Conifers in landscape design: photos of beautiful sites

Decoration of parks, estates and countryside plotsgreen spaces were popular in ancient times. Today conifers in landscape design are an opportunity to decorate the surrounding space beautifully and richly, and your garden will look original at any time of the year.

How to choose a composition?

Most gardeners prefer to draw up theirsuburban areas with conifers that look interesting in any season. Conifers in landscape design have become popular due to their unique properties: plants look harmonious both in single plantings and in compositions throughout the year, because they are not pretentious to the types of soil, can tolerate any weather conditions, rarely “get sick”.

In addition to the aesthetic effect, green decorations attract attention:

  • Qualitative absorption of dust, noise.
  • Retention of gusts of wind.
  • By softening the microclimate around the country house.
  • Prevention of the multiplication of viruses, bacteria and insects.
  • Providing air with a large amount of oxygen, volatile.
  • If you dream of always green well-groomedenvironment, in which a favorable microclimate will be provided, then coniferous compositions in landscape design will be an excellent solution. In addition, you can always choose plants of the most unusual form and different size of crowns, which allows you to create the most daring and unexpected compositions on a suburban area.

    What and how to choose?

    For the decor of the site, you can choose a variety of conifers - in the landscape design, fir, pine, spruce, juniper, cypress look very interesting.

    Despite the unpretentiousness to conditionsthe growth of these plants, create compositions based on them in accordance with several rules. If there are birch trees, bird cherry trees on the site, then the proximity of conifers with them is not the best solution. To create a beautiful and correct composition, you need to remember the following:

  • you can’t plant spruce, fir with pines and cedars near, and the thuja does not grow very well next to the spruce;
  • not a single coniferous plant will grow near the larch;
  • climatic conditions play an important role: cypress will not grow in harsh climates.
  • Coniferous trees for plot designto purchase both in specialized nurseries and in stores. When choosing them, you need to pay attention to the condition of the roots: they must have a lump of earth, have good moisture, as dry roots will be difficult to reanimate.

    Create a beautiful composition

    You can use conifers in different ways.landscape design: the photo shows how to correctly decorate your summer cottage. To create a harmonious design, you need to consider several rules for creating a beautiful composition:

    Shape geometry

    Composition from different plants, according todesigners, should be based on the principle of contrast. Plants in the form of a pyramid next to shrubs in the shape of a ball, tall or short plants will look elegant. Garden paths can be decorated with volume bushes.

    Contrast combinations

    The combination of contrasting colors, shapes -the ability to create different visual effects. Against the background of small bushes, tall trees will be striking, in the transitions of volumes and shapes - the opportunity to smooth the exterior design.

    Asymmetry and symmetry

    Use of conifers in landscape designinvolves a combination of incongruous. That is, you can decorate the site with both symmetrical and neat compositions, and unusual asymmetric elements, which in all combinations look harmonious and logical.

    These are the main points to keep in mind whenplanning a site where evergreens will be used. Thanks to the wide selection of coniferous plants, you can always choose plants that will create a harmonious, picturesque ensemble on the site.

    High, low or medium conifers?

    Among the popular tall plants to createbeautiful green compositions include western thuja, juniper, spiny spruce, ordinary pine, Pincus pine. Thuja should be planted in shaded areas: it is often used as a hedge. Pine Vaterri attracts attention with an unusual twisted spherical shape, so the site design will be even more interesting and even more unexpected. Among the often used conifers in landscape design, medium-sized plants can be noted.

    If tall bushes and trees are usedlike a hedge, medium plants are a great solution for accents. So, Konika spruce, which is branched, grows slowly and looks very attractive, and yew berry with compactness attracts attention with lush greenery and bright red berries. For lovers of round shapes, the western thuja is suitable: it has the shape of a compact ball with rich branches.

    Medium coniferous plants harmoniously combine withundersized variations. As for the low plants that creep on the ground, then they need enough space for development. With the help of spruce Lombers or thuja Tini, you can create a prickly lawn that will look attractive.


    If you are for the beauty and harmony of your garden,then a great solution for its decor - conifers in landscape design. The photo shows how interesting compositions can be created if you follow all the rules of decoration. It must be remembered that a composition of shrubs and trees looks holistic if it consists of plants of only two heights. The lawn looks great as a background for conifers.

    Very often trees plant nearreservoir to create a truly unified, original exterior of the site. The most effective solution is to orient the plants to the west or east of the plot - this way they will have enough light. Landscape design from conifers will be harmonious, attractive if you create it from conifers of different shapes, colors and textures.

    Pictures of conifers in landscaping