Exciting crafts for boys

Every child in the family wants attention and care withside of adults. This is necessary in order to feel your important role in the family. He must understand that he is listened to and reckoned with his opinion. It is important to instill industriousness in childhood, especially boys. Crafts made of paper or other materials for boys that are made by hand will be a great start to your relationship with your child.

Cardboard box ship

Attention! Making crafts for boys with your son will be an important step in shaping his personality.

Prepare the child, interest him. First, prepare all the necessary tools for making crafts and ask the child to help create a gift for one of the relatives. A child will enthusiastically take part in your idea.

Craft for Boys - Tank

It’s also fun enough, and you’ll have a great time with your son.

It is worth noting that a jointly made toy will be much more interesting than bought in a store.

Craft from matches

DIY crafts for boys


It is enough to have a desire to make crafts for boys with their own hands. You can make an excellent craft out of a plastic bottle.


First, you need to decide on the model of the sailboat. To do this, look through books, look at sites. Maybe even your child will become interested in shipbuilding and decide on a profession in the future.

Pick up a small box in which you need to carefully cut a hole in order to insert the bottle. Without this, the container will not stand.

Cut holes to secure the mast in the bottle. The mast can be made of wooden or plastic skewers or sticks. Then measure the size of each mast and insert into the container. To fix the holes well, you can use a glue gun.

Paper boat

Next, you need to make a hole in the stern to insert a nail.

It was the turn of the sails. They are cut out of paper of any color and put on masts, cables are pulled. Make colorful pennants.

The ship is ready to plow the expanses of the oceans and seas of the country of Fantasy.


Do-it-yourself crafts for boys can also be made from colored paper.

For paper crafts for boys, you need to cut out the following details:

  1. rocket body;
  2. rocket nose;
  3. stand and portholes.

The size of the rocket, choose yourself, depending onselected model. Next, you need to glue the case. The top of the future rocket also needs to be glued together to give it a cone shape. On the stand we make an incision at the top, and on the other - at the bottom. Connect them. We glue portholes on the case. Below we make 4 cuts. As a result, we place the rocket on a previously prepared stand. The rocket is complete and ready to play.

Paper rocket


Another outstanding piece of work that you can build for boys is a plane. For this you will come in handy:

  • a box of matches;
  • cardboard for child labor;
  • White paper;
  • glue, scissors.

  • Airplane

    The box is glued with white paper on all sides. This is the cockpit of the future aircraft, where the pilot will be located. Next, cut a strip of cardboard about 3 cm and double it. Glue the tail to the cab. The base of the tail can be made of cardboard, while cutting several small rectangles. Make one with rounded corners, and the second can be folded. Then glue 2 parts and stick on the tail of the plane. Cut a few strips of cardboard across the width of the matchbox. The wings of the plane turned out. At the end, cut the propeller and color it to taste.

    The same craft can also be presented for a birthday to a boy of any age.

    Important! Pay attention to what your child is fond of, as a gift can be a typewriter, a rocket and other crafts.

    Crafts from clothespins

    Racing car

    Crafts for boys can also be made fromplasticine. To make the basis for the machine, you need to roll out the sausage from the main color. One side should be thinner. Next, the sausage needs to be flattened a little. A black plate is used. We make wheels out of it. Using white plasticine, roll two thin strips, one of which is slightly smaller than the other. On the body of the future machine, cut out the places where the wheels will be. Glue a white strip on the body along the entire length. From a black plasticine, make a ball and cut it into halves. A strip of white is glued to one of the halves. Then stick it on the car. Roll out the wing in a thin layer and attach to the body. The race car is ready.