Crafts for the interior: from simple to complex

House and living space - different concepts, distinctivea line between which is coziness and a unique atmosphere, which crafts for the interior will help to create. It is the author’s crafts that play a key role in creating uniqueness and a homely atmosphere, because the soul is invested in them, and this is very felt when you get into a house where everything is done not just with taste and not just with fashion, but with love.

Home comfort indicator, what is it like?

Expensive furniture, vases from prestigious auctions,European-quality repairs - all this can significantly lose as the basis of a cozy home space in front of the usual set of boxes of newspaper tubes or soft toys from socks.

Baskets in the interior will create additional comfort and home decor.

Crafts for the interior is an art thatIt will be appropriate in any home with any style, and will make it sweet and warm. And warmth (both literally and figuratively) is one of the most important indicators of comfort.

Decoupage furniture is perfect for Provence style interiors

Advice! If you are planning to create crafts for the interiorwith your own hands, try to make them presentable, so don’t grab hold of complex techniques right away, and you need to match the overall style of the room.

African style suggests a variety of clay and wooden masks

Here are some guiding tips:

  • minimalism style - one or several (but no more than three) panels or photo panels with a strict plot and water color scheme will do;
  • French Provence style suggests availabilitylots of cute trinkets, both soft and clay, you can beads, antique furniture or decoupage furniture looks very harmonious in the Provencal interior;
  • Japanese house style requires a panel with hieroglyphs (when choosing a character, focus on its value) and crafts from bamboo;
  • African style - these are masks, spears and thematic figurines (can be made of clay or from salt dough);
  • Empire style, emphasizing representation and luxury; from crafts in the interior of the Empire, panels from leather and metal in a solid frame, statuettes of precious wood are appropriate;
  • for baroque - sculpting;
  • for rococo - a lot of crafts from textiles, including pillows, panels, elements of window shades.

  • Rococo elements in the interior: stucco, screens, curtains and more

    If the mistress is a real talent

    People with a certain talent in the field ofpainting, sculpture or the more common areas of needlework, there is absolutely no need to think about what to create crafts for the interior with your own hands for the home, they have in stock many original ideas that can easily be implemented.

    A talented seamstress can decorate the interior with the following homemade items:

  • original curtains and screens;
  • interesting sofa cushions;
  • rugs; patchwork;
  • copyright covers;
  • covers for chairs and armchairs;
  • pouffe covers.

  • Pillows for chairs - a fashionable and convenient accessory for home comfort

    The knitter performs the same crafts in the knitting technique, and can complement their list:

  • openwork napkins;
  • plaids;

  • Openwork napkins in the interior will give a vintage mood to the setting

    You can master a new direction of yarnbombing - tying objects - and use it to give the interior even more comfort.

    The embroiderer enriches the interior with embroidered paintings, panels, as well as napkins and tablecloths.

    Advice! It is advisable for beginner needlewomen in the field of embroidery to use ready-made sets for embroidery: this way the work will go faster, and the picture will be better.

    For experienced craftswomen it becomes a matter of honorAn embroidered remake of a painting by a famous artist, or icon. And after all, not only “Sister Alyonushka” and other classical canvases can be displayed in embroidery - the avant-garde works, modern painting and black and white graphics look quite impressive in the embroidered version.

    You can embroider not only tapestries, but also cushion pillow covers and bedspreads

    And although paintings cannot always be positioned,as do-it-yourself crafts for a home interior, but the technique in which they are made (embroidery) brings any brush creation closer to objects that make up the soul of the house.

    What to do for beginner needlewomen?

    God doesn’t give at allno talent. Each person has a certain desire and a certain skill. And while you are in search of yourself, we offer along the way to create simple crafts for the interior:

  • candlesticks;
  • vases;
  • decorative bottles;
  • cans for bulk products.

  • Candles made of loose sand in the interior - one of the easiest options for making candle holders

    The easiest candlestick

    1. Pre-prepare the filler: colored sand or millet painted in different colors, or do not paint anything at all - use cereals of different varieties in their natural form.
    2. Take ordinary glasses without any bulges and patterns, and pour sand or grain into them in layers.
    3. Place small candle washers on top.

    Alternatively, spread the glasses in a random order with glue (to make it look like a pattern) and, until the glue has dried, roll the glass into the grains and then fill.

    Деревянные поделки

    Чтобы из дерева создавать поделки для интерьера, да еще и добиваться высокого качества изделий, оригинальности и художественной ценности, нужно хотя бы обладать навыками резчика. Но мы сейчас ведем речь не о специалистах высокого класса, а о любителях, которые специальных инструментов для резьбы и в глаза не видели.

    Для них существуют варианты создания декора из веток:

  • панно на рамке: из четырех веток сделайте рамку, скрепив их шнуром, и прикрепите к рамке непосредственно картину – созданный из веток цветок», птицу или что-нибудь еще;
  • панно без рамки: на вырезанную из прочного картона основу-заготовку наклейте заранее подготовленные ветки. Легче всего таким способом создавать панно в виде морского конька, различных геометрических фигур;
  • солнышко лучистое – за основу возьмите картонный круг (или из ДВП), к нему клеем или гвоздями прикрепите тонкие ветки разной длины – это лучи. Чем больше будет веток, тем лучше в конечном итоге будет выглядеть панно. Чтобы солнышко имело законченный вид, по центру панно разместите крупные искусственные цветы желтых оттенков – подсолнечники, розы, большие ромашки. Можно использовать цветы из атласных лент.