How to make DIY rain crafts

DIY something is alwaysincredibly exciting. And you don’t need to think that the age of digital technology has completely replaced the desire to create beauty with our own hands from our life. We start doing crafts from childhood: at home with parents, in kindergarten, at school. In addition to developing imagination and fine motor skills, such activities bring a lot of good mood and a variety of positive emotions. They bring together, unite, allow parents to spend time with children. This becomes especially relevant when a holiday is approaching.

What associations does the word "rain" causein relation to needlework, crafts? Of course, in the first place is the New Year, multi-colored shiny garlands. It is difficult to argue with the assertion that the store shelves are simply “bursting” from New Year's trinkets. But we all know: the most beautiful, dear to the heart jewelry are those that are made with your own hands. A person who is far from needlework will be surprised at how many various materials these garlands can be made. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to make rain cannot be the only one. There are many ideas that will help give the room a unique New Year mood.

New Year's “rain”: manufacturing in various techniques

Traditional New Year's rain is an iridescent long garland of foil

The rain for the majority is long “locks” of multi-colored or plain shining foil, which everyone is used to hanging on the ceiling, walls, on the Christmas tree. How often have you seen rain frombuttons, candy wrappers, fabric, pompons, large beads. And this is not a complete list of what can become the basis of an amazing New Year decoration. You get the same garlands, but only original, exclusive ones, valued much more than purchased ones. Regardless of which main element you choose for rain, for its manufacture you will need:

  • threads (nylon or yarn for knitting);
  • blanks that will be strung on them;
  • glue, scissors, adhesive tape;
  • sewing machine (in some cases);
  • thread with a needle (in most cases);
  • desire and good mood.

  • On New Year's Eve, children usually eat a lot of sweets, the candy wrappers of which you can not throw out, but make beautiful tinsel or rain with your own hands

    The first thing that comes to mind when it comes toto the question of how to make a golden rain or just shiny, colorful - these are candy wrappers. There are 2 possible ways, but you will have to save candy wrappers for almost a whole year, since they will require a lot. It is better to collect multi-colored so that your rain turns out to be variegated, joyful. Wraps should be straightened by putting them under the press to make it more beautiful and easier to work with. In the first method, the wrappers are cut into strips. In the second, they are folded into tubes. A strong long thread is threaded into the needle, and strips or tubes are strung on it in an arbitrary color order. So you can make a sufficiently large number of threads, which then combine into bundles, or hang separately. The main thing is to “fluff up” the elements of the “candy” rain so that the strip-tubes look in different directions.

    The same principle can be used when choosingother elements. The original rain will come out if you do not string wrappers, but multi-colored buttons. Moreover, regardless of the location and number of holes, the presence or absence of “legs”. Buttons can be strung, leaving a small distance between them, or close to each other. In the second case, for fidelity, they can be additionally fastened with glue, tape.

    Advice! For maximum elegance, buttons can be painted and glued on them with sequins (sequins). And you can leave them in their "pristine" form. They will look no less exclusive, festive.

    Unusual garland can be made of multi-colored buttons.

    When asked how to make rain, there is anotheranswer: it can be sewn. And in the literal sense. As the main elements, blanks can be made, cut according to the pattern of fabric. It can be multi-colored hearts, circles, elements of any other shape. They should be laid out in a row and simply stitched in a line. In the same way, multi-colored strips of paper or foil can be sewn together. Just lay out the details in a row and flash it in a line.

    Advice! Ready-made "jets" can also be hung on the ceiling, walls, hang them on a Christmas tree, decorate them with a doorway.

    New Year's rain wig

    You can take a ready rain and craft from itA fun, bright and shiny wig for a child (or adult) for any holiday matinee. Such “hair” can be of any length, straight or “curled” in funny curls, multi-colored or plain, depending on which rain you use. The main secret of such a wig is a properly made strong foundation, to which rain hair will be glued. First, measure the diameter (circumference) of the head of the child (or adult) and add 2 cm to the “fastener” to the resulting value. The basis of the wig can be made of thick paper, cardboard, ribbons, any material that will hold well on your head. Glue (fasten with tape) the ends of the main circle. Next, attach 3 more strips to the received “hoop” to get a design like a “helmet” or a hat. Fasten the opposite edges of the hoop in the middle with the first strip, and the other two on both sides of it.

    You can make a festive wig out of the rain

    To understand how to make hair out of the rain,you need to mentally imagine any “hairstyle” and begin to stick the “hair” from the multi-colored rain to the base in order to imitate it. The wig should have bangs and main strands of any length. Glue the whole base round with “hair”. In the end, you can make your hair a real haircut, wind the ends, or hair along the entire length, even braid a few strands into pigtails. To make it more diverse, you can make several wigs, using not only “rain”, but also tape (or from digital DVD cassettes), colored paper, thick yarn, tinsel. The final chord of the head decoration will be the crown or any addition that will hide the places of gluing strands. A crown or a decorative cap is put on a wig and at one moment turns the girl into a real fairy-tale princess if her hair is made of golden or multi-colored rain. This product looks chic and very stylish.

    Glowing clouds

    Thinking of how to make rain hands outa variety of materials, you can slightly improve crafts, turning them into luminous objects. To do this, you need candles (special flameless) or any LED bulbs. New Year's garlands bought in the store are also suitable. You need to take the made “rain” threads and wrap them around the garlands. It will turn out not just beauty, but paths iridescent with colorful lights.

    Important! It is imperative to test products for safety so that materials (paper, fabric, threads) do not heat up!

    Such crafts look very impressive, they can be used both as a decoration and as a night lamp.