How to clean the white sole of the shoe?

Many athletic shoe lovers often don’t know how to clean the white sole in order to give sneakers or sneakers a good look without ruining them. There are many proven ways to help save a thing.

It is worth remembering that each of them is suitable forspecific type of shoes. Therefore, before you start cleaning your favorite sneakers, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations given by experienced experts or those who have successfully completed this task before.

Most often, sports cut shoes get dirty. It’s hard to imagine a situation where, after playing sports or just walking, white sneakers will remain perfectly clean. Sports shoes are designed for such walks and trainings, so you should not rely on the fact that they will always be clean. Sooner or later, you will have to think about how to clean the white sole of your shoes.

Most often, sports cut shoes get dirty

But this is not the only problem thatfaced lovers of light shoes. After each wash, the rubber sole begins to take on an increasingly pronounced yellow hue. As a result, snow-white sneakers turn yellow. The problem can be solved with detergents.

How to wash shoes?

How to effectively clean a white sole at homeconditions? The surest way is washing. Shoes can be washed by hand and in the washing machine. Experts recommend to dry well before loading and clean it from dirt with a brush or sponge. If we are talking about machine wash, then it is better to study the information that is indicated on the product label. The manufacturer indicates the conditions under which the product can be washed. When cleaning shoes, all manufacturer's recommendations should be considered.

Experts recommend drying and cleaning the shoes well with a brush or sponge before loading.

Usually choose the delicate wash mode withoutspin cycle. As for the amount of powder that needs to be added to the machine, the minimum dose is enough. After all, in fact, it is necessary to clean only the top of the product.

Advice! If we talk about how to clean the white sole of the sneakers, then here you can use ordinary powder. If the shoes are white, without any inserts, you can add a little bleach.

They recommend drying shoes in the usual way. You can not put it on hot surfaces (boiler, heating radiators), otherwise the sole is deformed and loses its shape or turns yellow. In this way, only shoes that are made of textiles are cleaned. Leather and suede shoes are cleaned in a different way.

Recommended to dry shoes in the usual way.

Secrets of a white sole

It’s worth remembering that white shoes require more than justCareful care, but also compliance with all operating rules. For example, if such products are dried on a hot surface, they may turn yellow even more. It is not recommended to wear white sneakers in heavy mud or rain. Such shoes can hardly be called everyday, because they will have to be cleaned every time after going outside.

School Eraser Helps Clean Outsole

How to clean the white sole so as not to wash the entire product completely? There are many proven and easy ways that will give it a flawless appearance:

  1. An ordinary school eraser in pure white. It should be noted that he should not leave traces of abrasion on the surface of the shoe. This method of cleaning requires a lot of patience, and time, because the sole of the sneakers is not quite even, so you will have to work hard to clean every bend, corner and cavity. But be that as it may, the eraser helps in such situations.
  2. The next easy way is to usemelamine sponges. They can be purchased at any hardware store. Compared to the eraser, this method is a bit simpler. It is enough just to wet the sponge and wipe the surface of the product, but the result from using the lip is not as high-quality as after the eraser. But the sole is also getting lighter.

Melamine sponge

This is only a small part of how to clean the white sole. There are other methods that will also prove to be quite effective.

The use of bleaching agents

When the question arises of how to clean whitesole, the first thing that comes to mind is any whitening product. For the price bleaches are available to everyone. The only thing to take care of is to avoid direct contact of the skin of the hands with the product, otherwise you can get burns or cause a severe allergic reaction. It is worth remembering that bleaching substances make the sole more porous, that is, their use ages shoes, shortening their service life.

Bleaching agents make the sole more porous

Attention! It is important to consider what material the sole of the shoe is made of.

It is better to first apply a few drops on the sole. If after 2-3 hours there are no obvious signs of damage, then you can proceed to cleaning the entire surface of the sole.

This is done as follows:

  1. A solution is poured into a wide basin, which consists of bleach and water. They are bred in a ratio of 1: 2.
  2. Sneakers or sneakers are placed in the container. Water should completely hide the sole of the shoe, but at the same time not touch the material of the product. Then, every hour, they are removed from the tank and see if the surface is bleached, if everything worked out, then the sneakers are pulled out, and if not, the procedure is continued. Sometimes domestic bleach does not help, then you can use the funds of foreign companies.

Citric acid is an effective and cheap remedy

Alternative to Bleach

How to clean a white rubber sole withoutusing bleaching agents? This can be done with regular toothpowder or toothpaste. You need an old brush with stiff bristles and some powder or paste. You need to thoroughly rub the surface of the sole. This method is great for shoes with grooved or rounded soles.

Toothpaste may be used for cleaning.

There is a method especially popular nowamong young people. Nowadays, shoes with high white soles have become fashionable. In this regard, a very important question arises about how to clean the white sole on slip-ons. To do this, you can use an eraser, sponge or tooth powder. Ordinary citric acid is an excellent and effective remedy. The acid crystals are triturated on the surface of the product, and then left for some time, after which they are thoroughly washed off under running water.