All about dream grass with photos and plant descriptions

Even in ancient manuscripts and books can be foundNumerous references to plants dream grass: photo and description below. The amazing properties of the perennial allowed it to become one of the most popular in various fields of activity. Consider what exactly the dream grass is, and what properties it has.

Description of a plant a dream grass

Sleeping grass, or as scientists call it - open cross, belongs to the family of grassy Buttercup perennials.

A feature of this plant is fleecy“Robe” of the flower, which covers both the buds and the stem. On each stalk, only one flower is revealed, as a rule, of a dark deep or purple color, which over time can lighten a little. The flower bud itself in shape may remind someone of the most beautiful tulips, although it does not belong to this family.

This plant can be found in so manycountries: almost the entire territory of Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe, America, Canada and Asia. Since sleep grass is extremely favorable to a dry climate, it can be found almost everywhere in Siberian forests.

You can enjoy the beauty of the buds in summer, but flowering begins in mid-spring. The lumbago breed propagates quite actively, thanks to the transfer of seeds in the wind.

The dream grass plant in history

The greatest distribution of this plantpossessed among people involved in various magical rituals and ceremonies. Sorcerers and healers have found a feature unique to this flower that can heal various injuries and wounds, as well as drive away evil spirits. Sleep grass was used to produce juice, which later smeared arrows and knives used during hunting. Experienced experts unanimously assure that large animals calm down and lose aggressiveness from a decoction prepared from the root of sleep grass.

Persons who want to see the future or to predict the combination of circumstances in the future, have been sleeping specially for several days among the flowering dream grass.

It was also considered extremely useful to have a constantly dried bud of this plant with you: it brought good luck and profit, and also served as a reliable guard against unwanted thoughts and evil eye.

Sleep grass (a photo and description where it grows can be easily found on the Internet) was also used among professional artists: with the help of its leaves and root valuable green paint was extracted.

Healing properties

Flower dream grass is extremely common as a raw material for the preparation of various medicinal potions, decoctions and ointments.

This plant is most often used as:

  • anesthetic
  • antifungal agents;
  • antimicrobial;
  • sleeping pills;
  • sedative.
  • A decoction made from a dream of grass greatly slows down the rhythm of the heart and has stimulating properties for breathing.

    As a rule, this plant is used to treat patients with hypertension, with a rapid heartbeat, and also as a natural sleeping pill.

    Folk healers resort to this plant inwider spectrum. So sleep grass (the red book in which the flower is added indicates the exoticism of various methods of use) is the basis for making a very soothing tea, which is given for nervous breakdowns and tantrums. Also decoctions from sleep herbs are useful for sick whooping cough.

    Medicines from the dream herb

    Consider some of the most traditional methods of preparing medicines based on sleep herbs.

    Tea - dried leaves of a dream of grass in the amount of twoteaspoons are added to a glass of pre-boiled cooled water and left for at least thirteen hours. Then strain and use a glass several times a day.

    Decoction for lotions - dried leaves a dream of grassin the amount of one tablespoon is added to a glass of water and left for a day. Moisten a pharmaceutical bandage or gauze in the resulting solution and use for lotions on sore spots. Such a tool is most often used for painful joints, as well as for accelerated wound healing.

    Infusion for the bath - two hundred grams of dried leavesa herb dream, the description of which we gave above, boil in a liter for two to three minutes. Strain the broth thoroughly and cool, and then add it to the filled warm bath. You can stay in such a decoction for no more than twenty-five minutes.

    Alcohol tincture - half a teaspoon of herbs is added to half a glass of quality vodka. Leave at least five days. It is used exclusively for outdoor purposes.

    What herb to use for medicinal purposes

    It’s not enough just to know where the grass grows,it is also necessary to know exactly which herb can be used and which can be harmed in order to obtain the maximum medicinal beneficial effect. First of all, it should be noted that the collection of grass, as well as its harvesting, should be carried out exclusively with thick rubber gloves, since fresh juice can cause skin burns or severe irritation.

    Collect grass at the time of flowering, if you are late, the resulting raw materials will be ineffective due to the low content of nutrients.

    In no case should material be collectedsubjected to heat treatment, so drying is carried out exclusively in air, in a place where direct sunlight does not fall. You need to dry the grass on a cloth. If drying still has to be carried out indoors, it is better to choose dry places where air circulates normally.

    You can not use dried grass immediately: it is left for at least a hundred days and only then can decoctions and infusions be prepared. It is these one hundred days that make the raw materials obtained non-toxic.

    Storage also needs to be approached from all you can not leave grass in plastic bags, paper or fabric bags that let air through are suitable. Also, do not store raw materials in the kitchen or other wet places. The workpiece can only be used for three years, then it must be discarded.

    How to grow grass sleep

    Sleep grass (Wikipedia also indicates the namelumbago) grows quite easily: it only needs to have light drainage soil and watering. It is extremely interesting that this plant can not be transplanted, because after changing the soil it dies almost immediately. It is for this reason that it is always advised to buy seeds and plant on their own, and not to purchase blanks from unscrupulous people, since they are unlikely to take root.

    Sleep grass (photo can be found on the Internet) is veryloves light, but does not tolerate drought. Therefore, if you decide to plant this plant in your garden, be prepared that you will have to water it abundantly on hot summer days.

    They plant seeds of a dream of grass in mid-spring, whilea time when there is no longer the danger of severe frost. In order for the seeds to give roots and germinate, it is necessary that during the day the air temperature does not drop below the level of fifteen degrees. The seeds are planted abundantly and not very deeply - no deeper than two sentiments, after a maximum of one month the seeds should sprout.

    Sleep grass almost does not die, it can grow for several decades.

    Sleep grass - contraindications

    Sleep grass is a rather dangerous plant thatcan not only not become an assistant, but also cause quite serious harm to the body. It should be borne in mind that a fresh plant contains a large amount of toxic anemnin, which usually causes severe inflammation and irritation of the skin, but can also cause serious burns. If juice gets into the mucous membrane, it is necessary to consult a doctor as a matter of urgency.

    This plant can not be taken in any form during pregnancy or its planning, with diseases of the gastric organs, as well as with a special disposition to irritations and allergies.

    Only correct and extremely accurate applicationplants, listed in some regions in the Red Book, will get rid of numerous ailments. If you are interested in sleeping grass solely as a decoration for the territory, then you should be careful about the safety of pets and children.