Sliding interior doors: tips and choice

A variety of stylistic ideas for todaythe day is so large that it is difficult to predict what a particular citizen will build in his apartment or house. Many latest technologies, unique developments and accessories can turn any house into a palace. But no matter what repair is carried out, there is always a basic rule - to save space or visually increase it. Interior sliding doors, photos of whichfilled sites with repairs and design ideas - the best way to achieve this. And the swing doors, unfortunately, require spatial freedom for their complete opening.

An important fact is that limiting the risk of injury in an apartment is also largely due to the device of sliding doors: in the dark you will not hit an open door or you will not pinch your finger by accident.

How were sliding interior doors created?

Often, talking about this design of doors,recall Japan, the entrances of shopping and entertainment centers and subways. About two hundred years before our era in Japan were known "Fusuma Shoji" - sliding doors. They tightly entered the architectural structures of Japan. The direct purpose of these elements was to delimit the room into separate rooms.

Sliding interior doors will help to save space or visually increase it

In European countries, the installation of slidinginterior doors became popular later, around the 1st century, long before the creation of the subways. At first, sliding doors gained popularity in Greece and the Roman Empire. Their task was to conceal secret rooms, as well as other rooms.

In Japan, the stipulated doors looked like a frame, asas a rule, wooden, which was covered with special paper of high strength. The European countries were characterized by completely wooden models, and in Asia they created compartment doors from seemingly so expensive bronze and stone. This was due to a shortage of wood materials. Sliding interior doors on rails and rollers did not differ in the principle and functions of work in ancient times and today. The only difference is that our ancestors made rails of wood or stone, and current manufacturers use a special profile.

What types of structures do they emit?

The main advantage of the design is the principle of operation due to the maximum economy of working or living space in the room. Interior sliding doors may have the following:

  1. Parallel sliding type with the necessary fittings.
  2. Foldable sliding type with special fittings.

Sliding interior doors are often applicable when covering a wide opening

In the first embodiment, the number of wings canvary from one or more, it all depends on the desire of the owner of the room. If a sliding door is interroom single-door, then its mechanism is based on the shift of the canvas parallel to the wall, or directly into the space of the wall. Variants of multi-leaf parallel-sliding models are arranged a little differently and more complicated. According to the standard, the configuration does not exceed four wings.

Folding-sliding design, or rather, itsSashes are divided into panels of equal width. Their number in different versions varies from three to seven. These models are popularly known as the accordion door. When opening the sashes are laid in the side of the opening and are fixed there. Variants are possible when folded casement elements are “sunk” in the wall cavity. This is possible when matching the size of the latter.

Sliding interior doors (video reviewconstructions can be viewed on the Internet) of the two described options are often applicable when covering a wide opening - in the case when standard doors are inappropriate. The doors of the negotiated models are compared with the “Fusuma Shoji” popular in Japan due to the common task of distinguishing rooms.

To perform models of sliding types of doors, various types of source material are used

Material for constructions

To execute models of sliding door typesapply various types of source material. It can be a wood frame containing floors made of fiberboard, glass, wood, chipboard, plastic and others. The standard dimensional indicators are: 2 meters 5 centimeters in height, from 0.6 to 1 meter in width, and a thickness of 4 centimeters. The sliding glass door is not uncommon. Despite the fact that at first glance it seems fragile, the demand for these models is great. These options can be framed, or can be without a frame. Sliding systems for the interior doors of the latter type consist in fixing only the guide upper profile on the rollers. As a rule, tempered glass is used, which means that its weight is not small, especially with a thickness of more than eight millimeters. Accessories for sliding interior doors of this type must be high quality.

Accessories - what is it?

Fittings elements correctly selected andhigh-quality, account for half the success of installing and operating a sliding door model. What should certainly be included in the basic minimum configuration?

  1. Guide profile (upper). Its standard length is two meters.
  2. Guide lower profile.
  3. A set of mounts.
  4. Rollers. Their number varies depending on the type and size of the model, but there must be exactly enough of them to ensure full-fledged operation of the structure.
  5. Emphasis. These devices perform the function of limiters when moving along the profile of the canvas.
  6. Ready-made flap coupes or door panels, from which in the future will be assembled "accordion".
  7. Platbands.
  8. Extras.
  9. To hide the rollers and the guide profile, a bar is used, it is called decorating.
  10. Clamps. Their function is to hold the door leaves in position when opening.
  11. Handles, and also locks which are built in shutters.

To ensure silent operationDoors are recommended to use rollers made of silicone, as well as "quiet" bearings. At least two casters must be installed on one leaf. If the weight of the wings is more than 75 kilograms, it is necessary to equip the door with at least four rollers.

How interior doors are characterized

Like any design, the sliding mechanism for interior doors and the doors themselves have not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Positive sides:

  1. The ability to automatically close and open doors.
  2. Draft is not terrible for these structures, they are not exposed to gusts of wind. So - the door itself will not shut.
  3. Closing the door leaves is silent and light, just like opening.
  4. Maximum savings in living or working space.

Sliding interior doors are not exposed to gusts of wind

Negative sides:

  1. Castle structures are unique and quite expensive. Installation of mortise locks is excluded.
  2. Low thermal insulation properties, which makes it impossible to install structures as input sliding doors.
  3. Low soundproofing properties do not allow the installation of doors in bathrooms, rooms bordering children and entertainment.
  4. Niche in the wall cavity designed forheating the door, accumulates a sufficient amount of dust. It is difficult to remove these contaminants. If the rollers are squinting, there is a chance that the retractable sheet will jam in the niche space. In order to avoid such situations, it is recommended to select such structural models that provide at least one removable part of the "pocket". Do-it-yourself installation of sliding interior doors is possible, but it must be carefully thought out and made using technology so that there are no problems in the future. It is worth remembering basic precautions and trifles. The wall, on the basis of which the canvas will be pulled out or into which it will be “recessed” in the future, should be deprived of switches or sockets. It is forbidden to install them in this wall after equipping the door. In the thickness of the wall should not be wiring and electrical appliances.

Sliding interior doors are able to automatically close and open

Where it is more rational to install such doors

The most popular and practical option is betweenliving rooms. For this purpose, bivalve structures are often used. Sashes can be adjusted, which allows you to manipulate the creation of spaces. That is, at any moment a cozy room can be turned into a large living room. It is practical and rational to use sliding door designs in the technical room. For example, a dressing room or pantry can be protected with an accordion door. This will help to save useful space, but at the same time will help to provide the most convenient access to necessary things.

Such designs are ideal for rooms where people with disabilities live. The rooms can be equipped with automatic opening systems (due to the operation of infrared sensors), and the shutters will not interfere with the movement of the wheelchair. There are also remote control systems.

Unplanned premises are fenced off preciselynegotiable types of designs. It can be training zones in the bedroom, as well as work, computer. Thus, irreplaceable spaces do not “spoil” the view of a cozy bedroom or living room.

Sliding interior doors are ideal for installation in rooms where people with disabilities live

Installation of doors of various options for models of sliding structures

Before you create a sliding interiordo-it-yourself doors, you need to determine the amount of work ahead and its complexity. It is worth noting that it is rather difficult to make a pocket-recess in the cavity of the wall with a heavy door (for example, glass), and it is better to entrust such work to masters and specialists. It’s unlikely that you can save on a “home-made pocket”, as you simply destroy the wall and suffer considerable damage. You can independently install standard coupe doors.

How to proceed when installing the door

  1. We take measurements. First of all, the height of the canvas of the future door. To the resulting length we add 7 centimeters. We memorize the resulting number and postpone exactly this distance from the bottom up along the wall. It’s convenient to use roulette for this action. At the required level, put a mark.
  2. At the elevation level, draw a line parallel to the floor. To do this, you must apply a level so that the line comes out absolutely perfectly straight. Its length should be the height of the opening and capture the wall. It is worth noting on the wall on which the door will subsequently “overlap” when opened. For example, the width of the opening is 70 centimeters, respectively, the length of the full line should be 1 meter 40 centimeters.
  3. A wooden beam is applied to the planned line. Its lower side should be above the line. The length is double the width of the opening (in this embodiment, 140 cm). The installed beam is fastened using self-tapping screws. A prerequisite is its ideal overlay on the line.
  4. A profile is attached to the bottom of the beam,being a guide. The latter should be installed so that there is space between the sash and the wall. It will ensure the smooth sliding of the door leaf. It is very important to set the profile in a perfectly straight line, regardless of what curvature of the beam.
  5. After that, the carriage is collected andmovement tested. To do this, the bolts with the rollers are screwed in, but they must be screwed in so that their tips slightly out of the hole of the carriages. Each carriage is individually introduced into the profile assembled the day before and moved. The guide is not lubricated from the inside!
  6. Next, limiters are installed on the ends of the profile. At the same time, rubber shock absorbers should look at one another.
  7. We prepare a groove for the lower guide. A construction plumb line will be needed here. The latter must be attached to one of the edges of the top guide. We expect the plumb line to stop and mark the indicated point. The same procedure is performed from the opposite side. The points marked with a plumb line are connected in one line - it will become an external border for the groove set in the future. The groove is sawn with a drill or a parquet saw, as well as a milling cutter. The depth is 0.18 centimeters, and the width must certainly be wider than the lower profile by 0.2 cm. After eruption, a guide is installed in the groove and fixed.
  8. They are installed in the door leaf of the mount for the carriage - exactly in the center, retreating 0.2 centimeters from the sides of the sash. The semicircular notches located on the brackets should look at the plane of the wall.
  9. When all the necessary fixtures are made, you canstart installing directly the canvas. Alone, this work cannot be dealt with, so the help of a partner is needed. The canvas must be attached tightly to the profile and raised. This ensures compatibility of the bracket recess with the carriage bolt on the right. It is necessary to insert a bolt into the finished hole, but we do not start the adjustment nut in the bracket. Now the nuts fix the brackets to the bolts. At the same time, it does not make sense to completely tighten them all the way.
  10. It is necessary to introduce the canvas into the guide below. When performing this action, it is important to maintain a distance of 0.5-0.7 centimeters between the bottom of the door and the floor. This is achieved by loosening or tightening the adjusting bolts on the carriages.
  11. When performing a complete installation and fixing the door leaf, decorative trim is applied to the upper guide profile. Since the platband is folding, there is always access to the carriages.
  12. The very last stage is the installation of lock fittings, as well as handles or decorating elements.

Installation of interior sliding doors on their own is quite real

As you can see, when installing the standard modelsliding door no questions. It is just necessary to do everything according to technology, and not to rush. Installation on your own is quite real. But it is worth noting that in case of self-doubt, it is better to entrust the installation of a sliding door to the masters. This will not only reduce installation time, cause less damage to the walls and floor, but also in cases of force majeure, in case of damage to the canvas or accessories, the liability will fall on the installers. This will save you money and to some extent nerve cells.

Interior sliding doors Moscowprovides a wide range. There are a large number of factories, companies and stores dealing with this issue. Their experts will not only help you determine the model, design, size, but also tell you what fittings are best to choose for a particular type of compartment door and accordion door. They will also help with installation, mounting, further maintenance and in the event of malfunctions during operation.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try new ones.technologies. Sliding doors gained their popularity in many countries and actively replaced swing doors. Their practicality, ease of use and care are recognized by all users and more than once confirmed. Sliding doors for residential and office buildings are applicable.