Making jewelry from plastic bottles

Recently, a lot of interestingand new ideas for crafts, applications and decorations from a variety of materials. Plastic bottles were no exception, they also found application. And we must pay tribute to the diversity of ideas.

Plastic material is used to decorate summer cottages. Many crafts are made in kindergartens for playgrounds, and from the caps of plastic bottles you can make nice curtains for country houses, mosaics for fences and much more.

Plastic material is used to decorate summer cottages.

Pretty topical plastic jewelrybottles are a variety of bracelets, necklaces and the like. Oddly enough, very beautiful elements for jewelry are made of plastic. Such products in the hands of an experienced craftsman turn into beautiful products that are very successful and look very attractive.

Plastic makes very beautiful elements for jewelry

Palm for a summer cottage

We suggest that you read the instructions for suchdecorations from plastic bottles for a country house, like a palm tree. A rather original product will not only become the highlight of your site, but will also delight the youngest members of the family - children.

For stability and strength palms choose a rod from metal as the basis

Detailed instructions for making palm-decor from plastic:

  1. To build a palm trunk, you needprepare at least 15 brown bottles with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters. Each of the bottles must be divided into 2 halves (neck and bottom) with scissors. On each half, scissors make incisions throughout the circle. The cut strips are bent outward. From the neck you need to remove the lid, and make a hole in the bottom - this is all necessary to string the base onto a metal barrel.
  2. For the top of the palm you need bottles ofgreen plastic. It is advisable to pick up long bottles, the size of palm twigs will depend on this. For each branch, the very first bottle is left with a cap; subsequent bottles that will be attached to the main bottle should be cut just below the neck. Then, with the help of scissors, cuts are made - leaflets, leaving an untouched section of 5 cm from the edge, using a twisted lid to secure them.
  3. For stability and palm strength, a rod from metal is chosen as the basis (you can take willow). Brown bar blanks are put on the rod, and finished palm branches are attached on top.

For the top of the palm you need bottles of green plastic

Everyone can make jewelry from plastic bottles in the shape of a palm tree with their own hands, you need to make a little effort and be patient, the end result will please you.

Funny pig made of plastic containers

To decorate a summer cottage or a private courtyard, you can make many interesting figures from plastic bottles, one of which is a pig with a funny mug.

A cheerful pig will decorate a summer cottage

For such a fake you will need to preparethe following material: five liter bottles, 4 pcs. liter bottles, 1 large nail, oracal (self-adhesive film) black for making a patch and eye, black felt-tip pen (marker), pink and black acrylic paint, brush, scissors, simple pencil, white paper.

Phased production of piglets from plastic bottles

Making crafts:

  • first, prepare the blanks for the pig’s hooves, for this you need to cut the neck of four liter bottles;
  • stencils should be cut from sheets of white paper: piglet, ears, eyes for the future pig; then everything is transferred from the paper to the oracle and is cut out;
  • for the tail of the piglet it is better to use a new bottle; with the help of scissors in a circle cut a strip that is not too wide;
  • we take a five-liter bottle and use a felt-tip pen to mark with dots those areas where the hooves, tail and muzzle will be located;
  • then we take a nail and heat it, then we pierce hoof holes for hooves in the places marked with a felt-tip pen (marker); after that we fix all the elements to the body;
  • to top, paint the piglet with pink paint, the hooves with black paint;
  • stick blanks for a patch and eyes on the face.

  • To decorate the summer cottage, you can make flowerpots in the form of a pig

    Decorations for the yard from the bottles are ready!

    Garden frog

    The bottle decoration for your garden in the form of a frog will surprise you with its simplicity of manufacture and will delight you with originality.

    A bottle decoration for your garden in the shape of a frog will surprise you with ease of manufacture

    For crafts, you should prepare one bottle0.5 liter and 2 bottles of 2 liters. At one of the 2 liter bottles you need to cut the bottom in a circle with scissors, while measuring 4 cm from the bottom. With the second 2 liter bottle, do the same, with one difference - measure from the bottom 5 cm and then cut it off.

    Put the lower parts from the bottles to the side, and form the frog legs from the upper ones: with a felt-tip pen on plastic, draw the contours of the legs and cut them out.

    Do not forget to paint the frog with green paint

    Advice! It is better if the hind legs are slightly larger than the front.

    After the blanks are cut, we take a green paint and paint all the elements for crafts.

    Our frog will not be simple, but a princess,therefore, we will make a real crown for her. Now we need the remaining 0.5 liter bottle. It is necessary to measure with a ruler from the neck 6-8 cm (this is the height of the future headgear), then use the felt-tip pen to draw the teeth, cut along the contour and paint in a golden hue.

    </ p>

    As soon as all the elements of the product are dry, theycan be assembled. To do this, you need to take an awl, heat and make a hole in the lid on the crown, in the bottom of the green blank, the one that is lower. Connect the 2 elements through the holes using wire.

    Now you need to attach the legs to the future body of the frog: we pierce the workpiece with a heated awl on the sides and attach the hind legs to the holes, the front legs will be attached to the bottom.

    The frog will look great in your garden among flowers or on a green lawn

    We insert 2 sides, top and bottom, into each other, so that the craft stands better, sand can be added inside the body. Finally, draw eyes, mouth, nose, and other necessary elements.

    A photo of the resulting frog from plastic bottles is provided for a more illustrative example, and the decoration itself will look great in your garden among flowers or on a green lawn.

    Frogs made of plastic bottles and polyurethane foam will look more attractive.

    An original fence for your summer cottage

    Not only plastic bottles can be madeoriginal products. Quite beautiful, and sometimes practical, jewelry is obtained from corks from plastic bottles. With their help, you can decorate the fence, make a rug, curtains for your country house, and the cottage will become a fabulous place where you want to constantly return with your family.

    With the help of corks from plastic bottles you can decorate the fence

    We suggest trying to decorate the fence with covers frombottles, and not just lay out, but with a certain pattern. Such paintings are obtained using mosaic technology. The work is quite painstaking, but the result is worth it.

    Attention! The first step is to assemble a sufficient number of covers, the colors you need. All items must be clean and dry.

    The first step is to collect a sufficient number of covers, the colors you need

    Initially, you will need to determine the patternor a pattern by which the mosaic will be laid out. The fence must be covered with paint and draw clear contours of the picture. To make it easier and more convenient to attach the covers and not get confused, the entire fence, including the section with the pattern, should be divided into squares of the same size.

    You can use self-tapping screws or even nails to attach traffic jams to a wooden fence

    Lids from plastic bottles canuse for fences made of various materials, the main thing is to acquire durable and high-quality glue. Mostly buy BF-2 or BF-4. This type of glue is used for polyethylene. For fastening on a wooden fence, you can use self-tapping screws or even nails.

    The side of the lid for the mosaic can be used at your discretion

    To make the whole composition look interesting andbeautiful, caps should be closely applied to each other. The side of the lid for the mosaic can be used at your discretion. But it should be noted that the lids that are attached on the inside will be well cleaned and dirt will not clog in them. If desired, the seams are poured with a solution of cement.

    For beginners in this business, it is recommended to choose a simple drawing of a small size. This will be a great practice before you make a beautiful big picture of the covers.

    For beginners, it is recommended to choose a simple small size drawing.

    Bright butterflies from plastic bottles

    How to make a decoration from plastic bottles not only for a summer residence, but also for an apartment?

    Attention! The brightest and most fabulous butterflies will decorate your home,will please your children, become an original gift for loved ones. And children can be involved in the manufacture of such jewelry; this will become a very interesting activity for them.

    The brightest and most fabulous butterflies will decorate your home

    To decorate in the form of a butterfly from a plastic bottle you will need:

  • a bottle of any shade and size;
  • scissors;
  • strong sheet of paper (cardboard);
  • a simple pencil (well planed);
  • wire;
  • beads;
  • paints (acrylic, different colors).

  • On a thick sheet of paper you need to draw the contours of the butterfly and cut

    Cut the middle from the bottle, for this cut off the neck and bottom, and cut the middle part to get a solid sheet.

    On a thick sheet of paper you need to draw contoursbutterflies and cut. Then attach the template to the sheet from a plastic bottle, circle along the contour with a felt-tip pen and carefully cut. Attach the wire in the middle, along the bend line.

    You can decorate a butterfly with beads

    The butterfly is ready, it remains to paint a pattern with paints, which will depend on your imagination and fiction. Beads can further decorate the product.

    The photo shows the original jewelry from plastic bottles in the shape of a butterfly, which are easy to do with your own hands.