Interior swing doors: photo description

Interior doors - an integral element of the design of the apartment, the third most important after the floor and ceiling. You can save on wallpaper, decorative elements, but you need to select quality doors.

In this article we will talk about the choice of interior doors, as well as what types of doors are. It will be about three main styles:
• Art Nouveau is a design that matches fashion trends;
• hi-tech - its difference in right angles and clear lines, the design uses a lot of glass parts;
• classic - doors in this style, as a rule, of strict lines and proportions, not overloaded with unnecessary decor elements.

Double hinged interior doors are acquired by people whose houses and apartments are large in size, and the doorways are so large that one cannot do without a shutter.
Consumers generally prefer doors.unusual designs in the modern style, trying to make sure that they are in harmony with the decor of the room. Doors and furniture in an apartment should not differ too much in style - this rule must be followed when choosing door structures in the first place.

Double wing swing doorsinstalled in standard apartments, usually in living rooms. Many people are tempted to furnish a high-tech room, where there are a lot of straight lines, a lot of glass. However, this style is appropriate only in minimally furnished rooms. In modern interiors, the tendency to a large number of all kinds of furniture prevails, and hi-tech doors will look lonely against this background. Therefore, mainly in the living rooms set door structures in the Art Nouveau style. Such doors are quite beautiful and have a large number of various elements. As for the classical style, the swinging interior doors in this design will look no worse than in the modern style, as they fit into any situation and do not “draw” attention to themselves.

If you want to better imagine today's assortment of all kinds of door structures (including swinging interior doors), photo options can be found on the Internet in abundance.

When choosing door structures, remember thatmodern interior doors should not be any protruding elements. Everything that protrudes outward will visually increase the size of the door. You should choose doors whose cutouts for panels have rounded corners - so they will not accumulate dust and dirt. The interior door should not have a large number of glass elements, otherwise you can forget about sound insulation.

Another very important point when choosing a door -this is its cover. Double-wing swinging interior doors should be faced with solid wood or any other high-quality material. In no case do not choose doors with paper coating or illumination, which will soon be peeled off, and they look very cheap and tasteless.

The texture of the door is also of no small importance. A door with a pure white, smooth surface would not be the best option. It is better to choose a slightly rough, variegated texture so that any blots or defects are less noticeable.

Finally, the last significant aspect is the platbands. Hinged interior doors, the dimensions of which are slightly larger than standard, require the selection of appropriate trim. And if earlier it was possible everywhere to see platbands with a classic gash at an angle of 45 degrees, then on modern interior doors the platbands are sawn at a right angle. A good assembly of platbands is considered if the upper horizontal part of the clypeus is slightly thinner than the side ones. Thus, the upper clypeus deepens deeper inward, so that its lateral cut end is not visible.

Accessories for interior doors. How to choose?

To choose a pen that suits you, you needquickly grab her about ten times. If at the same time you feel discomfort, then this option is not considered. The handle with sharp corners is injurious. The simpler the pen, the better.

Another important detail is hidden loops. Such hinges are good because they are invisible with closed doors and do not violate the harmonious appearance of the structure. However, they have a small minus: not all hidden loops open 180 degrees, which makes their use limited. When choosing such loops, it is necessary to take this feature into account. In addition, if you want to install a classic door with a carved handle, you should use only open hinges during installation. With hidden hinges, such a door does not look.

Completes the list of accessories for the door lock. It can be silent with a plastic tongue. Magnetic locks that do not have an open tongue are also offered on the market: it appears only when the door is closed, and when opened with a handle, it drowns back. This design is the most durable, and also lacks protruding elements, which is very good.

If, when choosing doors or accessories, you are inIf you doubt something, it is better to turn to specialists. Already having a little knowledge in this area, with the help of consultants you can choose a high-quality interior door. Moreover, modern online door stores are ready to provide advice on any issue around the clock.