.

OK it's all over Now. Such children's crafts for children 5-6 years old will please the child with a simple transformation of a boring badge into something new. By the way, in the same way badges with faces of pets and even family members are excellent.

Gift tube with a toy

Often from the eaten goodies we still havethere remains a "very useful box in the household." It is not self-sufficient, but the hand does not rise to immediately throw it away, right? We will tell you how to successfully transform it: let's turn a jar of marmalade into a gift box for a girl of any age!

So, let's talk about what we need todo interesting crafts with children 5-6 years old: scrapbooking paper (or any packaging, designer paper), a jar like a tube, a small hollow rubber toy, a tiny shred or ribbon in paper color, gold acrylic spray paint and acrylic varnish for her, a needle, a thread, a hammer, a thin carnation, Moment glue, a mask and rubber gloves, a ruler, scissors.

Gift tube with a toy

First we need to color the summer crafts withchildren 5-6 years old in gold paint. It is better to do this on the street or on the balcony, but in no case indoors. Be sure to use a cloth mask and rubber gloves, despite the fact that you have to paint just nothing. Caution in our business does not hurt, and headaches and clammy hands are not the best friends of active needlewomen.

While the toy is drying, we glue paper over the jar. We measure the width of the paper from the edge of the tin bottom to the edge, plus another centimeter. First, glue a jar or piece of paper with glue that will fit the outer part of the jar. We glue it. The paper side remaining at the neck is often cut with scissors. We coat the edge of the can with glue from the inside and glue our allowance inward.

In the meantime, prepare a toy for decoration. Hard rubber we are piercing with a nail and a hammer. From a small patch we put a delicate rose and intercept it with a strong thread. Then the needle goes into the hole on the toy.

In the tin lid we make a small hole. Another small patch forms a rose, the place of which is on the inside of the lid. We pull the needle through the outside of the lid, from the inside - grab a rose with it. We are pulling with all our hearts. You will laugh, but an interesting craft with children of 5-6 years old will stand up as soldered, but we will play it safe and use glue!