DIY wooden door

Today, consumers are offereda wide range of doors, but people are not always satisfied with the options available on the market. Many people strive to make entrance doors of wood on their own, but such a process will require a person to have certain carpenter skills, some specialized equipment and tools. However, if desired, even an inexperienced master can achieve a good result.

Preparation for the manufacture of wooden doors with your own hands

For the manufacture of input insulated woodenDoors usually use species such as pine or spruce, although the latter is less commonly used. Spruce is not very suitable for such work, since its wood includes too many branches, significantly slowing down and complicating the required process. The structure of its fiber is heterogeneous and often undergoes delamination, therefore pine is deservedly recognized as an ideal option for creating wooden doors.

For the manufacture of entrance insulated wooden doors, pine boards are usually used.

You can get an even, beautiful door in the end,only thanks to carefully selected boards. Boards should not have any shortcomings, too large knots, and the structure of the fibers must be optimally smooth. Attention should be paid to the presence of blue on the surface, indicating that the material has already begun to shine a little, so its use will be undesirable.

To achieve full confidence in wood,it is necessary to organize the process of thorough drying. Even if outwardly the material looks absolutely ready for use, it is worth it to be safe before proceeding with the manufacture of wooden interior doors by your own efforts. Each board is laid on special gaskets, due to which there will be no contact of the elements of the tree, because moisture should leave the fibers completely unhindered. Otherwise, mold may form which could cause irreparable harm to the material.

To achieve complete confidence in the wood, it is necessary to organize the process of thorough drying

The place to dry the boards should be in good faithventilate, the optimal room temperature should exceed 25 degrees. Wood drying usually lasts for one to two months. An independently made door will be of high quality and will last a lot of time if the craftsmen do not rush into the process of drying the material.

The process of creating and installing a wooden door

Getting started on the doora person should clearly imagine how such a door should look at the end of all work. To obtain such knowledge, everyone will be helped by photos of wooden doors, which can be found in the respective manuals or on the Internet. For the process of creating a door, you must have carpentry glue, a planer, fiberboard, boards, screws, milling cutters and other tools, information about which can also be found independently.

Entrance wooden door: 1-post; 2-upper cross member; 3-middle cross member; 4 lower crossbeam; 5-upper median; 6-lower middle; 7-panel; 8-wooden dowel 8 x 40 (mm)

Quality door made of wood will become laterprotect the owners not only from possible criminals, but also from noise, from the cold, so one of the parties is made completely smooth. It is glued with fiberboard, on which a special insulation will be put in the future.

To make your own wooden doorhands, you should set its dimensions in accordance with the existing internal dimensions of the door frame. All sizes must be checked carefully, otherwise the work will be done in vain.

Door frame marking for hinges

When the sizing process is complete,a person proceeds directly to the manufacture of wooden doors. It is necessary to check the absence of slots in the grooves and the free entry of the tenon. If the results are satisfactory, then the finished door is disassembled and reassembled, but glue is already being used. The environment will influence the front door, therefore, additional reinforcement with dowels, special wooden choppers, the width of which is 1 centimeter, is desirable. When they pass through the spike, they are carefully coated with glue and then driven in. After drying, it is worth grinding off those parts of the dowels that protrude somewhat, the surface of the finished door should look completely smooth.

For the correct installation of a wooden door, beforeIn total, it should be decided how many loops it will be attached to. Then the most accurate marking is performed, by means of self-tapping screws the loops are fixed on the box and the canvas. Then there is a canopy of the door, it is necessary to check how the process of opening and closing it occurs. With all previous work performed flawlessly, an open door will not change the position in which it was left. In case of minimal skew, the door will begin to close or open. Installing a wooden door is a very painstaking process, requiring a lot of patience, but all actions should be performed perfectly, the degree of comfort of staying in the house will depend on this.

Possibilities of insulation of a wooden door

So that the cold does not penetrate the canvas, butthe owners of the house were not bothered by the noise from the street, you should certainly carry out the insulation of the front wooden door. There are several ways to insulate the door yourself, one of them is installing seals on the door frame made of wood.

The dimensions of the seal may vary depending on the size of the fold and the box itself

It is customary to use a meter cord for the sealantmade of rubber glued to the rebate of the box. Its dimensions may vary depending on the size of the fold and the box itself. Measurements should be carried out in the most thorough manner, then the film is removed from the rubber seal and by hand, it is attached to the intended places. This version of the solution to the problem of cold and external noise is considered to be the most simple and common, this method is most often used.

In order to warm the wooden door alsouse sealing by means of rollers. Usually the same material that was used for the door is used to make them. From the available upholstery material, a person makes strips with his own hands, their length must slightly exceed the side of the door leaf, to which they will have to be attached. The width of the strip is usually about 10-12 centimeters.

For the purpose of warming a wooden door, sealing by means of rollers is also used.

Insulation is placed in the inner part of the strips, inwhich can be cotton wool or felt. The strip, already filled with insulation, twists, then special cloves of a decorative nature are used, it is with their help that the roller is nailed to the edge of the door leaf. The rollers themselves must go beyond the canvas, along their perimeter they should form a certain layer of a protective plan. As soon as the door is closed, the rollers will be tightly pressed to the jamb of her box, that’s how they will close all the cracks.

There is also a method of insulation made fromwood doors through polystyrene foam, in which there is also nothing too complicated. It is enough to cut a piece from this material, the dimensions of which will ideally suit the dimensions of the door leaf. The cut-out part of the foam is carefully glued to the door, after which it is covered with the material selected for sheathing.

For insulation, part of the foam is carefully glued to the door, after which there is a close-fitting.

Further along the entire perimeter of the door leafthey fill the slats of the same thickness as the foam. Between these slats, insulation is laid on the glue. After that, plywood or a special laminated chipboard is finished on top of the rails, different materials can be used.

The process of insulation made of woodthe door will not constitute any particular difficulty for a person if he fully understands all the attendant nuances, correctly selects the most suitable insulation and begins to carry out the intended thermal insulation in full accordance with the proposed technologies. Everyone who really has a corresponding desire will be able to familiarize themselves with the rules of creating a wooden door for a summer residence and do all the necessary work independently, for this it does not require any specialized skills or experience.

Door frame mounting diagram

Now a lot of information is posted on the Interneton the topic of repair and construction work, it is not difficult to find widely illustrated materials on the hand-made production of wooden doors. Knowing what kind of door he needs and having studied all the stages of the process of its creation, any person will be able to make a high-quality and most convenient fixture for his home, which will serve as protection for the whole family for many years. However, it is necessary to act in the course of manufacturing a door from wood without any haste and with extreme care so that time and effort are not wasted, and it is not necessary to start all work again.