DIY Corrugated Paper Flowers

Never look for complexity where everything is simple. This ancient wisdom successfully approaches one of the varieties of origami - making flowers from corrugated paper. In appearance, the crafts seem very complicated, since from afar they can be confused with real vibrant colors. The process is surprisingly simple. And this is confirmed by those who in a few days learned to make flowers from corrugated paper with their own hands.

One has only to understand the manufacturing order, to havesome patience for a monotonous occupation - cutting out the petals, a certain margin of time and a stock of working material of various colors. All. This is quite enough if you want to become the "fairy" of the garden of paper flowers.

Paper flowers and garlands are great for decorating holiday halls.

We dare to assure that the flora, although paper, will look great. It is not a shame to give such bouquets to the closest people, decorate them with banquet halls and gift boxes.

Bouquet of corrugated paper

You can decorate a gift box with flowers from corrugated paper.

Some especially diligent origami artists have turned their hobby into a small business for a while, selling bouquets of paper or custom-made.

Why corrugated paper?

Thin, multi-colored, interestingly crumpled paperand beckons all representatives of the Skillful Hands circle to take the scissors and quickly cut out of neatly folded rolls of any beauty. And this is the first argument in favor of corrugated paper: and when folded, it looks aesthetically pleasing and awakens creative inclinations.

The second - the material is very convenient to use. It is easy to give the desired shape to the elements made of crumpled paper, they can be folded in any direction, painted, tinted and repainted without damage to the product, create voluminous crafts of various sizes: from tiny-elegant to huge-lush.

Corrugated paper bends well

Corrugated paper looks elegant and festive,the same products are obtained from it. And then - this is a very affordable material in terms of price. Who did not dream of the possibility of creating inexpensive crafts that look like a million from inexpensive material ?!

Corrugated paper always looks very elegant

And another argument in favor of crumpled paper -products from it are very popular. Especially floristic products. Therefore, in the article - flowers from corrugated paper. Workshop on manufacturing.

DIY original gift ideas

  1. Any purchased gift in a box made by hand and decorated with a flower or flowers made of corrugated paper. Emphasizes the talent of the donor and the uniqueness of the gift.

You can present the original candy, wrapping them with corrugated paper, under the flowers

  1. Basket of crepe flowers with chocolatethe middle. From the corrugated paper, roll nice buds, put a small chocolate candy inside each, form a bouquet, put it in a basket and present it as a gift.

Crepe flowers in a basket with sweets at the base

Corrugated paper snowdrops with sweets in a basket

  1. Decoration for a card. Glue several or one flower from corrugated paper on a greeting card.

Volume card with corrugated paper flowers

  1. Flower heart. Cut out a heart of a certain size from cardboard and stick flowers from corrugated paper on its surface. Flowers are best done in the same size and in the same tone. It is possible in two or three, combining: white-pink-raspberry gamma, or red-pink.

A corrugated paper heart is a great Valentine's Day present

Voluminous pink heart of flowers and beads

  1. Ladybug made of flowers and sweets. Make a volumetric model of a ladybug by decorating its back with red flowers from corrugated paper, putting a candy in the center of each flower, preferably in red wrappers. To not stand out. And as famous points, use round chocolate wrappers without wrappers.

Ladybug made of flowers from corrugated paper and sweets

When working with corrugated paper, ideas appear almost out of the blue. Try it and see for yourself how easy and enjoyable it is. But before you make flowers from corrugated paper in large quantities, you need to practice. The flower on which newcomers “stuff their hand” is a rose.

"Sweet rose" with candy. Training option

Materials for the product: two-color corrugated paper (green for the stem and leaves and any other for the flower), a small caramel, teip tape, wire, scissors and threads.

Roses from corrugated paper can be presented as a bouquet

  1. From the paper intended for the flower, cut 11 rectangular blanks: 6 4x7 cm in size and 5 6x7 cm in size, round their edges on one side.
  2. Give the blanks the shape of real petals, stretching their middle to a state of slight bulge. Leave the edges as they are.
  3. Wrap the candy in one of the wide petals so that it is not visible - in this case, caramel is not for a gift, but for giving the rose the necessary shape. And attach the structure to the wire.
  4. The remaining four wide sepals (those that emerged from 6x7 rectangles) wrap as tightly as possible around the core with candy, observing the same height.
  5. Place the narrower rose petals opposite each other, but not as densely as the wide ones.
  6. All petals must be taped with tape and give them a natural shape.
  7. Wrap the wire with green paper and attach the “leaves” of the rose at a certain distance.

Making roses from corrugated paper with candy - base

Note! Corrugated paper flowers, photos of whichpresented in the body of the article, made according to one principle. Having learned how to make the simplest of them, in the future you will be able to come up with your own compositions.

“Sunflowers - Shards of a Sunny Day”

If you go into the analysis and start figuring out whichof artificial paper-corrugated flowers the most popular among origami masters, then, perhaps, the exact answer will not be found. There is no flower that would not like: that the manufacturing process, that the finished product bring both masters and connoisseurs a lot of pleasure.

Moreover, many before making flowers fromcorrugated paper, quite vaguely represent the final result: everything is decided by the color of the material and its quantity. A little paper, so the flowers will be small, more - larger, in abundance - huge flowers will turn out.

DIY corrugated paper sunflower

But still there is one flower, a favorite in the manufacture - a sunflower.

Materials and tools: yellow, green and brown paper, wire (small length), threads, PVA glue, scissors, skewer, tape (green).

  1. The beginning of the paper sunflower is its core. Start work with it: cut two strips of 6-7 cm wide from the brown roll. Ideally, if you have brown paper in two shades, it’s lighter and darker. Cut one side with an even fringe, do not touch the other. Roll both strips into a roll and fix it with threads at the bottom.
  2. From the yellow paper, cut the blanks for the petals - the larger, the more the sunflower will look more natural. The size of the strips is 4x6 cm. When everyone is ready, round the corners with one groan on each.
  3. On the same principle, make green sepals.
  4. Glue the yellow blanks in several rows (4-5), then the green ones to the base of the paper core.
  5. Attach the sunflower head to the wire, wrap a green teip tape on the "stem" and evenly place the leaves.

... And - the eternal spring. Making tulips and crocuses

There is no man on earth who would not lovespring flowers and did not regret the short time allotted for their flowering. Not nature decided so ... And we - in a different way. It is possible to continue the life of tulips and crocuses with the help of ordinary corrugated paper.

Materials and tools: for the manufacture of both types of flowers you will need corrugated paper (green and other colors, at your discretion), scissors, glue, wire.

The set is standard, suitable for all products. Having it in front of you, you can make any flowers from corrugated paper in stages.


  1. Cut a sufficiently long strip measuring 3x18 cm.
  2. Fold it in half, then - in half and so on - untilthe size corresponding to the actual size of the tulip petal will not work. Try to fold as carefully as possible to get the same petals as a result.
  3. Cut the petal: the top is an oval, and the bottom is optimally narrowed (you can cut along a small triangle on both sides).
  4. Separate the resulting petals from each other and now work with each separately: squeeze the narrow bottom and twist the flagellum.
  5. The top of each of the petals must be bent, giving them a natural shape: for this you just need to stretch the paper slightly.
  6. Form a bud by folding all the blanks and giving them the shape of a tulip.
  7. Fasten the narrow, harness-like part of the tulip to the wire and fix it well.
  8. Wrap the wire with a narrow strip of green paper and attach two narrow sheets folded in the middle. The tulip is ready.

DIY corrugated paper tulips

Many paper craft lovers supplyhome-made tulips also with stamens. And others do not bother with stamens, considering that such flowers are ideal for creating bouquets of sweets and corrugated paper.


To obtain plausible crocus from paper, you will need toothpicks and glue.

  1. Having placed the corrugated paper in such a way that as a result the relief passes along the short side, cut the blanks - 8x4 cm rectangles.
  2. From the rectangles folded with an accordion, cut 6 identical petals and slightly twist the tip of each onto a thin toothpick.
  3. Prepare the stamens: cut a rectangle of yellow (white) paper with a fringe, leaving a narrow, solid strip, not reaching the edge.
  4. Twist each fringe element like a flagellum and roll the stamens with a tube, wrapping paper with a skewer or a toothpick.
  5. Lubricate the bottom of the stamen with glue and begin to attach the petals one at a time.
  6. At the final stage of work, wrap the wooden "stem" with green paper and glue the leaves.

DIY corrugated paper crocuses

Why are giant flowers needed?

Celebrations, photo shoots, banquets - all theseEvents require original decor. And what can be more original than flowers made of corrugated paper made by oneself. In any case, they will surprise and please: whether their author is the hero of the occasion, or friends, friends who decided to present such a modest surprise.

Advice! As a rule, to decorate a hall at a wedding orlarge flowers are made to maintain the theme of the photo shoot. The manufacturing scheme is the same: cut a certain number of blanks and connect them in the shape of a flower. The only difference is size.

Corrugated paper flower hat

Celebration decoration in crepe paper large flowers.

Large flowers made of corrugated paper are great for a photo shoot

the Rose

Large flowers made of corrugated paper lookoriginal and bright. They can be collected in bouquets, you can arrange the room in separate copies - it will still be unusual, colorful and very much like real plants, only large ones.

To make a big rose, you need a little more paper.

  1. Make blanks for the petals of two types: in the shape of a heart (15-16 pcs.) And in the form of a tear (6 pcs.).
  2. Give the future petals a shape, each extending in the center, and twisting the tips onto a pencil.
  3. Using the same principle, create blanks for leaves.
  4. Start forming a rose: teardrop-shaped blanks will be central. Attach each one in turn, "planting" the petals on the wire.
  5. When the core of the paper rose is ready, continue to form the flower from the blanks - "hearts".
  6. The stem of the flower is a wire, covered with a floral ribbon with several leaves attached.

Making roses from corrugated paper

Advice! Large flowers made of corrugated paper will add some fabulousness to any holiday, a storm of delight will be caused in children, and adults will be transferred to childhood for some time.

How long does it take to make flowers?

Novice craftsmen to make onea standard flower spends from 40 to 60 minutes, taking into account the preparation of material and tools, cutting blanks and forming the product. That is - the whole process is no more than an hour.

Experienced "paper florists" can cope with the task in 30 minutes. This means that in 2.5 - 3 hours it is quite possible to create a full-fledged bouquet of five flowers.

Original bouquet with flowers from corrugated paper

These cute crafts that take so little time can become a bright decoration in any room, the most expensive gift for someone.

Corrugated paper balls for home decoration

And how festively a huge bouquet of roses from corrugated paper looks in the hands of the bridesmaids! And how magical the giant flowers look at the children's party!

The bride’s bouquet of corrugated paper does not fade and can be stored for a very long time as a memory

It is even surprising that the simple idea of ​​creating flowers from the most accessible material for many turned into a bright extravaganza, a celebration of the soul and a favorite thing.