What to buy and where to put bedroom furniture in a modern style

In the bedroom we rest, restore strength afterlong working day. Our dream and mood, with which we will meet the morning, depend on the layout of this room and its decoration. It is not customary to bring guests here, but bedroom furniture in a modern style can tell a lot about the owner.

Banana Box to Help

The ideal form of the bedroom is the right one.rectangle or square. First, a room of this shape is easier to plan and furnish. Secondly, experts of the current trend of Feng Shui believe that it is this form that favorably affects human health. Even if the room has protruding "appendixes", it is recommended to smooth them with screens, partitions or furniture.

Plan your future bedroom you need to start withpaper. Any designer will tell you that home decoration and bedroom furniture bought in ikea should be drawn first. But do not stop there. Using the same paper, you can approximately see how to arrange objects in the bedroom and how they will "get along" with each other. For the first option, you need a sheet of paper A4 or A3. On it we draw a room on a scale (with windows and a door - a top view), and from another sheet we cut out “objects of interior” on the same scale and “arrange” them until we achieve the desired result.

The second planning option was invented beforedesigner computer programs with volumetric visualization elements. Take a box (for example, from under bananas), cut “windows and doors” in it according to your bedroom, and then make a bed, bedside tables, etc. from paper. The advantage of such planning over computer planning is obvious: if you have the time and desire, you can even paste the box from the inside with the wallpaper selected for the room (by buying a roll or asking for trim in the store), hang the curtains on the “window”, after purchasing a meter of your favorite fabric in the cabin. Believe me, it’s easier to plan a room this way than to move the overall furniture for a long time in search of a better result.

Bed is the head of everything

This is the main element of the bedroom. Under it, the rest of the bedroom furniture in a modern style is already being selected: bedside tables, wardrobe, table. Depending on the area of ​​the sleep room, you first need to determine what the size of the "bed" will be (160 or 180 cm). It is checked that 20 cm in a small bedroom will not seem good, but a punishment, when every morning and evening you will hit your calves with protruding edges.

The ideal form of the bedroom is a regular rectangle or square. If the room has protruding "appendixes", then it is recommended to smooth them with screens, partitions or furniture

In addition to size, location also plays a large role.beds with respect to windows and doors. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the place of sleep should not be set in front of the door or so that it “rests” on the side of the bed. And it is strictly forbidden to sleep head to the entrance. Therefore, when buying bedroom furniture in IKEA, you need to put a bed with a bedside table parallel to the supporting wall (window), head to the blank wall so that the front door does not "go out" to the sleeping place.

What to do with the rest?

The bedroom is not only a bed, but also othersnecessary furniture and interior items. First of all, you need a closet. Well, if you have a huge bedroom and allows you to place bedroom furniture in it in a modern style, it is more difficult for those who live in standard-type apartments. In a small room, the ideal way out of the situation is to install a sliding wardrobe - it takes less space and does not disturb the shape of the room. Of course, pleasure is not cheap, but practice shows that buying is worth it.

In addition to the cabinet, you will need the "satellites" of the bed -bedside tables. Traditionally, such bedroom furniture in a modern style comes complete with a bed, but if the room is really small, you can buy a bed, on the back of which shelves for small things are attached. The question with table lamps in this case is removed by installing wall sconces.

At the bed "foot", if size allowsrooms, you can put a special shop. This attribute, of course, is optional, but if you put a pencil case under it, then this piece of furniture will perform two functions at once - to serve as a “seater” and a place where you can put robes before bedtime.

Now about things that should not be in the bedroom. In person non grata, Feng Shui experts brought a TV, stereo systems, directional lamps and mirrors. And God forbid to put an aquarium in the bedchamber. It is in the living room that he brings good luck and wealth, and here, as the teaching says, only misfortunes. The bedroom welcomes candles and scattered light fixtures, pink sheets and heart-shaped toys.

Color decides a lot

The color scheme of the bedroom should be calm andconcise. Ideally, these are pastel colors, no flashy coloring. A small room is good to paste over with light wallpaper. This will visually increase the space. The same applies to the choice of curtains - with their help you can visually make the room more spacious.