How to make a paper cap with your own hands

There can be many holidays in a person’s life, andoften a paper cap on them becomes an integral part of the costume. Many events are usually held on a large scale and some even arrange carnivals and theatrical performances in honor of this. Especially often, such actions are carried out at children's parties. For each performance, a script is carefully developed where special costumes are often needed.

If the master has a task to docarnival cap, then here you can use several options. It all depends on the type of costume. For example, a cap may be necessary to create the image of a wizard, cook or Christmas tree. Each type of product has its own work options. The easiest and cheapest option is a paper carnival cap. With it, you can make a festive accessory in minutes. Paper caps are very easy to create. For this, it is not necessary to have special skills and use expensive materials.

Wizard's cap

As for how to make a cap of paper with your own hands, for work you will need paper, scissors, glue and various decorations for the finished product. The sheet of paper should be square. We fold it in half. Now bend the upper corners in the middle so that from each to the center there is about 1 cm. Glue the corners a little bit.

The wizard's cap is usually complemented by various attributes of the starry sky.

At the bottom there should be a 2-3 cm line. We bend one part of it forward, slightly fixing it with glue. Then we turn the cap over and bend the second side. We straighten the product so that it can be worn on the head.

After that, you will need various decorations. From glossy paper, you can cut stars, crescent, etc. These elements are glued to the cap. A good way to decorate would be sparkles. They are very easy to use. To do this, lay a newspaper so that the material does not scatter too much. Then, using PVA glue, draw patterns on the cap and sprinkle them with sparkles. Everything superfluous will immediately fly off, and the spangles adhered to the glue will linger on the hood for a long time.

The scheme of manufacturing a star cap

Paper headdress for herringbone costume

In recent years, the Christmas tree costume has becomevery popular at children's parties. If, as a rule, there are no special problems with the manufacture of the dress, then the headgear makes the parents work hard. In fact, everything is done very simply.

For work, you need a large sheet of paper,green tinsel and very small Christmas toys. From paper you need to make a regular bag. Then it must be cut so that the wide part fits the diameter of the child’s head. Now the decoration (tinsel) is used. She needs to carefully wrap the entire cap made of paper. Then the carnival headdress, which by this moment will already resemble a Christmas tree, is decorated with small toys. It is only necessary to choose plastic products for decoration, but in no case glass toys.

Herringbone hat is a great addition to the costume of the "green beauty"

Chef's hat made of paper

It is possible that the scenario of the matinee is eitherAnother holiday event will include a character such as a cook. The costume in this case can be made very simple. It is enough to put an apron on the baby and give him a rolling pin. But this image will not be complete if the child’s head does not have a cap that is traditional and obligatory for this profession. This product can be made of paper, or rather, of several types.

Regarding how to make a paper cap,for work you will need white parchment material, cardboard, adhesive tape or double-sided tape, a ruler and scissors. Before starting the manufacture of the product, it is necessary to correctly measure the child's head. Only then can you start cutting cardboard. From it will be made the base of the cap of paper, which is a strip 5 cm wide.

After that, you need to measure the parchment paper. Its amount should be twice the length of the base. This sheet needs to be laid out on a flat surface and picked up to make wrinkles. Glue one side to the base so that parchment paper occupies half the length of the cardboard. We attach the second side of the gathered parchment with double-sided tape to the rest of the cardboard base.

The base of the chef's hat is best made of thicker paper, and the cap itself is made of thin

Now the cardboard needs to be carefully glued together to make a circle. The top is straightened out and slightly leveled. The folds need to be left, but to make them more even in those places where it will be necessary.

There should be gaps on the sides, from which you needget rid of. To do this, glue parchment paper to the base in the sides of the cap. We get a cute and interesting chef's hat out of paper with our own hands.

Advice! Such a hat is suitable for a matinee,theatrical performance or just for home use. Many children like to help parents and prefer to have their own kitchen apron for such occasions. The chef's hat will be a great addition here.

Birthday caps

For any holiday, regardless ofit will be held by an adult or a child, bright caps will become a good decoration and addition. It is very cute and creates a joyful atmosphere when each guest has his own cap on his head.

Often, caps on the head of paper culpritsfestivities are acquired in the form of blanks in specialized stores. After that, they will only need to be folded and put on the head correctly. But it will be much more interesting to independently make caps for all guests. If we are talking about a children's holiday, you must definitely connect a child to this process. He will be able to personally choose the right color for the headdress for each guest and decorate the cap himself.

The advantage of working on your ownthe manufacture of such holiday accessories is that here the master has the opportunity to create just such caps that will fit as well as possible into the theme of the event. If no special theme was chosen for the celebration, you can take shiny ribbons, foil, corrugated paper, sparkles and small accessories as decoration.

Advice! On a computer, you can print the characters of your favorite birthday cartoon cartoons, cut them out and stick them on caps.

Steps for making a birthday hat

Note! But the most important material for makingholiday hats is colored paper, it is best to take an office double-sided. It is quite dense and bright. In addition, you will need cardboard, scissors and a thin elastic band.

From cardboard you need to make a template for the cap. Such templates are very convenient, since the caps are folded over them very quickly with the help of a lock provided in advance. Before starting to decorate hats, it is necessary to equip each product with an elastic band, its size should be universal, that is, it is normal to keep the cap on the head of an average adult. If desired, you can replace the gum with ribbons. This option is well suited for those holidays to which guests of different ages are invited.

Caps for a birthday can be supplemented with various applications, sparkles, feathers, inscriptions

As for the decoration, it can beabsolutely any. The easiest option would be to use corrugated paper. It needs to be cut into strips and a lot of cuts at the edges. Such a fringe can decorate the edges of festive caps or roll a strip into a ball that will turn it into a fluffy flower. Jewelry can be any, but they must meet the requirements for such products. Caps made of paper should be bright, cheerful and create a positive mood.