Amazonian Lily: Home Care

In this article, we will talk about an unusually beautiful bulbous plant, eucharis, or Amazonian lily, home care and cultivation features.

Amazonian lily (as the name suggests) is found in nature in the tropical climate zone of the South American continent.

Lily is called the bulbous plant of the amaryllis family because its unusual flowers are very similar to the inflorescences of tender lilies. For its extraordinary beauty, this flower was called “eucharis”, which means “beautiful”, “elegant”, “lovely” in Greek.

Once in the botanical gardens of the European mainland inAt the end of the 19th century, Amazonian lily conquered the hearts of many aristocrats and soon settled firmly in their private greenhouses and greenhouses, and then was adapted for cultivation in residential premises.

In favorable conditions, eucharis neverloses its dense, color-saturated green leaves. If the plant begins to lose foliage, this is a consequence of extreme stress. In such a situation, the flower must be urgently rehabilitated, providing it with comfortable conditions.

Amazon lily blooms, photo of which canlook below, 2-3 times a year. This is an unusually beautiful sight: the stamens of a flower rise above the tepals, forming a crown; then, in turn, snow-white flowers bloom, spreading a delicate, subtle smell of freshness.

The whole inflorescence lives for about a month, but since the flowers bloom alternately, the flowering period can last a very long time, for which eucharis is appreciated.