Choosing a practical electronic kitchen scale

Kitchen scales are a very useful and necessary thing,because for the preparation of many dishes it is necessary to take a certain amount of a product. If you take more or less, it can significantly affect the taste of the dish, so the kitchen electronic scales are a must in this case and should be in every kitchen.

Now you can find a very large assortmentdifferent scales for the kitchen, so many are interested in the question of electronic kitchen scales which are better reviews which can be read in many places. And what should be guided by when choosing them? To the brand of the manufacturer? Or some other options? Let's figure it out in more detail and decide for ourselves how to make the right choice of kitchen scales.

Maximum weight

A very important parameter for any kitchen scale. Since usually in the kitchen there is no need to weigh objects of large mass, the maximum capacity of the bowl for the kitchen scale is at the level of 5 kg. For example, it is precisely this maximum weight that the tefal kitchen and beurer kitchen scales, as well as some others, have.

As for the maximum weight,this parameter for most modern kitchen scales is in the range from 2 to 5 kg. Which option is better to choose? It all depends on what you need the scales for. If you, for example, often do workpieces for the winter, then scales with a larger capacity are best suited. In the event that you rarely do this or do not do it at all, a scale with a maximum capacity of at least 3 kg will be completely suitable for you.

In addition to the maximum capacity of the scales, you can alsomark such a parameter as the accuracy of their measurement. It should be noted that most modern scales have a measurement accuracy of not more than 0.1 - 0.5 g. This parameter is not so important for kitchen measurements, therefore, it is not worth chasing after it, since an error of even 1 g does not play a big role .

Type of balance depending on the measurement method

At the moment, there are three main types of kitchen scales, depending on their measurement method.

Mechanical scales

Everything is quite simple here, the scales consist ofa special bowl, below which is the usual weight scale. The measurement of weight itself is due to the spring, which is located under the bowl. If any weight is placed on the bowl, the spring immediately senses it and moves the arrow, showing the mass of the object. Such scales are very durable and as you can understand, they absolutely do not need to work, have access to electrical power. Everything is very simple and convenient.

Hand scale

Such scales are smallthe dial to which a special hook is attached. This hook is used for measurements, a package of products is hung on it, and the weight is shown on the dial. There are both mechanical models and electronic ones.

The main advantage of such scales is theircompactness, which allows you to take them with you to the market and, if necessary, independently check the weight of the purchased products. However, such scales are short-lived, because due to the special design their spring weakens rather quickly, which leads to inaccurate readings.

Electronic balance

Without a doubt are the most modernoption. They can also have a number of additional functions, for example, there are electronic kitchen scales with calorie counting, which can be very convenient when cooking. Most electronic scales look pretty similar. All of them have a special display, on which actually appears information regarding the weight of the products being weighed. Also, sometimes the display may show the time if the balance is not used and some other information.

Such scales usually have a minimuman error, the presence of which can make it possible to weigh even the lightest objects, which in some cases can be a very good advantage. Typically, the price of electronic scales is much higher than mechanical and their work requires access to electrical energy. The balance can be powered by either batteries or a battery.

At the moment, there are a large numbermanufacturers of electronic kitchen scales, each of which offers very good models. For example, electronic kitchen scales Polaris or kitchen scales scarlett sc, like many others, can be a very good solution for any kitchen.

The choice of weights by design

At the moment, the two most commonbasic type of construction of a kitchen scale. Some use a measuring cup, others use a platform. Each of these options has its weaknesses and its strengths.

  • Platform
  • Scales with a platform are eithera round or rectangular device on the surface of which certain products are placed. The convenience of the platform lies in the fact that it is very easy to care for, it is only enough to periodically wipe the surface of the platform, preventing dust from sitting on it. However, there are also disadvantages of this model, which consist in the fact that for example, butter or another similar product cannot be weighed on them, for this it will be necessary to put a plate, and put oil on a plate already. And this will lead to the fact that the weight of the plate will have to be subtracted from the weight obtained in order to obtain accurate data on the weight of the oil.

  • Bowl
  • In most cases, the bowl is placed directly onplatform, for which a special mechanism is provided. Using the bowl is convenient when it comes to weighing any bulk products (cereals, flour, etc.), in addition to bulk products in the bowl, you can also weigh liquids. It is best to buy scales that have a removable bowl, since if the bowl is not removable it is very difficult to wash. Moreover, it is not only difficult to wash, but also dangerous for the scales themselves, since water can accidentally get inside them, which will be dangerous if the scales are electronic.

    If you decide to purchase electronic kitchenpolaris scales with a bowl or any other scales with a bowl, in this case you should pay attention to the volume of the bowl itself. You should not buy such devices if the volume of their cup is less than 1 liter. In general, the larger the bowl, the better. For example, if the volume of the bowl is sufficient, then you can prepare the dough in it, weighing all its ingredients in turn.

    Also, when buying, you can pay attention to the material from which the bowl is made. At the moment, they are made most often from the following materials:

  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • stainless steel.
  • Which material to choose? It’s probably still better not to buy a glass bowl, as it is very fragile and it can be quite difficult to find a replacement. An exception are only durable glass bowls used in high-quality models. However, they can also break if handled carelessly.

    As for the bowls made of plastic, thenthey usually cost less, sometimes even much cheaper. Their minus is that they cannot weigh hot liquids or dishes. Also, it is very simple and convenient to care for such bowls and always keep them clean.

    Additional functions

    If you buy electronic scales, then many ofThey may have a number of additional features, some of which can be very useful. One of the most common functions on electronic scales is the taring function. This function consists in the fact that if a product is weighed in a special container, the weighing result can be obtained without taking into account the tare weight. Also very popular is the function of sequential weighing. The essence of the function is that the products can be weighed in turn, while removing them from the container in which they are located, there is no need, which can also be very convenient.

    Auto on / off function,may also be useful in a number of cases. If the device has such a function, then it will automatically turn on and off at the right time. That is, if the device does not work for a long period of time, it may turn off. In the event that something appears on the bowl or platform of the scale, it automatically turns on. For example, many kitchen electronic m video scales have this feature.

    Having a built-in timer in the balance can alsobe a very big plus. Such a timer will always be able to inform that the device’s battery is running low and should be charged. Also an important function, especially for those people who often cook according to foreign recipes, will be the unit transfer function. Having such a function, you can always measure a product in pounds, ounces, grams and in many other units.

    The presence of the functions of a diet calculator,which also often has kitchen electronic reviews that you can always read about, can be useful for people who monitor their own weight. The function of a diet calculator is able to display various information on the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a particular product.


    Ergonomics have recently become verypopular. Almost all manufacturers of household appliances, electronics, automobiles and much more pay great attention to it. The same applies to manufacturers of kitchen scales, which also pay a lot of attention to this detail. Many modern scales can have the following ergonomic parts:

  • can be attached to the wall;
  • rubberized legs protect against slipping;
  • the presence of a timer;
  • the presence of a thermometer;
  • the availability of hours.
  • All these details are able to make the use of a kitchen scale as simple and comfortable as possible.


    How to see modern kitchen scalesreviews have a number of parameters and characteristics that you should pay attention to. However, do not forget the main function of the kitchen scale, they must be weighed as accurately as possible and this process itself should occur as conveniently as possible. That is why you should always pay attention to the convenience of using the scales, the material of the bowl or platform, and the accuracy of their readings.

    Additional features, such as a watch,taring, a calorie counter and many others, can make the scales much more convenient. However, do not forget that each such function will cost extra money, so everyone should consider this important fact.

    And of course, to answer the kitchen questionscales, which are better reviews on various sites about specific models can be a very good solution. Therefore, before buying any scales, we recommend reading reviews about them on the Internet.