How to choose a computer chair for home

The computer is no longer a luxury, buton the contrary, has become a necessity of our time. Such an element of technological progress accompanies almost every area of ​​human life. At work in offices, people spend about 6 hours a day behind the monitor, and this is enough to improve or worsen posture, the appearance of pain in the back, neck and elbows. No wonder new ones appeared in medicine,occupational diseases of those who sleep and see work at the computer. And if we recall the fact that during the educational process and leisure people turn to this subject, then it is worth thinking about how to reduce the negative impact of improper landing during work?

One of the most important rules of longusing a computer - to take the right position. It is almost impossible to independently maintain the desired position of the back, neck and legs, and therefore people have created a computer chair. Such a seat will allow you to adjust and control the position of the body during work. A properly selected computer chair will increase productivity and get rid of pain after a working day.

Computer chair for home: how to make a choice?

one. An ordinary computer chair, a stool is the choice for those who are an insecure user of a laptop computer and have a very short time at home, for example, chatting on social networks, checking email. This choice goes well with any interior, does not attract too much attention, and does not take up much space. For such purposes, an ordinary armchair, an ottoman and even a bar stool can be suitable if work is at the bar counter.

2. A primitive computer chair is suitable for those who are also not very busy at the computer. Such a chair is more convenient than the previous version, it has basic settings for the seat height, the ability to rotate and tilt the case back. Armrests are also available, but they are uncomfortable and rarely perform the assigned functions. Compensate for their inability to multifunctionality through appearance. Such armchairs are very popular and philistines of office work prefer this option because of color and texture diversity. In addition, a computer chair for this type of house is cheaper than professional, ergonomic counterparts, but at the same time creates the appearance of convenience.

3. With a sufficiently long pastime behind the monitor, and this is up to 5 hours a day, it is worth paying attention to the computer chair of a more advanced user. This accessory has more functionality, which gives the work comfort and convenience. Among the models of this type there is an orthopedic computer chair, which relieves tension from the spine, back muscles and helps to improve posture. The regulation is quite extensive: you can individually adjust the depth and height of the seat, choose the optimal distance from the back of the chair to the monitor, and also independently select the position of the armrests.

four. For those who spend their daily work time and leisure at the computer and take it more than 8 hours, you need to get a professional chair. It is especially important for freelancers, executives, and businessmen to have a well-equipped, health-friendly workplace. The computer chair for the house is equipped not only with an orthopedic backrest and the ability to regulate everything, but also with a special place for legs, which minimizes the tension of the joints while sitting. Another distinctive feature of such a working accessory is the presence of a special place for the head to relieve tension from the neck, as well as a separate place for the elbows, which is perfectly accepted by laptop users. The lack of a chair in its overall size and the absence of variations in coloring and design, which can become a "bone of contention" in a perfectly planned room style.

How to choose a professional chair for working at a computer?

  • The comfortable chair has all the possible functions forregulation of the situation. This and the ability to fix the height, tilt, rotation and much more. Such additions not only optimize the position, but also allow you to stretch your back, joints, neck after a 45-minute working period. This procedure is carried out by a simple deviation of the back back. This helps restore blood flow, tones joints and vertebrae.
  • The professional chair has goodshock absorbers, which allow you to gradually change the level of the tilt and lift the seat, and the difference between the initial position and the selected one is not fixed, like for cheap analogues, but is chosen independently.
  • An orthopedic computer chair will help to maintain the natural position of the back and can have a therapeutic effect in scoliosis or the initial stage of posture disturbance.
  • The high-quality chair is thought out to the smallestparts and when moving the back back there is no risk of falling upside down. This allows you to do the workout as you wish and be confident in your safety.

  • The armrests are not just there, but have the opportunitychange the height, and also move apart in different directions and rise. Only under such conditions does this element of the chair fulfill its function - it relieves tension from the shoulders, arms, hands and neck.
  • Headrest helps to adjustthe position of the head (when working at a computer, you should look directly in front of you, and not down), removes the burden from the neck, and prevents pain.
  • So that the position in the chair is fully adapted for prolonged sitting, the edges of the back are slightly curved and, as it were, hold the body.
  • The frame design of the computer chair should be made of steel, which makes the thing durable and comfortable.
  • The cross-shaped design in the seat allows you to make the seat safe and comfortable, as the weight is distributed equally to all parts of the buttocks.
  • Upholstery material must also be carefully selected. Synthetic, soft chairs are comfortable, comfortable, but with prolonged sitting there may be a feeling of freshness, sweat is not absorbed and in summer there is no pleasure from such a chair. A leather computer chair is an expensive pleasure, but it allows the skin to breathe, sweat is absorbed and does not cause discomfort, spilled liquids do not stain, and caring for the coating is quite simple. In addition, this chair is quite status and will become the "highlight" of the home interior.

  • Gaming computer chair: what are the differences and advantages?

    1. Addiction to computer games is not alwayslimited to one hour, some gamers spend their favorite fun most of the day. This means that you need a chair to maintain a normal body position. A special gaming chair for the computer provides the functions of a professional chair for work, but also has its own differences.
    2. A variety of chair shapes and colors, as well asupholstery materials allow you to recreate the atmosphere of the interior of the car, aircraft and more. The convenient position of the case makes a long game not only exciting, but also painless. The body in the ergonomic chair for the game does not get tired and does not undergo distortion.
    3. Some computer accessories are completelythey simulate a car interior and together with the keyboard stands they have a steering wheel, gearbox and pedals. In this virtual guidance of the machine does not inconvenience the player, but rather creates the most comfortable conditions.
    4. The anatomical shape of the chair follows the contours of the body and protects the back and neck from damage.
    5. The gaming chair for the computer is not equipped with a multifunctional stand for arms, head and legs, but is a simplified form of a professional workplace for sitting.
    6. The advantage of the chair is that it can be made in different styles and complement many options for the interior of the apartment.

    Computer Chair Care

  • Covering the skin needs to be wiped with special means, ordinary detergents will only spoil the appearance of the chair. Protect coatings from grease stains, paints and other.
  • Together with the chair, the kit contains an instruction in which the maximum weight is written. This means that the presence of several people on it is unacceptable. This is a violation of the operating rules.
  • If the coating is worn out, lost beautiful,pristine look, that excellent solution - not buying a new expensive chair, but a cover on a computer chair. Any design idea can be embodied in fabric or leather, and then put on the back and seat of the chair. Thus, you can save money and be creative.
  • Facilitate the movement of the wheels of the chair, and whenThe mat under the computer chair will help to maintain the integrity of the floor covering. Such an accessory can not only extend the life of linoleum, parquet or laminate, but also make it possible to move the chair on the carpet. Different sizes and color variations of the rugs make them a stylish necessity.

  • Computer chair: prices

    The cost of a chair depends on its functionality andmaterials. It is only possible to buy a computer chair cheaply when choosing simple chairs, armchairs. But to buy a semi-professional, professional and gaming "uniform" you need to spend money. But with proper care, such a chair will last a very long time, which makes it not so expensive (given that the purchase will last for years). In addition, a correct, comfortable and, alas, expensive chair is a wonderful prevention of various diseases of the muscles of the back, spine, neck and joints, as well as a guarantee of pleasant work for the contemporary’s best friend - a computer.