DIY cat house: master class

Oh, these cats! They always strive to climb into the most hidden corners of the apartment and build their home there, after scattering clothes and other things. In order for your pet to not have to settle on his own, try to make a house for a cat with your own hands. Read about our materials and methods of manufacturing such unusual interior items in our article.

Cat house as part of the interior

Usually the phrase "interior design" suggestsroom decoration for people. Animals have to be content with small baskets and carryings, and the owners endure the pranks of their pets, which scratch the furniture, tear the curtains and spoil the carpet. However, for cat lovers there is a way out - to figure out how to make a cat house a part of the decor of their home.

The house for cats can be perfectly combined with the interior of the room

It turns out that having built a house for the pet, the owners achieve several goals:

  1. The cat has its own place where you can retire and relax, and therefore the need to lie on clean linen or the kitchen table disappears.
  2. Deciding how to make a cat house so that uit was not only a place to sleep, but also space for games, the owners can get rid of the bad habits of the pet, for example, sharpen its claws on the sofa. If you make a whole complex for the animal, on which you could climb, and also fit it with special fabric, then you get a comfortable claw-claw.
  3. A house for a pet can be very aesthetic and not only facilitate your living together, but also decorate the interior with an original accessory.

The cat house must be selected by the size of the cat

Advice! It should be noted that before you organize your own place for your cat, where she will have fun and relax, you need to accustom her to the tray, then you do not have to constantly clean her house.

To prevent the cat from experiencing stress, she needs her own personal space, a place where she can take refuge

If you show imagination, then to enter a cozy feline corner into the atmosphere of your home or apartment will not be difficult at all.

Look, for example, at this flower pot,under which a mink is made, in which a charming fluffy creature has settled on a soft pillow. For a minimalism style, such a design element is very suitable.

Cats - flower pots for cats also complement the interior very well

If you are thinking about how to make a cat houseso that it combines with your interior and becomes a place of relaxation and entertainment for her, try to organize a corner where the claws are combined with small huts and artificial flowers. This composition will decorate any room - from the living room to the hallway.

A multifunctional option is a claw-point in the form of a treehouse

Your darling loves to climb curtains and furniture, but you don’t really like it? Get her a ready-made set for classes. For example, such.

There are whole game complexes for cats

How to make a cat house interesting

It has everything: tunnels, labyrinths and even small balls for games. It has one drawback: this design takes up a lot of space. Therefore, we advise you to combine several items of furniture with devices for cat entertainment. For example, in this room, bookshelves smoothly pass into a kind of corridors, through which your puffy can easily climb. In addition, this design decision looks pretty stylish.

Can be combined bookshelves as aisles for cats

In the room in the next photo, reflections onhow to make a house for the cat, led the owner to create a whole system of ladders and minks on the walls and ceiling of the apartment. At the same time, all this does not take up space on the floor of the room, which is already small.
By making a wall with wooden shelves, drawers, likeIn this photo, you will not only decorate your interior in an original way, but also please a furry pet who can use them as a cozy place to sleep.

Wooden wall-mounted shelves for cats - a great place to sleep on a hill

Ironically, this option looks for those who want to make a cat house with their own hands - these dwellings resemble mouse minks.

Mink in the wall for cats r

You can make more mobile homes for yourpets that suit the color scheme and style of your entire apartment and therefore can stand in different parts of it. Cats who love to hide even in boxes and bags will really like huts and wigwams like in this photo.

Cardboard huts and wig vami for cats are easy to assemble

How to make a house for a cat with your own hands from improvised materials?

Make a house for a cat from improvised materials is notcomplicated. The choice of materials and colors depends on your imagination. Use, for example, cardboard boxes, plywood, wood, felt, twine and many other materials.

Advice! To begin, think about how you want to see a house for your cat, how well it will fit into your interior. Then decide on what you will make of it.

Felt house for cats can become very soft and warm

The choice of materials to create a cozy place for cat rest and entertainment should be approached responsibly, guided by several principles:

  1. Safety - think everything in such a way that there are no small parts and threads in your pet's house that could be swallowed, so that nothing could be bitten off and broken.
  2. Quality - use natural materials, so it will be more pleasant for your pet to be in this place, and glue, and paints that will not be toxic if swallowed and contacted.
  3. Hygiene - it is better that all items and the house itself can be washed.

The easiest way is to make a cat house out of the box that you are about to throw away. For example, from this.

Making a cat house out of the box

Cardboard from which the packaging is madequite durable, but this material has a number of drawbacks: it cannot be washed, but you can gnaw and eat it or just tear it up during the game. In general, the cat house out of the box will not stand idle for a long time. But this is the cheapest and fastest way to make your pet a comfortable home. To do this, just take the box and cut openings for entry and windows in it, if you have several boxes, make a tunnel through which the cat will go through each time it wants to climb into its “castle”, she will surely like it very much.

Advice! Well, now the cardboard building can be decorated with paint, wrapping paper or felt, which, by the way, will strengthen the structure and make it more comfortable.

The simplest cat house can be made from a simple cardboard box

Using corrugated cardboard that is strongerOrdinary, you can create an original sink-housing that will look great in interiors decorated in a variety of styles. To do this, simply cut a lot of rings of different diameters, and then glue them sequentially. By the way, it is best to use PVA glue, it does not have a pungent odor and is not as toxic as others.
Ideal material for the manufacture of "castle" forthe pet is plywood, it is light and strong, it is not difficult to fasten its sheets and you can even make a multi-story "building", which is easily made out with paint. The result is a house on the ground floor of which you can even put a plastic tray with cat litter, as in this photo.

Corrugated cardboard houses for cats look interesting, the surface of which is very pleasant to scratch

DIY plywood house

Or create such a house for a cat, a master class on the manufacture of which we will give below.
You will need: several figures from plywood, an angular profile, screws for its fastening and pieces of carpet.

Cat House: master class, necessary materials


  1. Fasten the parts of the future home with the help of an angular profile, having previously drilled the corresponding holes.
  2. Cover the structure with carpet on all sides.

Stages of making a plywood house

A good idea for your apartment is not onlyto make a cat house, the master class on the creation of which we just studied, but also to build a so-called cat tree for your pet - a multifunctional complex where you can climb, sleep and sharpen claws. For example, such as in this photo. Take the old small wooden stepladder, sand it properly and wrap it with twine. From a cardboard or plastic cylinder and carpet, make a place to sleep on one of the steps of the ladder and a small shelf for rest on the other. Your cat will definitely enjoy playing here!

House for the cat: a workshop on creating a cat house from fabric

If you cut and glue you do not reallyit turns out, maybe you will be interested in tips on how to sew a house for a cat. To create such a cozy nest for a pet is even possible for those who do not know how to handle a sewing machine. To do this, you will need fabric and regular foam, from which you need to make soft pillows - the walls of the future design.

Stages of making a soft house of fabric and foam for cats

The next way to create a cat houseeven suitable for those who are afraid of the question "how to sew a house for a cat." Make a lovely tent for your pet from an ordinary T-shirt and two pieces of wire. Having made the frame, as in the photo, pull a shirt on it, the neck of which will be the entrance, and the sleeves - with tunnel-windows.

Stages of making a house from an old T-shirt

Tighten the fabric firmly on the back and secure it properly.

Everything - you can run into the house of the furry owner!

Once we decide to get an animal ina cat appears in our apartment. Time passes, and now, not only a pet lives next to us, but a beloved and dear creature, a full member of our family. That is why it is so important for us that the pet has its own cat house, which would harmoniously fit into our interior and satisfy all the needs of the animal. And the cat in gratitude keeps our home from the storms of the outside world!

Varieties of houses for cats

You have already considered several interesting projects, but in order to choose which house will suit your pet, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Hammocks. They are soft loungers on which your pet can sit comfortably. The peculiarity of such structures is that they can be suspended in various places with the help of special fasteners. For example, such a dwelling is easily placed under a chair or a coffee table. It is desirable that such a hammock has a rigid base - this will help the cat sit comfortably in it.
  2. Loungers. Perhaps the simplest option, the implementation of which will not take a lot of time and effort. They are made in the form of baskets, boxes or coasters, covered with soft mattresses.
  3. Booth. This is a closed construction where your cat will be able to retire and have a good rest. To make your pet even more comfortable, the booth can be upholstered with a beautiful and soft fabric. If the size of the house is large enough, then install a small claw-tip into it.
  4. Cardboard house. Surely you have noticed more than once that cats are lovers of a variety of cardboard boxes. There were even cases when they abandoned their comfortable houses in favor of ordinary boxes. Please your pet with such a home! Put a small mattress and toys of your four-legged friend inside. Such a house is short-lived, but your cat will have new apartments every month.
  5. Built-in housing. This house for the cat will succeed only if you have an unnecessary nightstand. In the middle, upholstery should be done with soft cloth and a stove bench should be placed. This option is convenient because the house fits perfectly into the interior. In addition, you can put your things on the nightstand.
  6. Miniature furniture. It is created specifically for pets. It is made in the form of a small armchair or sofa. Models in the shape of a ball with a small opening for entry look very stylish. There is a comfortable sunbed inside, so your pet will be very comfortable.

A secluded place for a cat can be made by remodeling a little furniture

We are sure that no matter what house for a cat you arechosen, she will certainly appreciate your efforts and love her new home. When creating a house, try not to use small elements that a cat can accidentally swallow. The main thing is that the materials used are safe and environmentally friendly, because we are talking about the health of your pet. Comfort to your home! If you liked the article, share it with your friends by clicking on the icon of your social network.