Original thread jewelry

Real needlewomen never lose anything, even the remnants of a thread. It is worth noting that the jewelry made of thread is very original, despite the simplicity of the material.

Crafts from threads

A true master can give a second life to even the most unnecessary items and make them a simple and original home decoration. One of the best materials to createman-made masterpieces are threads. Of these, you can knit a beautiful sweater or hat, but over time, many small balls accumulate in the house, which are a pity to throw out, and they will not be enough for a whole knitted product. For needlewomen, such situations are often encountered, so they came up with a lot of ways in order to attach the remains of the thread.

Embroidery decoration thread

Thread bottles

A very original addition to the home interior- These are bottles that are decorated with threads. It often happens that drinks appear in the house in very original bottles. It’s impossible to simply get rid of this beauty, so the needlewomen try to slightly embellish the glass products and give them an unusual look.

A very original addition to the home interior is bottles that are decorated with threads

From colored threads and bottles, you can create whole compositions that will decorate the shelves in the kitchen or on the chest of drawers. To decorate bottles with threads, you will need original containers, glue and many different threads for knitting the same thickness. This is important, because the color of the material may be different, but its thickness and texture should be the same. Otherwise, it will not turn out very beautifully.

Thread bottle decoration

To give the bottle an interesting look, you mustwash the bottle thoroughly and wipe it dry. Inside, the bottle should also be thoroughly washed, since after completion of work on its decoration all water procedures will become impossible.

The task of the master is to wrapthread the entire bottle so that there are no gaps on the glass. Better to start from the bottom. To do this, the thread must be fixed with glue, and then gradually wrap color material round and round. Everything must be done so that gaps do not form. If the thread is over, it needs to be fixed with glue, and then take a second and stick it to the glass. Then winding continues, but in such a way as to hide the places of gluing the thread. In such a simple way, you can make a whole set of bottles decorated with threads. You can complement a decorated bottle with a flower or a butterfly made of polymer clay or other material.

The master’s task is to wrap the entire bottle with thread so that there are no gaps on the glass

On a note! In a similar way, you can do with jars in which you can then store various useful little things.

Thread Bottle Decoration

In the resorts, sometimes they even sell such bottles andbanks, but they are additionally decorated with shells with traditional inscriptions indicating the year and the village. Thread bottles are often corked. You can also put in them a bouquet of artificial flowers.

Thread bottles are often corked

What can be made of thread and ball

If the house left after knitting beautifulthreads, from them you can make very interesting jewelry, for example, a ceiling for a chandelier. To create an ornament of threads and a ball, in addition to the basic materials, you will need scissors and PVA glue. First of all, it is necessary to inflate the ball. The glue can be slightly diluted with water, as it must be liquid enough to soak the thread for knitting.

Ball of thread

The task of the master will wrap the inflated ballthread with glue to make its surface look like a cobweb. Here it is necessary to wind the thread so that there are gaps. It will be more convenient to work if you stretch the thread directly through the bottle with glue, poking holes in it. This is much easier than applying glue with a brush.